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[0:03] And.

[0:05] We are on the pirate broadcasts for another episode of interesting people doing interesting things.
And I really it's a beautiful day and it's just amazing that we're here.

[0:15] And I just I'm always fascinated by frequency sound as a musician you know the tones and music has always been in my life.

[0:27] And I came across Bianca about a month ago and started following her stuff and she does some amazing things with balls,
and vibration and frequency and I make a bunch of things that I'm probably unaware of and I wanted to share,
her gifts with you today.
Bianca thank you so much for being here and waking up early because I know it's it's not an easy show to join sometimes for some people but thank you so much. All the gratitude in the world for you being here.

[0:57] And how are you today doing.

[1:00] Fabulous. Thank you. I am so grateful to be here.
Very excited. I love playing with the singing bowls and sharing the gift of that the perfect vibration that tones saying.

[1:16] So how did how did you learn about the bowls and you know sound and what brought you to this place today.
I know it's a journey and and you've been in yoga and a few other things and and.
But what kind of allowed you the thought process to gravitate to where you are today.
Explain that journey to us because you know it's you know the some people going out and having a regular job punch your clock or you know showing up some places.
It's a different process and it's to me it's gratifying I'm sure and because I sense it in everything I've seen you do it.
And it's probably a process that you had to go through. So explain to us what what's that look like.

[2:10] It's actually coming from corporate. So that's what happened and that's how I got here.
So I started as a software developer for about eleven years and I started having panic attacks.
I had a panic disorder for four years.
So I went through a lot of different anxiety all the different phases of that but I was going to the emergency room order urgent care about three times a week.
And and by the time I got there I found out eventually that there was nothing wrong. So I did not want to get on any pills.
And so I. Five years ago.

[2:50] Ran across a meditation video on YouTube and it was really kind of a fluke. I've never meditated before.
Mike a guy has been meditating for 30 years I just always thought he was avoiding tours and he so I came across this video put some headphones on and watched a blue screen.
Now I know it was frequencies and watch this blue screen for two hours and I have not had a panic attack since that night.
So it's been four and a half years and the next morning I mean literally it was like I went from this version to a totally different version and it wasn't even the next level. I didn't even know what level I went to.
So I changed my diet dropped a lot of people went on social media.
I removed old photos posts that I just didn't resonate with and I didn't really know where it was coming from because like I said I've never meditated before.

[3:47] But that experience was so amazing I felt pure bliss for about for about seven seconds and it was I was addicted and all I wanted to do ever since is reach that state.
So the muse the video I listened to was a vibration and frequencies and that's how I got came across the walls I just kept looking.
So I I started a Facebook group. I started some Meetup groups really aligning myself with people that were in the same zone and which were seekers.
We really didn't really know. I didn't really know what I was looking for but I knew I was looking for something beyond what I knew.
And that's exciting. It's like the yellow brick road to nowhere. Laughs.

[4:32] Oh hi. I actually came across two bulls on Craigslist.
So I started with two balls. Again I've never done any of this before.
And I was a nine to fibre and started playing the bowls and about two years later realized that this really was my path.
I needed to be on this journey. I love my job.
I was five minutes away. I mean it was great.
I loved everybody there but it was not where my heart was. My passion was in the.
Awareness awareness of self and learning more about all. Everything that I don't know.
So I left that position two years ago and opened up a wellness center a crystal store and we have you know with crystals with incense.
I also have onsite healers. So we have acupuncture we have Reiki with private healing massage therapy I have a hypnotherapist sound therapy and I'm currently learning sound therapy myself.
I also have a flotation tank for our sensory deprivation.
I reason why I recently.

[5:45] And I was I actually bought the float tank prior to ever floating I just I knew I had to get one of those things and privately behind me I'm building a Himalayan salt cave here in our yoga studio.
So it's really about learning and growing and I love feeling good and I know that everyone can reach that state of pure bliss because if I was able to without knowing anything beforehand.
So yeah it's just been it's been amazing. People that I meet all the stuff I'm learning everyone that I meet online and this is just so much fun for me.
So it's kind of very grateful that you're allowing me to play for you guys.

[6:29] Well that's what I wanted to bring to the show is you know this is this is something that's fascinating fascinated me because I have friends in Houston when I was in Houston,
and they were talking about some one a chiropractor was using sound frequency,
because as I understand it you know every part of our body has a certain frequency that it resonates with.

[6:54] And illness in health all have their own frequency so frequency is all around us.
Everything in life is frequency and I just and and it resonates with me.
If I can use that term that it really allows people to be in a different space.
I mean the end and I just thought it was fascinating.

[7:16] I just wanted to share what you do and how you how you're your sound brings,
calm and in helps you in your meditation process and just kind of explore this and open it up to to what we're doing on pirate broadcasts because it's really it's really fascinating to me.
So what did you want to share with us today on that want to share the bullets that I put out here.

[7:40] I weekly offer a meditation a sound meditation that's available to everyone in my community and the way I explain is it is just visualize yourself like a guitar.
You've got seven strings and each of these strings are attached to different energy centers in your body.
A line like a down your spine. You've got seven of them.
So as you go through experiences they go out of tune. Some of them may even break.
So the as you know tones harmonize with the times around the radio when we play a pure tone,
whether it's here here feeling the vibration or listening to it it's actually helping align retooling that Energy Center.
So that's how people feel better lighter more clear emotionally balanced.
It's just it really does help a line. Like when you're feeling out lost or out of tune out of sure there's like pull it out of sorts.

[8:44] I'm out of sorts. I need something. And I recently went floating I was in Sedona and.
Did a float tank. And then I didn't. Another one in Houston after that and it's it's it's an amazing experience. I enjoyed it.

[9:01] So yes I actually upgraded my my floaters so I sometimes played Townsville while they're floating.
So you can hear that. You can hear the vibration and feel the vibration in the water while you're floating.
And once in a while I'll also play supplementals and I've been calling them tank liberals.
So you go in and floating some subliminal is you're in total theta state you're totally eating up all of this good stuff and they come out just they float out of there.

[9:35] So fantastic. So take us through the bulls and explain what each one and what the difference is.
I mean is it just each one of these are different pure tone of each.
Each of the seven tones.

[9:49] Yes. So these are not all seven and I actually did not prepare which ones I brought out. OK. All right.
This one I know is aligned to the heart chakra so which is the center right around here.
And each energy center has a color and a vibration.

[10:07] So when you when I play this tone I asked my people around me to visualize the color green.
And you can hear how that I don't know if you can feel that coming through.

[10:24] You can also for those of you that are listening you can put your phone down and put your hand by your phone.
You will actually feel the vibration of the tones.

[10:34] So what are the these are the Tibetan bowls.
And then we have the quirks bowls Crystal quartz bowls and they sound very different.

[10:48] And they slowly start resonating and harmonizing with each other and the way I may I never I actually don't preplan anything.

[10:57] I go with the flow and what I find is I will play the bowls and start with harmonizing one with,
another in a certain order and you'll see it when we play it.
Yeah. So really feel and even hear them becoming one sound.
So from four different towns to one harmony.

[11:22] And it's just it's so that's that's kind of the sound.
The overall sound isn't a wall sound wall or or how do you phrase it when you're performing this piece.
I try to sound what we call it a sound that.

[11:38] Sound bath. I knew there was a term that you used previously when we were talking.
So it's like Yeah I know that she used something there and I just want to take a moment to acknowledge the people that are here and join us.
And I just I have all the gratitude in the world. Thank you so much for being here with Beyoncé.
And we're talking about a sound bath in an.
Tibetan ball's in courts bowls is it an inward.

[12:08] She's going to she's going to perform a sound bath for us and I just want to thank you so much for being here and I really appreciate you.
I will I will come back so if you have questions or comments.
The best way to get a hold of you is probably through LinkedIn right now at this point time because most of this stuff is happening on LinkedIn.

[12:27] However she's also on Facebook in my Facebook,
and YouTube you have a youtube channel and they can find your house on Instagram and just recently got on tape talk so take time actually trying to figure out,
how to play one of the bowls and then do it myself so that I can harmonize and play different vibrations on I think it's I'm having a lot of fun exploring that,
platform it's there's really different ways you could put a different audience isn't it.

[13:01] Yes yes.

[13:03] We'll take it away and share with us your gifts.
Okay. I'm going to I'm going to go into the chat session here and make sure that everybody's here and and welcome them.

[13:15] OK OK. Thank you.

[13:21] Music.

[18:05] I wasn't sure how much time we had. So I get it.

[18:09] Well that's a wonderful.

[18:10] We got lots of comments Beyoncé and high sound by the way this is the first time I've seen this live on Facebook but I've never done it through someone else's audience.

[18:22] So for me it sounds wonderful.

[18:24] I mean it's it's it's coming through it's the tones and the vibrations are are happening so.

[18:30] And Jessica Ann and Leslie and Kenyatta and Angie,
Jennifer they needed this today.

[18:43] Yeah. So it's it's a wonderful all the wonderful feedback.
And you can go in and reply and make comments together you know as well as follow up on the on the comments.
But I just really applaud you for.
You know I'm a corporate orphan and I went on my own journey and doing my own thing and finding out you know what is my path what is my joy and how I bring value to the world.
Because I really truly believe that if you can if you can live in the moment and find joy in the moment you know there's always gonna be life that happens.
There's always going to be things that are going to interrupt our our daily activities and how we respond to them I think is so important.
And if you can come from a place of gratitude it really helps me enjoy the things around me and find you know beauty in everything.
And there's so many things that we can think of other than what a traditional process and a lifestyle would look like in the normal routine.
You know where we're taught this this you know do this and do this and do this and happiness will appear and it's not always the case for everyone.
And do you have any thoughts on that and now that you've gone through that experience.

[20:06] Yes I find happiness everywhere.
When you are happy inside everyone everything makes you happy.
So it truly is a process a journey.
It's almost like looking at yourself as a project because you're going through so many different layers and levels and digging and finding things out.
You're looking at the same things in a new way.
So you're learning new lessons from old things it's just it's it's amazing and it is. It's like a play in our own adventure.

[20:41] And it's it's a journey that I do and I share with people as I go through it.
And that's why I have the podcast. It's not I'm not teaching people I'm sharing people how I'm going through it.
And yeah I was really blessed that I've been able to get to where I'm at and still be able to continue to share and I also want to share that.
The comments stop and smell the roses.
That is because Rose is a rose is the highest vibration. It vibrates at 320 megahertz.
So I'm sorry it hurts so and then so Rose and Frankincense is below that so when you smell these things you are increasing your vibe your raising your vibration,
you're changing your thought pattern you're changing how you think which changes how you feel which changes how you act and just you know it just comes back.

[21:37] So you know and it's it's interesting because I always find that there's a for myself.
This is my experience that I can't I can't project anything on anyone else.
However in my experience if if I'm if I'm surrounding myself with you know positive thoughts and I'm I'm helping other people my life.
It improves my life. It proves how I feel about what I'm doing.
It approves about you know it improves how I'm I'm doing things you know I'm a little lighter and happier and a little more joy in my day.
And so thank you so much for helping others in growing this idea and everything that you're doing.
I'm kind of curious about the salt baths. I mean tell us tell us what that looks like.
I want to visualize that in my mind's eye as you know as we go forward.

[22:32] So well if you could just imagine a giant box it's eight by fall five.
And it is 10 inches of water. And we put 900 pounds of epsom salt so you.
There is a tank door so it's in a private room and the tank door can be left open.
A lot of people don't want to float and close the door. So we actually leave a towel and a Himalayan salt lamp. So when they're in there it's peaceful sometimes they'll play their music. We have speakers installed players your music through the tank.
And as soon as you lay down you're really you're sleeping on on on air.
It's a man. It's amazing. Yeah it is it's it's it's an experience.
I definitely recommend people to try. And we have a lot of people coming in and doing that so well.

[23:23] I'm definitely going to do it again. And then you mentioned you were building out something. Another room.

[23:29] A Himalayan salt cave. I'm building a cave in our yoga studio.
And this is a it's called Halo therapy and it's dry salt therapy.
So it's really good for detoxing as soon as you step in it's like you're going in like you're in the middle of the ocean. So you're just all that salt.
Is this your lungs. It's like being inside a Himalayan salt land.
And it's great for your skin. I mean there's just so many benefits to it.
And I'll probably be doing my sound. That's from there.
I to do meditation classes I'll be doing them from there probably be streaming my podcast from there as well.

[24:07] That would be exciting. That would be awesome. The other thing that I thought was fascinating was I did aroma therapy,
with oxygen essential oil and oxygen.

[24:21] Yeah it's an irrelevant therapy oxygen bar.

[24:24] Yeah I I really enjoyed that.

[24:27] I mean you know I just felt relaxed I felt you know just,
I was happy it was like I just you know trying these things and exploring I think we're surrounded by interesting things taking place and in our day to day busy lives and when we're rushing around doing things in and we fail to notice,
the things that are just kind of outside our purview and I just think it's really fascinating and this is what I find joy in is is identifying some things that I find interesting and sharing them with other people because I think it's important for people to understand that there's,
so much more to this world we live in than what we typically see and take in.

[25:10] So

[25:14] So thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate it.
Anything else you want to share. And you know if you had one thing to share what would you share with the world today.

[25:26] I believe we can heal the world with sound so I urge you to try one of these sound baths or pick up a bowl by one online.
It really does change your perception. It is truly helps.

[25:42] Is there a bowl that you would recommend people try first.

[25:46] I would recommend something for the heart because the heart is where everything resides. That's where everything radiates from.

[25:54] Well I so I appreciate you so much and thank you so much for being here today.
I just wish for others that are just listening and thank you all the gratitude in the world and if you listen to the replay you can connect with Beyoncé on Linked In and she has other links to other platforms that she's looking at.

[26:11] She's just checking up tick tock and I'm fascinated by that platform right now. So I look forward to that.

[26:20] Everybody it's a beautiful day. And you know kindness is cool smiles or free and you enjoy the day.

[26:32] Thank you for being here. Thank you.

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