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[0:03] We're live again on the pirate broadcasts. And I just want to welcome you and encourage you to follow the pirate broadcast hashtag.
And we we bring it you're interesting people,
doing interesting things and we have a special guest today author speaker and coach and many things a pirate joke teller maybe gets some fill up whatever I have to say.

[0:32] Yes.
Yes. I mean they're during a fez hat. I have a. Tri corn hat too sorry.
Welcome to the day. How are you today.

[0:44] I am in a great mood but that means I'm going to be a little impish so people on LinkedIn are going to see a side to me that only people like Layla Smith and Shar Rockland now.

[0:56] Well let's let's unfold this whole episode and bring the bring the crazy out and have some fun.
Let's see what kind of shenanigans we can bring to the table right.

[1:06] I'm up for I love that word. And I love shenanigans. I've always did you know fun is my number for value.

[1:14] I did not know that. Yeah that's why I always try to have some.

[1:17] Well that's my that's that's my primary mode is I love to my joy in the moment and then enjoy the things that are happening around me.
And this is why I do this is to you know interesting people interesting conversations typically on the fun side.
So now I've noticed in the LinkedIn feed today that you just released the video for the Disrupt speaking engagement.

[1:44] Yes.

[1:46] Yes. So after I bombed my Texas audition I decided I would give disrupt H.R. ago because I'm not a quitter.

[1:55] Never say that actually.

[1:59] Buffalo disrupt H.R. reached out to me on LinkedIn or was it email doesn't matter. They wrote me and asked me if I would audition.
So I said Sure I will do that. So I did and I was selected on the spot it was very cool they were supposed to be like a week before you found out and they made me an offer to come and speak in the audition which is neat.
So I went there October 16th. It was so stressful and standing there I am not a quitter and I'm standing there,
getting ready go on the stage and I thought well if I walked up to Janine and said You know what I think I'm going to take a pass and not do this. Would that be a bad thing.
I never thought that in my life but I had I'm never nervous to public speak.
But the whole format with the slides auto changing every 15 seconds and having to keep up with her was at 2015 and I had to keep up with the slides and end then the five minute mark that I am not a planner.
I'm like I think my brainiest person knew the rules too many rules. That's exactly right.
So it was stressful but it went well.

[3:04] DirecTV better know I'd say I'm disrupting around resumé.

[3:08] My talk was is called resumes don't fit in the future of work.

[3:15] And so people that don't know who you are and now are just visiting this randomly for the first time.

[3:23] Tell us your background before we talk about why resume is no longer work.
Because I want to I want to frame this in the correct way that people can understand what you're what you're where you're coming from.
Well you did you map and you have a background before that.
Yeah yeah kind of kind of wrap this up in a context so we can.

[3:46] So I actually have a background in I.T.. I was in I.T. which is why I'm a pirate enthusiast because I.T. folks like pirates and pirate jokes and we share the I.T. background.
That's right. Speaking like pirates on an International Pirate Talk Like A Pirate Day do all that do.
Yeah. So I have an I.T. background and I was a software developer if you can believe it.
And then I moved in to reporting and analytics I was like in business intelligence and interface with clients to help them solve their data problems.
I would be an app and then I moved into operations management and I led a team of 31 people in a call center environment which was every day was very interesting.
And then I moved into learning and development which is where my passion was helping leaders and their team.
So I did a lot of workshops with with various teams I was responsible for associate learning in the organization and a fortune 16.
And so I was responsible for new hire orientation and onboarding.
Which is not fire process.

[4:50] Yeah I don't think people realize how how much of an investment it is to train an individual to bring in. Oh yeah. Innovation in the culture.

[4:59] Yeah and most training dollars are wasted because we don't do it well. So. But anyway that's another story it's another episode that's another episode.
Yeah. So who's responsible for new hire orientation associate development strategy instructor led training blah blah.
And why was in that environment. I started to really get interested in career coaching people I got certified as a career coach in 2007 by my company. OK.
Yes. I've been doing it for nine minutes. Yeah.
Forever. Yeah. And so I started doing a ton of career coaching when I worked in the L.A. space helping employees find the right fit in the company or not.
If there was no place for them no shame in that. No. Yeah I started to enjoy that so much and my boss was like Hey.

[5:47] Like you're spending too much time coaching people and I was like well I guess I'll go somewhere else again to my house.

[5:53] So you enjoyed coaching so you I call it the corporate corporate orphanage.
You know you drive out of the corporate office.

[6:02] You kind of get that oh I have nobody around me anymore.

[6:08] Well actually interestingly they gave me a contract. So for three years I coached emerging leaders to help them be better managers. Which is why I'm writing the new book.
It's not just like I'm fake I guess you know about that stuff I actually do have a background in coaching managers to be successful so I did that as a contractor.
Really though it was all I had like 10 senior leaders and 10 new leaders said I had a ranch.
Yeah and I coach them for a year and then I get a new batch of people and for a year and just repeat lather rinse repeat.
I can't believe you haven't asked me to tell my pirate joke.

[6:45] It's coming it's coming.
But I want to get your background through. That's right. So coaching covering up your corrupt so you see you. Then you wrote the book you man.

[6:59] Well actually I've written two books before you map this new one is my fourth book.
All right. So yeah I wrote a book on career empowerment for women.
The five factors for success for women based on research not my guess. And then I wrote a book called Five surprising steps to land the job now to help people nail an interview and get that job.
Then I wrote you a map because I created you map and I was coaching with you map and I certify people to coach with you map.
But I noticed a lot of people would call and say hey I want to do this I know I need this but I can't afford it.
So I was like gotta write a book because we can't have people not be able to navigate their career and figure out who they are and where they fit because they can't afford it. So that's why I wrote the book.

[7:41] So who is the book for primarily because that's what I know you most for.
I've had Laurie connected. You know Steve Sullivan.
And I think I think leak life is scheduled to be on the show. Awesome. And so I have.
Yeah it's I mean it's phenomenal. And I just love the community that you've built around what you're doing and all of the amazing people that I know as a result of being connected through you map.
So said blah blah silent applause around the southern applause.

[8:15] So the book is is a specific flavor of your map so your map is literally for everyone because it helps people figure out their strengths their values their preferred skills and interests.
So if you're an entrepreneur how do you figure out how to spend your time in your business. What role should you play if you're a student.
What career path should you pursue if you're trying to change careers.
What would that look like for you if you're getting ready to do your next half of life and you want to figure out how to spend that time more meaningfully it helps you do that.
So it's really for anyone who's looking for you want to get a promotion.
How can you figure out what your assets are to tell a compelling story.
So that's it's really for anyone who's trying to level up or move laterally or trying to figure out their place in the world.

[9:05] Anywhere along the journey would be invaluable. Anyone who has a career it's,
one that has a career wants a career. Yeah okay. I love it. I love it.
So now what about the next the next book you're getting ready to release.

[9:22] I'm so excited about this project. It's called your team loves Mondays. Right. Right.

[9:29] One day's Monday. Good for me.

[9:32] I love. Monday Tuesday. Saturday. Hopefully all the same. Oh good.
All the days I love all of that. All of the days all of the days.
That's right. So I wrote this book because what I noticed a pattern as I was helping people with you map they're trying to flee their managers and their organizations.
And I thought well I kept investing a lot of effort to help job seekers get out of bad situations.

[9:57] And it's kind of like when you go skiing and there's this hill and everyone keeps falling over the hill and breaking their legs at the bottom,
like building a hospital at the bottom of the hill instead of putting up a fence so people stop falling over the hill.
So I thought you know what I have to move.

[10:16] Up a level here is the rules of this game a little bit.
That's right. And so I wrote the book to help managers not suck is the short form.
And you know I say that everyone I did a global survey and I asked people if they thought they were good manager and eighty nine percent of people thought yes I'm a good manager but Gallup surveys show eighty nine percent of people think their managers are not good.
So then that doesn't work out there. Correct. There's some work I believe. People go to work wanting to do a good job.
You don't really have people who go to work who say I'm going to make my employees lives hell today.
It sure seems like that in some people's situations.
Yeah but they really in their mind feel justified. There's some sort of a disconnect between the manager or the employee and they start to feel like they're the victim and they're trying to save themselves from this employee.
And it's usually just assumptions and misunderstanding. So basically I wrote the book to help managers.
With practical tools actually walk them through and show them how to properly hire someone from what are the competencies I need.
How do you build a job description to. How do I now onboard this person.
It has an actual sample onboarding plan and how do you create an onboarding plan to training them to developing them it has a complete development employee development process.
You can even apply it to yourself as the manager.
Yeah and then. Now how do I retain people and there's a whole bunch of advice around how do you not motivate your employees.
And retain.

[11:46] So this would be great. This would be a great publication to distribute to founding CEOs and people in that environment that are transitioning from a,
freelancer solar producer.
Growing a company and growing a team so they can actually get the foundation in place and really understand because a lot of times and I think you know being in and out of corporate environments and running teams and I.T.
And technology and advertising in different areas is that,
a lot of times people get promoted because they do a great job and they get promoted beyond their skill set in training because they've it's a much different.
It's a much different approach when you're managing others versus managing your own output.

[12:37] Oh yes. So individual contributor. Yeah. Skills may be,
strategizing testing writing analyzing selling whatever you're doing but then you get into manager skills and now we're talking about hiring objectivity delegation mentoring.
It's their completely different skills. And not only does that person probably not have training because Sixty six percent of managers,
don't really get any training in their first three years of management on average but in addition to that they don't even know if that's what they're wired to do or feel like it.

[13:13] Well that's that's very common practices like I imagine I want to get there because that's the next logical step that everybody says that's what everyone said in the survey.
I'm in the headquarters of the next logical step.
It's the next step on ladders like that's the only place I go.

[13:28] There stay where I am or I get promoted to a manager and then they get promoted to a manager they hate their job they're all stressed out they're working more hours than they imagined.
And it's it's it's Hey been there done that. You know it's like.

[13:43] So disrupt full circle now.
It's like you were talking about why resumes don't work.
So can we tie this back together. There's a theme here and I don't want to pirate junk from you.

[13:57] OK. So resume is don't work for a lot of reasons it took me five minutes to explain in the talk but I will give you the Reader's Digest first of all they don't work,
for a lot of reasons there's a lot of bias in resume resumes inherent bias and the applicant tracking system has bias in it as well because a lot of people will say don't blame the ATF.
But when you think about it why was the ATF created to filter out undesirable candidates.
So there is inherent bias in applicant tracking system. So I will never defend them.
The designed bias designed bias absolutely so they don't work for mature workers.
They don't work for career changers really careerist people with gaps and people who are entering back into the workforce which is starting to become,
the majority of people and as baby boomers get older and more people are having to step away from the workforce to take care of their aging parents because we don't have enough nursing homes by the way to take care of all the boomers,
they're going to be more and more people with gaps.

[14:51] I'm a caregiver. It's 1:00 a.m. here in Arizona.
Yeah absolutely. It's going to be touching almost everyone. So so.
So that's one thing the second thing is it's really difficult for people to tell their story.
And so I do not believe believe in systems that have class,
discrimination. And so people are like oh just hire someone to tell your story.
Well the reality is is that it's very expensive to get a good resumé.
You're looking at over five hundred dollars and up to two thousand and there are lots of people who would have to make the decision on should I pay my rent or should I get a resumé.

[15:31] Right. And I am fervently opposed to things that have class discrimination like that.

[15:40] So that's one of the big reasons I have a problem with ResMed as I understand it's a livelihood for people and I don't mean to offend people who do it.
Yeah there are lots of generous people who have low gives not a bad goal to have. No not at all.

[15:52] It's just because of the way it's who I have I'm thinking back I don't I'm not sure that I've ever been hired from a resume.

[16:03] Ever. I haven't. I know I haven't. Yeah. Yeah.

[16:07] No never never. Yeah. That's not true. Once they looked they found my resume and contacted me I had uploaded to monster like twelve years ago.

[16:15] Do that.
All right. Score one for reservation.

[16:20] Yeah. So there's other reasons why they won't fit the future of work.
That I won't get into. That's just the lagging indicators. There are a lot of leading indicators A.I. and technology and millennials and how they are with values and how they are willing to be treated by employers and there's a lot of different things.
Globalization and mobility.

[16:41] Those things are all going to affect how we were in fact you were even on this broadcast is is it is you know an indication that things are changing.
Five years ago this was not a thing. You know now we're seeing live streaming everywhere.
I have friends all over the world as a result of this kind of technology and I.T. is moving incredibly fast rate and really things are growing and building.
So I just want to take a moment and thank everyone. I haven't looked at the feed to see who's joined us first and so feel free to look at the feed.
I just really I just really I thought maybe we could I could take a look at the feed and you could possibly tell us and I heard.

[17:22] All right. So a pirate walks into a bar and the bartender looks at the pirate and says Wow you look terrible what happened to you and the pirate says Ah. What do you mean.
And the bartender says well the last time I saw you you had two legs and now you only have one leg and he says I. We were in a battle and that cannonball hit me leg and I lost my leg but the sergeant fixed me up and the bartender says well you.
That explains that. But last time I saw you also had two hands. What happened. He says.
He says now we are in a battle and we got on the enemy's ship and he cut off my hand with my sword and now the sergeant fixed me up and now I have me hooked.

[18:08] He says.

[18:08] OK. Well that explains that. But last time I saw you you had two eyes and now what's with this patch.
And he said I wear on the deck maybe and is bird pooped in my eye.
The bartender says well you shouldn't lose an eye for that and he said well I wasn't used to me hook.

[18:30] Well,
that's funny.

[18:34] So. So Sherry lady Jordan Tums Carol Jenner for everybody this joining here.
Kristen is just it's amazing. And thank you for that joke.
I really appreciate. The laugh all that used to the book.

[18:57] We're having fun here on pirate broadcast. Kristen Shearer is here to share us share stories about some of the things that are going on in you map.
Her new book disrupt the speaking engagement in Rosemary's don't work.
Just having fun with Pirate Day and pirate jokes and everything else that goes along with it.
So if you're watching this in the future.

[19:23] And you're watching the replay. Thank you. All the gratitude in the world and all of you that have joined in.
Today I just really I just wish you the most wonderful day ever and all the gratitude in the world for being here so thank you so much.
And thank you so much for joining us Kristen and sharing some of these stories I just love this in and highlighting people out there doing things in the community that need to be highlighted.
It's just it's important work and I think we're we're having fun and we can enjoy this.
And this share a couple of things that are going on and what's in the future. Kristen.

[20:00] So I just want to give a quick shout out to a couple of people. For those of you who are interested in the resume talk and you're feeling the pain.
Definitely follow camera tough follow K and A R A T O F F O L O,
tough Aiello I can write her name but saying in camera,
she she does Office Hours on linked where she answers resume questions and she has really great videos on YouTube her top ten and Carrie Twigg is another really great person to follow for,
resumé advice I trust both of them and they give good advice and so just for those of you who are needing help,
and so what's going on.

[20:43] Well yeah what's what's next on the on the range for Kristen.

[20:49] There is a lot of stuff going on I've decided to look into doing disrupt H.R. and Charlotte on probably on the same topic.
I'm not sure I'm trying to get to Dubai in spring. I can't talk about the project.
In detail but I wrote a chapter for a new book.
And it's a collaboration with a dozen authors high profile people in the Middle East and I was invited to contribute a chat.
The first chapter of the book which I'm really excited but I haven't gotten the go ahead to announce the book yet so.
But it's super big deal and it's it's going to be pretty epic.
Congratulations. Thank you. My project and my next project is I'm writing a children's book.

[21:37] Yeah I know it's super outside of my comfort zone. I'm already like this is so hard.
How hard is it to write 800 words and thirty two pages. Well it's a lot harder than I anticipated so prominent in the children's book authors.
But it's it's a book to help children realize that you know one of the things we say to kids a lot is what do you want to be when you grow up. Yes.
That question constantly and I don't like that question because no one 40 year old I don't know that.
So the book is going to teach kids to focus on who they want to be when they grow up and really look inward.
And so it's cool because the book features my daughters so my,
daughter Evelyn and Catherine they're going to be Eva Lena and Catarina because my husband calls them that when he makes up stories when he tells them stories and Catarina is going to be like a woodland Pixie and she's the magical guide for Evy my younger one.
Well she's going to age advance to 10 illustrators will draw my daughters in the book and essentially,
Catarina IS GONNA TAKE EVA on this magical journey and she'll throw pixie dust and bring up images and ask her the questions that I would ask young people to figure out who they are.
And so it's it's sort of a precursor to career book for children.

[23:02] Wow. And I'm pretty excited. The working title is happily ever after. Because he's the main character. Oh cool. Oh yeah.

[23:10] You know when I think I think the whole story that rewrite or retell or share that has been told maybe it's less.
I don't know if it is less or not but it's like OK.
You graduate school you go to college and then you go get a job and you know you go out in the career and you and you know happiness takes place.
It's like that's not necessarily true for everyone.
And oh my goodness. And it's really you know I look at my journey and all the things and experiences I've had and all of the changes and you know left turns and everything that's taken place and it's just amazing.
I. I wouldn't give it up for anything.
There's some things that I would you know that aren't necessarily happy news however that led you to where you are today.

[24:09] Yeah.

[24:09] That's an experience that I'm the accumulation of experience brings me to who I am today.

[24:14] Exactly. And you're pretty awesome. So I'm pretty happy with who I am today.

[24:18] So I'm just I'm just thinking you know setting expectations like that is like what do you want to do when you grow up.

[24:26] We set expectations that life is linear and it absolutely and ethically is not is not linear.

[24:33] Right. No absolutely not. And I think more people are becoming aware of that.
And I think there's I think that's a reflection on the younger generation that hey they saw this in their parents like myself and they understood that,
hey these things are not necessarily guaranteed you don't have job security as is is kind of a thing of the past.
You know this this you know work 40 years and retire with a gold watch as is like.

[25:02] Fantasy. Not.

[25:03] The gold watch. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
My my dad did as well. You know it's a first generation no gold watch I do have a nice thing to still watch however I be fired for it.
I didn't get anything like that so I spent 25 years in companies that no longer exist.

[25:24] Hey can I give a props to Alison Buckland. Yes you can.
Maclin is up in here. Change in my life I started the art bond 30 days to healthy living and boy I kind of went sideways this morning because I forced her,
unripe avocado and my chocolate protein shake shapes that tasted like tobacco and.
Force avocados.

[25:47] Folks it's what she's doing now she's on the live broadcast. Oh is she. Oh that's funny. Life is not linear love that Kristen so true.

[25:55] Yeah. Allison Allison says she's encouraged me because I'm sedentary because I write so many books. Know I Know.
I don't eat unhealthy but I eat I'm sedentary and that's that's a problem.
And Shar Rocklin has been great trying to get me off my butt to and by the way she she created that working title for the children's books I got to give her props to.
Back and just so supportive that anyone is trying to release weight or get healthier you gotta reach out to Allison if she knows she's a future episode of oh she's the best.
So positive.
Love her then also. Well I think I'm going to publish a list of people that are are going to be on the pirate broadcast because it's a mailing list.
And so many people and I've invited a few other people on the pirate broadcast and I just,
I just really believe that there's there's a lot of people that need to be highlighted they need to have a light shined on them like yourself that you know you're doing your thing you're doing you're writing your books and everything else.
But I think a lot of the audience doesn't have the opportunity to connect and really find out who you are and what you're doing.
And I think it's really important that we share these things because it's it's it's a trigger and an idea that could plant the seed for someone else to do something great.

[27:14] Oh I mean absolutely. Just remember seven years ago I was schlepping in a call center as a frontline manager and now there's nothing wrong with that but it was not meant for me and it was a really bad fit for me.
I think the bigger issue though I think I mean that is totally the issue because there were operations managers that were like rock and roll on that team they got their team members promoted and invested in them and they were just amazing at their jobs.
But it was not a good fit for me. And if I had just believed well this is all there is.
And I didn't step out there Jennifer spar by the way as the person to talk to you if you have a limited the size and that ratio was just general.
You know all the movers and shakers Jennifer.

[27:58] Jennifer is a pirate now.

[28:01] Yes. Did you I have Daddy my mom's maiden name by the way. We're probably related.

[28:06] Really. Yeah. Possibly possibly. So I am going to derail you. That's OK. That's OK. Derail me all you want.

[28:14] I you know this that's the whole point of this conversation is is where can the journey of the conversation take us.
Because we I always think if we have a conversation long enough we'll always find a thread.
You know I can I can.
You know I've discovered strange things about a lot of people. It's like oh we're connected with that way.

[28:37] I range things about me if you dig for just a moment. Yeah.

[28:41] I think another 30 minutes he could prosecute a few more.

[28:47] But replied. What. What more do you want.

[28:50] I think you should make everyone who comes on the broadcast tell it pirate yet they don't necessarily have to sport the hook like I did. But by the way this is a Red Hook.

[28:58] The bet that is often I know what I'm on about the props are all about the props.
Thanks for bringing it to the show today. It's awesome. It's so so going back.

[29:11] I mean we need to wrap up because you know I want to be.
I want to be you know cognizant of your time and your day and everything that's going on.

[29:21] And I know you don't have heat on the first floor for a good,

[29:30] So.

[29:31] So you have a book coming up. You have a child's book coming up.

[29:35] You're getting ready to publish another book you're just on fire.
Yeah. Next three books lined up actually not including the children's book.
Yeah I like to write books. Congratulations. Thank you. Help me. I'll be right there. Me a call that I did that with.

[29:54] Well I love that you're here and I love that you're sharing this stuff.
And there's a lot of people that were in the circle and we just haven't had the opportunity of stopping and chat yet.
So I appreciate and applaud you for sharing you and your gifts and everything that you've got going on in and helping the world out so well was an absolute pleasure.
I'm sad it's ending because I could just talk to you and where my father's all day,
you know if you want to talk to me anytime you can you can we can just schedule a time and we can have a conversation because there's a lot of things that we could do together and help lift others up around us.
So I love the fact that you weren't on the fence just Belfast.

[30:41] I do FEC FEC.

[30:44] My son was a Doctor Who fan and there was an episode of the fez. Thus we have a fez in the house.
We have a lot of hats in this house wear a big dress up family.

[30:53] I have I have several hats. In fact I have a huge hat collection so not fedoras or ball caps.
I wear pork pies all the time. I don't even know what a pork pie is. Oh you don't know what a pork pie is good.
Problem is that those like 1930s hats that like the newspaper boys used to wear.

[31:11] Here's a here's a pork pie. Oh.

[31:13] OK. Does Mario Pereira wear those too. And why am I thinking that.

[31:17] I don't know. I usually wear a black one. It's usually a black one that suits you. So if you go to Russ John's dot com you can see me on the.

[31:26] Everywhere the bowlers are now I haven't found a bowler that I like yet that gave John McCain a hard that wears one. He's got a nice one.
Is his name Jason with the beard. Yeah. Tell me in the comments. Who is that. Yeah I think that's the name isn't it.
You're not in New York another bearded and I am a business.

[31:46] Yeah. Do you know I mean I believe I do. I believe I do. Yeah.
He was on the set. There was a comment there was doing a beard competitions like who has the best beard on.

[31:58] My husband would win that contest hands down.

[32:01] I made him cut it but my husband can grow a freaking Afghan on his face like it's insane and it's like big and rectangle and go down to his stomach.
If you if you Google his dad David Cherry bagel you'll see where he gets it from genetically.
That is a pediatric rheumatologist at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia so there's lots of pictures on the Internet that big old beard but my husband's a sticker.
It's small children stare because it's a wonderland of woodland animals probably living in there.

[32:33] I used to have when I was in Houston I used to have a full beard and it kind of got out of control so when I got here and sure enough the main beard it I had my eye.

[32:42] I did my Arizona cut so you should do when you wear that hat you should get that pomade or whatever.
I need the legs curly mustache like back in the circus days. Yeah that would look right in the dark and I went in there.

[32:56] Did you trim my mustache a little bit. And so she cut it off my hands. No that's not what I meant when,
I did that.

[33:06] You had her arrested. No.

[33:10] Well Christine thank you so much for being here today. I know you're as awesome as I imagined and even better in person so thank you so much for being here and all of the wonderful people that have joined us.

[33:22] I just want to get a shout out Allison Sherry Kanata. I mean there's so many.

[33:31] Yeah I mean it's it's the long list is here Rob and Kathy Angie Bruce.

[33:42] Thank you so much for everyone joining the first person who types a comment of what the three things that in my joke that the character was missing I'll send you a signed copy of my book you map,
you heard it here folks first hope that it's awesome and it's awesome.
Thank you so much. It's pretty blurry so you know the words kindness is cool.
Smiles are free and you enjoy the day. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you.

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