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[0:03] And it's another pirate broadcast in another day in the life of linked in online learning and education.
In talking to interesting people doing interesting things and we have Victor in the House today and I just want to welcome you Victor to the pirate broadcast. Thank you.
This is not just a local show. This is an international show.
And we have Victor and it's in the afternoon and you're in your neighborhood Victor so welcome to the show. How were you today.

[0:34] Yeah. Thank you for for having me. It's it's really amazing to attend your show just to have a great lineup with other guests you had like jell Experian number and.
So yeah I'm doing fine thank you.
Yeah it's afternoon now it's 3:00 3:00 p.m. So that's quite different.
So I really have big respect for you to start a show at 7 a.m. Arizona time.

[1:01] Yeah well time doesn't have daylight savings time.
So when everybody else shifts you Arizona it stays the same time.
So sometimes we're in one time zone sometimes we're in another time zone.
So I like the Arizona time because it's you know check your Arizona time and it's important.
However you know the one thing about it this is this is the best way I can think of to start my day and get out and talk to interesting people like yourself.
You know we met probably I think you were watching.
You caught Bruins bridge show and you know got on and then reconnected and went back and forth and and so,
I thought you know let's let's have a conversation about linked in you're doing linked in training in the Netherlands and it's an amazing infrastructure that we have here to offer,
assistance to the other people in the business and also build communities.

[2:05] And I'm thankful and grateful for everyone that's joining us this morning and jumping in and I'll check it.

[2:11] I'll check in the feed in a minute. But how did how what's your journey.

[2:15] Victor to where you are today right now. And how did you become the Linked In guru that you are in and focused on this activity called Linked In.
And what is it that brought you here today.
And what's your background and now how do people know you. A little bit better for who victories.

[2:36] Yeah actually I started my journey. I think about approximately 15 years ago and I always had a sales function a sales role and sort of manager office that a lot of clients sold a lot of software.
And over five years to go I started on my own just helping other people generate more leads.
So I laid there a lot of sales and training and cold calling. And actually I think about three three and a half years now.
It was really moving into Linked In. Clients were asking forward and I did sales and links in my get to became a bit busy.

[3:13] Oh yeah. I have an account I think since 2007. OK. Quite an early birds.

[3:21] And so now within I think the last three or four years I am totally focused on LinkedIn.
So I provide all kinds of services like training make over series. I advice people.
So. So that usually entrepreneurs sales professionals marketers.

[3:40] Yeah they want to be more physical. They they get their target group like target audience want to get them.
Found them better linked into some business network.
It's really a place where people connect.
They can help each other. They can inspire inspire each other with all kinds of ties and content.

[3:59] So. And also Lincoln is widely used in the Netherlands as well.

[4:05] So we have the first of 17 million people around here and the working population is around 9 9 and a half million and,
8 8 million people have an account of 8 out of 9 million people that will get a legal operation.
Eighty two percent of the people in the Netherlands have an account.
That's really. It's going to be mandatory right.
That's the highest in the world.

[4:28] So that's fascinating. That's fascinating. So I being in sales and coming from sales,
I want to talk a little bit about sales teams and I want to investigate this because this has been on the back of my mind.

[4:43] But first that what I want to do is I want to thank a few people for being in the show and Rachel Beck is here this morning Rachel thank you so much. I really appreciate your being here.
Lewis is here. Sherri Lawley Good morning.
How are you and Vikki O'Neil she's a rock star.
We've had she's a pirate as well and.
Good afternoon Rachel says Good afternoon Victor. So thank you so much.
And Joshua from Texas we've got Joshua in the house. Good morning y'all.
Thank you Joshua. Hope you hope your fantastic.

[5:22] And the reason why I wanted to look at the possibility of sales teams is because I think there is a huge up.

[5:32] I think there is a huge opportunity for organizations to coordinate their efforts with their employees or with their sales teams exclusively,
in and really drive some of the conversations around their products and services and their value because I believe that we all need to have an individual,
you know stake in the ground and we all have a talent and a gift.

[6:00] You know that's being said. And when you bring an organization together where people can say you know they're doing a lot more with company pages.

[6:09] So if a company can get together and coordinate their gifts and each individual,
and then coordinate that for the company I think there's a huge upside there where it could increase the visibility of the company the products and services that you support and also assist the sales team to you know,
make those connections and build those relationships.

[6:30] And I just thought I'm coming from a sales background and a Lincoln trainer I'd like to get your kind of thoughts on that and see what you think what what you imagine could happen with that.

[6:41] I think these days the role of a stillbirth. If you were to come into a salesman manager doesn't matter is is evolving because the buyer journey is changing rapidly.
People buy different then five or 10 years ago.

[6:57] And so you have to adapt and change as well as a salesperson.

[7:02] So one of the tasks and a really important one is get in touch with your customers create conversations generate leads as well because that's part of your job.

[7:11] And a really important one as well.

[7:14] And that role is is changing actually through internet in general and linked it as a really a big part of that.
And I'm convinced that you have to be at the place at your customer where your customer spends his time.
If it's an offline networking event or a social media like LinkedIn or other places.

[7:36] And I see a lot of people. Sales people especially make a lot of mistakes on Linked In. So that's actually one of my missions as well.
Just to help them just to encourage them to use the platform effectively on the right way.
So I think a lot of salespeople and also commercial entrepreneurs sending sales pitches all day or just promoting themselves all the time in their timeline. Yeah great pitch.
Let's see if it works. I won't complain but usually it's linked in as a conversation platform.
It's a place where people help each other inspire each other. And of course you can generate leads as well.
But I don't think pitching is the right way just to attract customers because then you're actually because I totally agree.

[8:25] I think relationship building is going to be more prevalent now than any other time. Yes.
And here's here's the thing is and I want to dive deeper into this because I think it's important for us to really have this conversation and educate people because it's there's nothing more frustrating in my feedback,
than someone gives you a connection request and then automatically this pitch comes out of everything they do.
How they can help you. And it's just. It's like.

[8:56] Folks come on let's let's not go there. Let's not.
Let's have a conversation before we decide what it is that you do and how you can help me.
It's like there's a lot of people that can help me and I typically choose the people I know I can trust. You know it goes back to the old school. You know I have a relationship with you. We have a connection.
And most of my business is as a result of relationships introductions through other people. And I think it's really important because LinkedIn offers that opportunity to build a relationship with people.
And I think you're right in in regard with that. So how do you go about recommending people you know think this process through.
Because as a trainer you have to really embed this into their their mindset. It's really a mind.
And it's like OK I'm not I'm not spray and pray I'm not spending as many cards out there and e-mails and everything else. It's called spam.
Yeah. Order. What kind of a change do we need to take in order to evolve our mindset into this process of relationship selling.

[10:09] I think a few points are important. I think one of the most important ones is actually what you say. It's a blood.
It's a place where you build relationships not selling.
That's what first when. And in general you have to think about really good to have a good profile.
I really recommend everyone to have a compelling and complete and customer centric profile.
It's actually a landing page for for you to build your personal brand and then also leverage your success.
So a really good profile is really important these days so you can really tell something about yourself not really about your solution or products that comes later.

[10:51] So it's it's nowadays pretty often a first impression and you can only make it one.
So really have a good profile in courage or English or both.
Doesn't matter but make it complete make it compelling make it customer centric and actually yeah.
I think one of the most important things Arlington is of course your feet.
I have a lot of content but if you increase your followers or your connections it's gonna be a little bit crowded.
I have a lot of success with just a one on one relationships through messaging.
And actually I don't pitch. So I give advice. Sometimes people ask for it and I give some free advice about their profile or how they can generate leads or how.
What kind of content is working well out the moment or just some technical stuff. So yeah.
I feel a little bit like The Help Desk shuffling team because they do what I linked in my website.
But I'd love to help. I'd love to inspire. I know not everybody becomes a customer. It doesn't matter.
It just feels good.

[12:02] So that's feel good to help I think people when you're genuine and you're authentic I think really people really understand that that's the goal.
Vicki asks What's the biggest mistake you see people using making on LinkedIn sales salespeople What do you see salespeople making.

[12:23] Actually there are two things actually when they connect. Sometimes they connect without a personal message.
I think that's a mistake I think. I think when you build a relationship you have to do that on a polite personal and professional way.
So always add a personal note in your connection texts because otherwise otherwise people accept it and nobody responds.
So I call it the connect and forget strategy to just rest. Connect.
Increase the numbers but it's not building relationships.
It's not about connecting connections. It's building relationships and of course that takes time.
Sure you're not easy. So that's the first one.
And second a second one. Yeah a mistake that people pitch.
We already talked about that that a Senate page on Obama product or have a discount or bargain or something like that.
So I always follow up with just a genuine polite and professional way just how you can help people or mentioned something about what your.
See on somebody's profile or be just intercepts make it sincere and make it's not just polite.

[13:34] A professional life is so much easier when you're actually in the outcome.

[13:40] It's like it's always that way. Vicki also says consistency across teams internally makes a better outward appearance to the customer.
I totally agree with you Vicki on that. That's awesome and I want to say good morning to Laurie. She's here today.
Kenyatta thank you so much. Awesome to be here.

[14:01] There's there's so many things that we can do in this world and the fact that you're in the Netherlands.
I'm in Arizona and we're having a conversation and we're building a relationship here about linked in a platform that we both find interest in and there's other things in life.
What about other platforms that you use or you know I see a lot of people.
What are you What are your thoughts on on adding tags and links and things like that to your Web site or what's the best practice for that.
What can people do to make it not sound like OK I just want to drop another tag in the feed. But you know we're linked in for all intensive purposes. Microsoft owns LinkedIn and we don't own it.
So we really don't have that much control over it and we longer term.
You know if they change things and all of a sudden it becomes a different platform building that relationship and all the effort that we put into building the relationship.
It's nice to have a direct connection. So how do you how do you recommend that process take place.

[15:12] You mean like digging in the feet.

[15:15] Well say for instance like I have a Web site after this.
This show is over.

[15:24] I take the audio of the video and I put it on my Web site.
So the show is available for available in a podcast it's available on YouTube it's available on,
LinkedIn it's available on Facebook it's available on all you know Apple is Spotify and all the podcasting platforms that it's that it's,
stored on my Web site as a single place that people can go to find out more about Victor And Russ's conversation.
So having it on my Web site and starting building an audience on my Web site feels more in control of my future rather than Microsoft and linked in the future.
I agree. I don't want to hating on Microsoft.
You know it's just one of those things that you have to be aware of. So what are your thoughts on that now.

[16:16] Actually I agree. Because if you only focus on Lincoln it's just what you say.
Algorithms can change or that policy or something can change. And you don't control and you don't own your content.
If you place it on your Web site and if you make a blog and if you make a video which you can place on YouTube or,
just spray about different channels marketing channels that you can reach more a wider audience and also more different public.
So just keep continue and don't only focus on Linked In.
Just use it on your Web site and other social media channels as well. Yeah.

[16:54] So. So Jeff thank you. Hey Jeff good morning.
How are you Jeff Youngs here in the in the in the show and he said Great question.
Thanks Vicki said thanks for sharing the top two mistakes Victor. Appreciate it.
You know one of the things that I love about LinkedIn and injustice feed the show alone.
You know one of the challenges that the show is is that we can't talk to comments back in LinkedIn live.
Now I'm sure that that's going to change eventually. You know Facebook you can do it YouTube you can do it.
And if if other people were in those platforms and making comments and we we could you know go there and and respond.
So we're in the early stages of.

[17:46] LinkedIn live. You know and it's it's very it seems very strategic and I like it and I really enjoy having these programs and it brings me a lot of joy appreciation for having people like yourself.

[18:00] What are your thoughts in general on LinkedIn about video and the algorithm and what video does because there's a controversy is like OK well live video works or live video doesn't work or,
because I've actually seen,
the numbers go up and down and I'm not and I haven't quite figured it out and I don't know,
you're having so many people in the Netherlands be on LinkedIn if you had any discoveries around linked in video or linked in line.
Any thoughts on that or can you expand on that now.

[18:36] Interesting. I think Linked In Life released this this year in I think March or April and actually we don't have it here yet in the Netherlands so it's not worldwide.
I've seen some livestream streams in the Netherlands some where some make some exceptions.
Also some tested but I don't have a junior.

[18:57] It's really great. You're totally right. Yeah. Yeah.

[19:01] This is really my link to a life experience and I think I think it's going to really help just stimulate a confrontation just to engage with other people.
I think it's yeah it's different and the native video usually I advice people when they upload native video just,
just make a subtitle let them use it can make it to one or two minutes but nothing can link to life that can be 30 to 40 minutes.
I think perhaps in the future an automatic subtitle or something that would be nice but yeah I think it works.
Usually when I see some features but I see some pop ups in my screen from linked and usually from users in the United States who have little light or some people.
So I'm wondering how.
Yeah. Team will roll out that let out for every user or only for now for some expectation.
Because I think when they release it to everyone it will be very crowded in feet.
Yeah yeah yeah.
Is growing every year 20 to 30 percent. It's amazing.

[20:10] So what what kind of content. Let's talk a little bit about what kind of content is is working well and what kind.
What kind of content should we be creating. Because I go back and forth. You know I love creating content and that's what I.
I love to do just naturally you know video is very easy for me. Podcasting is very easy for me.
I went through a stint for probably three years whereas writing probably a thousand words a day you know creating content blogs and it just.

[20:40] However you know platforms evolve and they respond to different types of content.
Long form short form blogs links video.

[20:51] What. What do you feel right now is the most useful content to share and that's a question from Jeff Young.

[21:00] So yeah your feedback on that at this moment I see plain text works very well. OK.
Image works very good document this word and just upload a PowerPoint or PDA or text with the documents,
I see at this moment native video a little bit lower but that can change about a few months. You never know with. Yeah.
So at this moment I would say just plain text text with image or a document post that would be really cute and especially if you use hashtag as well.
Three hashtags is a recommended linked release in a blog post by a technical engineer so you can increase your reach.
And if somebody else follow the same hash stakes like you there chance that they see your content is 50 percent higher.

[21:53] OK so you know how I want to put a plug in here. Follow the pirate hashtag pirate broadcast.
Follow the pirate broadcasts right here at the station right here. Yeah backwards.

[22:10] Yeah. And so you know and I wish I was shared.
Kindness is cool smiles are free. You know those are the two other hashtags so those are my three hashtags.

[22:20] So I have others that I like to use on other and conversation but I really have enjoyed using the hashtag in use.
And if you see anyone search on pirate broadcasts the only place that I'm not prevalent is Twitter which I'm working on.
So you know there's a huge balance in my experiences is like you know being everywhere takes a lot of work. Yeah.
You know promoting a lot of information out there takes a lot of work and being everywhere in producing that much content takes a lot of work and effort and it has to be a balance and I think I think,
Jeff was saying Andy great Angus Grady says attract the best we repel the less do what you think.

[23:08] Do you think.

[23:10] What do you think of that statement. The statement that I like to use Ronald Earl Wiltshire uses all the times is is attract and engage rather than chase and convince.
Oh that's a nice one. And I think that that lives true in you know don't pitch don't connect and pitch or connect in. And you know forget.
Yeah kind of the same thing. And if you put out good content and you create things that people appreciate and understand and see.
I think that's a better approach of adding value to the adding value to the street. Period end.

[23:54] Yeah. Just be visible and be of value. And especially the comments linked in like comments they prefer likes but comments even higher.

[24:02] If you look at the algorithm and don't comment because of the commenting adds value it must be it must be valuable.

[24:10] But I think when you are visible you also create opportunities.
You also your network will grow faster you also generate more leads and it can be if you create engagement on your own posts.
Just if you create content once or twice a week I think that's for most people already a challenge.
Of course you can post every day but I think one or twice a week is really a good one.

[24:35] But also engage on others just see it as a building of relationships.

[24:41] Like yesterday night I was invited through an event at a bank in the capital and Netherlands and there were about 200 people and there actually I saw a lot of people which I knew just like face.
I'd never met them before and there were connections with my.

[24:57] Sometimes I just see them in the feeder and other people I just send messages and know them a little bit.
When I saw them yesterday I had the feeling that I knew them.
Yeah I know you too. So really had a nice nice chat and a nice confrontation just through social media and linked and so that makes really a place to connect and to grow and yeah.
So I saw a lot of people off line I and that's when you walk up and say we're connected on LinkedIn.
And you recognize each other directly.

[25:30] That's funny it's a strange feeling as I was in a restaurant eating one day and somebody walked up and say hey we're we're Facebook friends.

[25:37] It's like random conversation. Okay. I knew you. Yeah. Yeah.

[25:44] It's awesome. Thank you so much. Now we know.
So we had a great conversation. I mean it's like very nice. It's like connected pitches annoying. You haven't earned the right till they know you.
Thank you. Sherry Lolly I totally agree with that.
Kenyatta thank you so much. She's she's doing some introductions in the comments.
I just I love the community is that you can build and I'm sure that you have your your community in the Netherlands and like you said you got to do that.
Are you attending any lengthy live events or is that is that something that's taking place over in the Netherlands.

[26:24] I hope so. It isn't ruled out yet actually to be honest I I expect it this year because they announce it and I think March or April so I thought OK that will be there within a few months.
But sometimes that's quite a challenge. Willing thing.
I don't know really what a strategy is but most people in the Netherlands don't have it. It's really an exception. If you have that then you're really prayerful. But it can be different within a few months. You never know. Yeah.
So provide a roadmap. You never know what's what's rolled out.
But they really you are releasing a lot of interesting features the last days for the company page also for the increased amount of characters for your summary.

[27:07] Yeah. A recent change. Yes they have two thousand six hundred or so to increase it by 30 percent.
So. Yeah.

[27:15] What about what about Company Pages I don't hear. We're getting close to wrapping up here. Book.
What are your what are your general thoughts on Company Pages.

[27:24] Yeah I think you should have one if your enterprise were even if you were a small enterprise nerd.
I think it looks more professional and people could founder on your company name. Not always on your first and last name.
So just sign up and fill in the forms. And of course you can posts want,
sometimes but yeah focus on your personal profile on you you'll do business with people and actually just focus on the one on one interaction and engagement.
So that's really the power of the team is in defeat by people not by companies.

[27:58] Yeah it is it is. Remember the people where the peoples were the people's here in the arena during it from Calgary is here as well.

[28:09] So I want to just thank everybody all the gratitude in the world.

[28:13] Vicki Jeff Canada. Love you and you know Laurie.

[28:21] Thank you so much for being here. Joshua Angie Rachel all the other people that are showing up here it's just it's just amazing. Lawley.
Thank you so much for being here. We're here with Victor from the Netherlands.
He's a he's been training and diving into Linked In.
If you're not connected with Victor here let me. In fact here I've got a special treat for us. Let's get this.

[28:49] OK. Go connect with Victor at linked in dot com slash is is it healing yet in English internships.

[29:00] I think but in English got to muting and there's only one our thing all linked and we have over six almost 60 million users but there's only one picked out. So that makes it.

[29:11] Very easy to connect with Victor.

[29:13] So Victor all the gratitude in the world for you being here and thank you for sharing those tips and notes and thoughts around linked in building relationships having the sales approach and building seeing sales teams up.

[29:27] I really think that I think I think.
Having these Company Pages evolve is gonna really help out a lot of sales teams too as well.

[29:37] You help you because companies want to provide some messages.
Also just because of their company brands and they want to generate some traffic to their websites or they want to advertise you also and when you advertise a link thing you need a company page as well. That's just a fact.
So it really has value that focus.
See your staff as your sales or marketing have actually all yourself as an ambassador and your linked in is just an extra landing page just where you people can build relationship with your clients.
Traffic to your Web site and generate more leads. So invest in your people there they are the capital of your organization.

[30:18] Yeah they're the first line of defense against no sales. Right.

[30:23] Yeah.
I think you have to see the platform as surfing. I think when you if you if you can surf you can sell so I'm sure people which are counted with your knowledge would advice and not do not always something in return.
But sometimes when you build a relationship you can just ask for a short call just get about something that's actually a lead as well.
If you ever in touch with a client. Yeah.

[30:49] Steady 100 stations is is is the good thing to do.

[30:54] Yeah that's right. Oh well yeah. Really. Yeah. Thank you Ross.
It's really it's really kind of reminding me. It's really cool for having me. It's my first time I'll link to life.

[31:05] So what,
was it for.

[31:09] Yeah. We had a few challenges at the beginning of it. We were that way.

[31:13] It's all good. It was good.

[31:16] And now you're officially a pirate. You can put on your. You can put out your résumé on Netflix.

[31:21] All right. I have a small gift toward the viewers.

[31:26] If people are viewing I think OK. I want to improve my profile.
But what is a good headline how to write a summary why are recommendations important loads.
This one for free. The LinkedIn profile checklist.
I have it in Dutch and in English go surfing connection request a you'll get this. It's four or five pages for free. So that makes it easy to improve your profile.
So ask for a link to your profile checklist.
So that's a free free giveaway today.

[31:57] Fantastic. Well thank you so much.

[31:59] That's very generous and thank you for your time your effort and energy in then in nuggets of knowledge to Lincoln.
Victor Cho kind of sits cool smiles are free and you enjoy the day. OK.

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