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[0:05] And we are live at the pirate broadcast this morning. And today is another day to interview areas interesting people doing interesting things and I have none other than Kenyatta Turner who I've actually been friends with for a little bit.
So and some of you may know her as is being one of these innovative personable individuals that just loves to do the challenges and then I love her dearly.

[0:34] So Kenyatta Good morning how are you.

[0:36] Good morning Russ Johns I'm happy to be here. I'm I'm broadcasting these so fine they gave me.

[0:43] It's so nice to have have you finally join me on the pirate broadcasts and I love the fact that you're here and you know some of the things that we've talked about over the time that you know a secretive Kenyatta's is she's actually a bass player and I'm a drummer.
So we had words like mutual understanding of the rhythm section and it was just awesome.
And when we found out discovered that we were musicians and loosely now Kenyan has been doing some amazing things she's actually been helping Karen and you have been doing the Lincoln Road.

[1:17] We're here for a while now haven't you.

[1:19] We have. We have that I think in April I think was the first time that we did it had it together where I joined her as a co-host,
and then we won every month we do a little bit and then we kind of scale back to once every six weeks to do the event.
So it's been a lot of fun. I'm linked in local.
We haven't been to one get to one and it's a great chance to get together and after you and I met at the Lincoln local before I was hoping it was there.

[1:48] Yeah I I.

[1:51] And I we've been to a couple of different events. You know they're together and going back and forth and you've been connected and been on Zoom sessions and things like that.
Yeah. Gary Joseph is an awesome networker she's an individual this really is a powerhouse here locally in Arizona. So you don't know Karen Johnson.

[2:11] Connects with Karen connected Karen. And she's an amazing individual.
And you've also been doing. I attended a couple of your events because you've been doing legal shield and helping people out their legal challenges and any kind of anything like that.
And you're also you've been an educator for years and you've been doing.
You're such a you know impact in the front of the room and I just love the way you present in air and then waiting to deliver information.
And now you're actually talking about behavior and some of the things behind you know this stuff behind what we do.
So let's talk about this adventure and what you're doing with behavior because I'm going to bring on to bring this up and I just want to highlight you on on.

[3:03] If you don't know Kenyatta next with her on Linked In because she's an amazing individual and she's just very very very cool,
and you want to be honest with her so I'm just I'm going to bring up I'm going to bring up linked in on my phone so I can actually read some of the comments,
and then but start to start talking about your your,
behavioral thing then I'll bring that up next.

[3:34] Fine fine. So behavioral superpower expert and I love the what we call you know we just find that we know that,
everybody wants to be different and unique but we also want to fit in if we want to be understood. But then we want to be mysterious.
You know we have these things about humans that make us all extremely unique. But there's lots of similarities as well.
But the one thing that we know that you know performance and communication affected negatively when people do not know how to communicate.
And oftentimes we don't know how exactly to communicate.
We don't know how to say exactly what we want. We don't.
People cannot always understand what we're thinking and why we act the way we act.
And sometimes people take that personal because they don't really understand. That's just you and that's how you're gonna roll.
So we found through you know 30 years of research with my you know behavioral science student to resource partners that I use with the innate behavior,
that there is a way to have someone take what we call a discovery exercise that will basically tell them,
what their behavioral superpowers are.
And because it isn't just one there's several They're like fingerprints you know that we have that make us unique and those are the things that indicate how we naturally would behave and respond when we're communicating how we make decisions what our financial temperament is,
how we view the world how we view workplace and.

[5:04] And through that once I identify that for myself I look like oh.
That is why I tend to do the certain things that openly are unique to me and can absolutely be power for me because I'm extremely strong in certain areas. But they could be my kryptonite.
I manage behavior can cause challenges. But when you know that about the people you're working with to classroom management whatever it literally breaks down the barriers to communication and you can just get to work. That's what I've been doing.
Behavioral coaching and consulting with this platform and some other resources that I have in my team and I can be that into everything that I do with my class my coaching and my legal field and all of that it does work because it starts with who we are.

[5:50] All right. Well the thing that was fascinating for me has been fascinating for me and you know the psychology of work and team building is that,
if you can identify the strengths of the individuals on your team,
and then keep them in their genius zone and you know augment,
their weaknesses with other people,
it just seems to just develop the culture and the performance of the team,
X and this is all what was fascinating to me because you know it wasn't painful it was a short.
You know it's a short summary to go through in and survey and a lot of the questions it was like OK.
There were very similar and and like some of the answers like Well I do all of those I don't know if it's more or less I don't you know so I had to I had to pick what I first felt you know and that was the thing was like my intuition,
and you know 20 years ago I may have answered this slightly different because of my life circumstance and experience.
So when you're taking a snapshot of where you are right now is that that's that's a good indicator that you have some superpowers that are.
Are coming out or have been developed over time. I would imagine.

[7:17] Absolutely. Because even if we take it right now it is giving you a snapshot. You want to answer it.
Answer the question how you feel right now how not how you felt in the past or what you aspire to be but the way that the questions are designed was so fabulous is that it's going to tell you what your results are over the long term. The right way to take it.

[7:36] 10 years ago or ten years in the future it pretty much be the same.

[7:40] Most of what it's going to be measuring is what will be called Beneath the iceberg right.
You know most likely to commit the water and that's what your natural behavioral style is the part above the water you know 5 percent is learned behavior.
So obviously you're going to learn things along the way. You know how you grew up and what kind of books you read and TV you watch and you know things you study and also that situational awareness you'll make adjustments in the moment just based on what you learn.
But most of what you're doing is your natural tendency in fight or flight when you're stressed.
How do you respond in that moment. Wait is that what this is going to do and the way the questions are asked pulled that out of you.
And that's why sometimes you like why am all of these but do we trust your gut.

[8:25] Well I better get with you in a situation of anxiety or fear or anything like that or straight. Right. Right. Right.

[8:31] I work well written that we're naturally going to get in tune with who we are.

[8:37] Met a unstressed situation. You know it's like OK there's gonna be certain ways we react.

[8:44] In communities you know like going out networking or going to work or in traffic or anything like this.
And then also recognizing the fact that you understand why you're feeling that way I think is a huge opportunity to learn about yourself.
So I wanted to I want to take a moment the order a Marine Wixom. She's here Lori.
Rachel bring back Sheri Lawley.

[9:10] She thought it was a pleasure. Thank you.

[9:14] He's done us three devices so she doesn't miss it. So she is she's fantastic. Lewis thanks for joining us this morning.
O'Neill. You're awesome. Always.
She's been a pirate. She's a pirate as well.

[9:28] Andy Angie you're good morning.

[9:32] Love you. Gosh you are from Texas. Yeah. Josh is here.
Nick Norman fantastic thank you for being here.
Troy and Kathy you know all of these individuals are so I really appreciate.
I have all the gratitude in the world and the reason we have the pirate broadcast is because it's it's something that is important to me and I'm passionate about and I'll bring up my report here.
The autumn. And we can kind of talk about why it's why it's passionate to me why I'm passionate about it and how this report reflects my personality.
And we'll then we'll dive into your personality and talk about your DNA as well.
But the reality is folks we all have a gift.
We all have a message and we all have an opportunity to share it or support someone else that's sharing their message or supporting others around us.
You know I just I just believe in it.
And I just want to highlight this and thank everyone for being here.
And it's fantastic that you're here and if you're replay watch on the replay.
Thank you again. I really do appreciate that.
So I want to I want to talk about the the report itself and dive into what some of these things mean.

[10:59] Cause and effect like you know like we talked about in traffic or you're in the shopping mall or networking or something like that.
And what what does that look like. Because let me bring mine up here and then we'll so this is a community builder.
That makes sense anyone anybody right.

[11:21] Right. Right. You know who else is a community builder. Karen Joseph did you know that.
Yes because Gary does as the community.
Look I love it.

[11:38] Can I get them now. They look very well. I could see it. Okay. No. I look like people could probably see it.

[11:46] Yeah I think you know me that the army is so my top talents based on my age factor scores and you're too strong scores of traits are content,
content content created.
I'm easygoing satisfied uncomplaining so no you won't agree with that.

[12:14] Well then creatively.

[12:17] And let me show you first real quick as people haven't seen this before right.
Let me just state for those who haven't seen this information that there are 10 superpowers.
OK ten different profile. And I am an influencer and trust is a community builder.
He'll probably scroll down a little more and you can see the rest of em but that's what he after where he started that and all Community Builders.
Now while you're not all the same you are actually unique.
One in four trillion. That's what this data will show you with the 200 different personality points that this measure and there are certain things that are very unique to you.
Just like the fingerprints we talk about which are like your content and creative So Karen you know is a community builder but her top talents are probably different than yours.
And even if they were those radio buttons with where it really starts dialing in their uniqueness.

[13:07] Let me tell you my frequency this matter is that better yet because now it looks like you can see the whole Motorola report.

[13:17] So at measuring those factors your top two are already content and creative whereas mine are outgoing and fast paced.

[13:27] When would you agree that maybe on a rowing probably back fishing.

[13:33] Yeah I don't. I'm not as outgoing as some people believe I am because I'm more of an Amber Alert when it comes to network cattle.
I don't gather a lot of energy and network.
However I do love building communities.

[13:47] So yes of course in that that would make sense though as you're looking at that right. We you know we say community built community builders excel at meeting people promoting cooperation among group of people.
That's what you do what you're doing right now.
Their inclination is to help and support others carry out an activity of transaction. They're attentive to both people and tap and influence others empathy and support of men and anyone who knows West would know that that I think is a true statement.
Once convinced of a course of action they'll encourage others operate diligently and collaborate to achieve the goal and they seek supportive relationships that are appreciative and empathic towards one another so that all community builders and rest. Yes that is you.

[14:31] The way I totally I totally agree with that. Josh was interesting.

[14:37] So
where did you get the work talents report. How do I find the resource.

[14:44] OK so Sheri Ruby sharing that we'll be sharing that out so we'll get that look at that information too. Absolutely.
And you can also here's the best way to do it connect with Kenyatta unlinked in sender D.M.
And then have her work through this report with you. So that's what really.

[15:08] Yeah. And you can and anyone can go to simply not telling you. Dream smart. Academy dot com slash superpower.
You can go there and take your own discovery actor by the. Just say that again.

[15:19] Oh dream smart know being smart Academy doctrines or academy latch icons elaborate superpowers.

[15:30] Now you can go there and it'll give you a different opportunity to take the discovery exercise and you can get your own report and then have an uncovering session called Uncovering session with me and out playing you. I work now to use it.

[15:43] Although.

[15:44] Yeah. But breath this is so great because you know content and creative easygoing satisfying satisfied uncomplaining but you're extremely creative.
But here's that section that I love that was a really powerful.
Or how others can connect and manage your talent. Now this is one of probably 40 different reports that can come out of that one exercise that you did. So this is your summary right.
But when it looks at how others can manage you this is important because you can let people know if they haven't already figured out that this is where you're going to be in your happy place.
If you're in an environment that focuses on your life balance needs. That gives comfort keep the conversation going in that direction.

[16:23] As you say because this is exactly the piece that if you know individuals superpowers and where their genius zone is where their comfort zone is when they're optimized right. This is what it is.

[16:37] OK asshole willingly give you directions to move forward and because you're creative people need to expect and encourage or out-of-the-box thinking and encourage you to brainstorm because that again is where you're going to do the best.
So if they're in a situation where they're stifling you from doing these things or aren't providing you with the opportunity you can still do the job function make it happen.
I call that square peg round pulling it though you can do it.

[17:05] I like that.

[17:06] I'd like us to get a square peg round Poland square peg round holding it.
Yeah you can make a square peg go into a round. They're gonna be pretty painful.

[17:15] Yes. Yes. I don't have to do that. But how do you do go going. That's all I got to say.

[17:22] Right. Right. How do we put people in that zone. Genius.
Like you said you know so if by doing those things and so that's important then there's so much more information goes into that that I level there that is.
Now if you look at mine you know I'm outgoing going at peace.

[17:36] Let me bring it up. Let's let's bring your despair. Yeah.

[17:41] Because for me you need to remember my need for fun and excitement.
Invest time in building a relationship. Tell me who's involved. I always want to know who is going to be there.
OK. I am always interested in that.
Anticipate my immediate responses and quick fixes. And you need to move and move and speak at a quick pace.
If people aren't doing that like with me like yeah I can deal with it and we can roll but I'm much more excited where things are moving quickly and there is a lot of stuff happening.
A fireball. So that's the environment that's for me. And if you're working with me then that's how I roll.

[18:18] Well you know it's only because we've talked about the umpire broadcast before about individuals.
I mean even though scarcity versus abundance and people doing the same thing like coaches you know there's probably a dozen coaches that could help me.
However the best coach that can help me is the one that understands my superpowers and also is in alignment with who I work best with for their superpowers right.

[18:49] Yes exactly so I'm glad you Miss Maxwell figured out for a for one.
This is the first part of my coaching but obviously you know because I need to know who you are and I give you my report so you know who I am.
So you know I'm going to behave this way but I can learn about you so quickly and immediately bring down old barriers to communication and now I can actually help you because we have full coaching packages around this information for all areas of life,
so you know finances like I mentioned earlier or communication or dealing with family or you know goal setting team performance you know hiring all of that but then another piece about it is that,
if if we both know that about each other we can just work well together.
But a lot of this has been used and actually pretty much was designed to be used to help people with wealth management.
Teaching them about their financial temperament and being able to match a client you know who is dealing with a financial adviser with the right advisors.
Because a certain person has an idea about how they feel about money and have a certain aversion to risk and how they want to do things.
You might match them with an adviser that that's just not a good match of superpowers in that moment.
And that would cause relational friction. Well we have companies that use this to that pitch and melt away.
There is no friction because they know exactly who they are dealing with and are getting matched with the right client. So if you you're that way and a lot of applications and organization.

[20:13] Oh absolutely. Now how would this compare with Myers brig and some of the other,
question reality type environments is this is this supporting is it complementing.

[20:26] Is it in addition to or is it it something I would say that it's supporting and it's enhancing those all of those platforms have something to offer.
And I've I've taken many of them I'm sure as you as well and a lot of them probably listening and at the back meeting that information where you take a look at you like wow you know that really makes sense.
A couple of things that are different is this is consistent over the long term.
There is about a 91 percent percent predict productivity or predictability.
This is how people are going to behave over the long term. So the way the questions are asked to really give that information it's offering several different languages in several different countries.
Jews all over the place or community builder here the same is a community builder in Egypt. And so it's consistent but it's not just measuring strength.
And I think that's the key thing that I learned as I was going through this information I've done hundreds of these are people is that where the phrase is you look at my report it says results versus relationship.
And it says that I'm ninety three and ninety three percent higher than the people who taken this assessment. You know that exercise over the time the last 30 years. Right.
You are 82 on relationship.
If you look at those two dichotomies relationship versus results doesn't mean you know I don't build relationships and doesn't need you to resolve this.

[21:45] And this report is not a good and bad. It's not it's like a test. No it's not.
No it's just it's just a snapshot of your round hole in your effectiveness in its own right.
Yes exactly. I want to be sure that we highlight that because everybody has. But he has their gifts right.
And this is kind of part of that and how that how they can actually find their gift possibly right.

[22:10] Right. Right. How they can find it because it's going to tell you right there.
You know I'm someone who's very results focused and that it could be a good thing in the right scenario or it could be the bad thing if it's a time where I need to be more focused on the relationship.
So the idea is that if your score is anywhere above like 50 or 60 in a particular area that's really hard ingrained and that's really how you're going to respond. Pretty much most of the time.
Yeah but idea is situational awareness.
So in the moment I know that I might be naturally focused on one particular area.
Well I might need to have a more of a counterbalance in that particular scenario if I'm aware of this information and it's happened to me every day to be absolutely sure that you'd be looking at this information.
So you know I'm extremely flexible.
There's times I need to be more systematic. I'm extremely abstract and out of the box thinker. There there's no box in my world at all you know.
But that's not always the best scenario right. So it really is not for lack strength or weakness all the time.
But being aware of what you're naturally going to do and understanding the back of your Kryptonite where you like I I'll hook right hook. What if Hulk do Hulk smash it.
That's his superpower right. But is that only the clickable. No no no.

[23:23] All right I got a delicate balance and in need you need to be politically correct and things like that a little bit of what I mean.
But this is really powerful and Kiana. I just I was really I think that this is something that people and we had a lot of different people on the you know with,
Chris and sherry with the new map and you know Steve Sullivan and Lori Kinison These are all of these people coming together.
I mean this is like a snapshot in understanding who we are and why we operate the way we do.
And you know our personalities our innate ability to understand our circumstances around us,
and also understand why we're feeling what we're feeling in the moment because just like people to get really frustrated in traffic or probably very you know their hard driving they're like people like yourself that are just like I need to get there now and I need this,
some stimulation here because it's like I'm bored,
getting yelled like hell over this.

[24:34] And that's rather intimated that when I learned to meditate at a base and save my life,
it was like once you understand who you are and why you react this way and then you could take measures or you can do things where you want to improve and broaden your your your view on the world. Right.

[24:55] Right. Right. And I found this through using this information how much it helped me you know find those counterbalances and what do I mean what of my learned behavior need to be to be even more effective than I am.
You know for me it's something like you know systematically that's why I read the twelve week year.
That's why I follow you know that type of execution style.
That's what you know I love certain books and things that teach me and coach me in and personal element and I teach that as well and what I found.
I have a mastermind that I do where it all starts with the behavior of superpower and then we do different things to learn how to capitalize on that information so that we can do what we're capable of. And it's helped me.
And so therefore I know I'm morally obligated to teach others to do the same thing.
And so through behavioral mastermind that I do workshops Workforce Development I've done that pretty women in leadership team performance.
I was looking at a couple of things I wanted to try I mentioned in my classroom.
Real silicone if you are a teacher or any sort of trainer.
Imagine that imagine this say if every single student knew their superpower and knew they'd be yours how you could manage that classroom.
I've done it so I know that it is a game changer.

[26:09] You can just get to work you know and and the students are like OK this is me because then you don't have to apologize for those things that make you so unique and no one takes their personal. We just understand how we are.
We even have a charter school that we are starting here in Arizona that this is pretty much the foundation.
All the students will know there's all the faculty everything certifications for people who want to use this in their coaching classes who want to be a behavioral coach.
It is the superpower movement that is coming. So you're going to hear more about it.

[26:42] I think there's a lot that well in my circle of of you know understanding is this there's a lot of people that are craving a better understanding of of you know,
why they're feeling the way they're feeling you know I think social media you know in the comparison you know the comparison model of it's like OK I'm not doing what I need to do because I'm not hustling every day and doing this on.
Everyone is unique. Everyone is an individual. Don't compare yourself to someone else because they don't have your experience.
And I was writing an article not an article a response to a post the other day and it was what came to mind was you know even if you're experienced the same thing.
Say for instance we went to a concert together right.
You would have a different experience than I have only because of what you see and perceive and that's that's what that's the value and the benefit of being unique is because,
even if we're delivered the same information our perception of that reality is going to be different,
because of our DNA and our behavioral elements in everything that we're doing and who we are. We're all unique.
Just grab a hold that unique individual that you are and do what you need to do in order to be who you are so loosely.

[28:08] And I think the other component of that is to add regardless of what your superpower is the behavior of fowl.
This misinformation is.

[28:20] There's no it doesn't matter your gender doesn't matter.

[28:23] Your birth order doesn't matter where you were born. Doesn't matter like these things. You know it's across the board.
None of that matters when it comes to. Not like a man versus a woman. Going to be an influence of whether this has nothing to do with that.
What's interesting is even though you know that information you have these natural talent.

[28:38] If you don't establish good habit to go along with it then doesn't it automatically make you amazing.

[28:47] Like being grating to establish like good habits and practices in order to find two in home because some of the things about on your profile could actually hold you back.
Yeah. If you don't like the way the car accident.

[29:01] That's what Laura Kinison was saying all strengths have barriers when we overuse them.
Absolutely. So you know don't understand that everything in in you know what's the word I'm trying to find I want to find the word.
You know if you if you overuse things and you just wear it out and eat.

[29:27] That's one of my there's a word I'm looking for. I'll find it. Come to me.

[29:33] The reality is is is that knowing the weaknesses of every strengths are also a benefit.

[29:40] Right. Right.

[29:41] Because because of my strength. Yeah.
The Kryptonite I tried to call it because of the strength that I managed it will become a struggle for you A.B.
Because he loves people that move quickly.

[29:53] Our cod sits high and observations and focus would be different our observations paralysis of analysis. Yes.
Cherry in analysis paralysis and all of that snow.

[30:08] We really have a lot to learn.

[30:13] Kenyatta and I just really appreciate you being here and I love the fact that we finally get back.

[30:19] And you know one of the things that we might have been out of town in and traveling and things like that so I haven't made it to linked to local.
But I love you guys and I love the Lincoln Community and I love the fact they're connected and I truly appreciate you bringing this to the table today.
And I know if anybody has any questions.

[30:43] Jennifer thank you so much. Good morning. If you have any questions connect with Tina Honore.
She's here every single day. You know unlinked LinkedIn I see you. I see you bounce her.

[30:58] I love it. Lincoln is magical.

[31:01] It's magical and I fact you know we could. She's also we stream live on on YouTube and also Facebook.
So this show will be up probably today on Russell John scone. So we'll be able to go ahead.

[31:16] Oh I didn't I didn't put the ticker up today you'll check this out.

[31:21] Where can you find me.
Look at that. Yeah.

[31:27] You can find me. Just search the private broadcast on all social channels and Russell Jones dot com. So that's ticker.

[31:35] Cool. That's so definite. I love that.

[31:39] You know I had my DNA includes creativity right.

[31:42] So that's right. Me too. I think we're like almost the same on our our create our AGI where we we're like stuff like this saying things like never thought,
well before we go quick I got to say hello to a couple people that have been helping me put all this together and maybe my team that I work with. I've got a day like what's.
I don't know if they're watching or not but I just need to make sure that Jeff Moore and Dr. Spencer Leon Morales DNA behavior our team is working on a charter school.
Dr. Barbara Duncan and Gene Mitchell doctor and heart doctor Eddie pig the honorable Frank Ray Harryhausen Dr. Susan Harper Ryan Scott and Frank Crump.
Those are just the names they need throughout their day. What's up guys.
I love you. This is amazing what we're doing and I'm just so super excited to be working with all of you so.

[32:28] And of course my Lincoln fan like everybody else but you know I just had to shout out a few people,
and into races in front of a crowd. Yeah.

[32:37] Thank you so much for being here. Thank you everyone for being here.
This has been the power broadcast and I just really appreciate all the gratitude in the world for you being here.
Can you and everyone in the room everyone that showed up in the stream and if you're watching the replay just the hashtag replay,
and if you ever have any questions if you have questions about how things are done or what what it takes to do your own stream,
I'm putting a workshop together this this weekend to help people with their video strategy so if you want it any information on that.
Reach out to me DME and let's let's connect over that.

[33:16] Can you agree that with the workshop that you're doing Hey listen how about the workshop. That's good.

[33:23] Well you know I'll be I'm more than happy to offer suggestions and assistance and help in certain ways and you know where I can where I can offer value.

[33:33] So it's all really love that I always like that.

[33:36] And then just what I forget I need to say it again make sure I know some of you probably are interested in your own profile.
And then that dream smart Academy dot com slash superpower if you're interested in learning more about how you can figure out what your superpower it together.

[33:52] Thanks Rob. Thank you so much. And you and you know that kindness is cool.

[33:57] Spinal surgery. You enjoy the day.

[34:03] And rattled core by ready to.

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