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[0:02] And we are live at the pirate broadcasts where we bring you interesting people doing interesting things.And I love the fact that we can bring all kinds of ideas interests,in a little something that you could probably use in your business today is no different because I have brandy Holloway the firestarter.She's like a machine when it comes to good ideas about branding and some of the social media aspects that you have in your business.And we're going to pull a few nuggets of knowledge out and talk about it today and some of the things that are going on in social media. I might even mention tick tock.[0:46] So I don't know. I don't know. We'll see. Good morning Brandy. How are you this fine day.[0:53] Good morning Ross. I'm I'm doing great. Thank you for having me here.[0:56] All the gratitude in the world for being here and thank you so much for sharing a little bit with the audience here.Now primarily as you know I hang out here on LinkedIn a lot.However we are streaming on Facebook YouTube and Periscope.And before the end of the day you'll be on all the plot podcasting platforms that are available.So that is what I call systems and processes that allow us to be seen be heard and be talked about.So I want to dig in a little bit about what you're doing what how you help people and some of the strategies around branding because I've had several conversations a lot of people still like Russ.What is it. What exactly do you do that I'm not really sure it's like.[1:48] Well that's a sign that my branding may be awesome.[1:53] However it's it's kind of a it's kind of a almost a subtle purple purposeful idea because.I like helping people I like to help. So I pick and choose who I like to work with. Most of the time so.But anyway that's a different story. And we can get into that a little bit.But tell him tell everybody what you love to do and what you're passionate about and what you get up in the morning for.[2:25] Well you know anyone that visits my profile I choose to pack a punch right off the bat.So it says I'm not a lot of fire in your ass. That's what type of coach I am.[2:35] Yeah. Really what I mean by that is I think a lot of people these days need to understand like they're everyone was trying to fit in,with all these platforms and all the rules and algorithms and you know I chose to fit out and I knew what that meant,and not that I a lot of people think that comes with competence.It didn't come a competence it just came with a need to establish myself right as a professional so that's when they zig zag.Right. Right. I love that. Yeah. And I just I think that you know as we know and like you just said people need to know exactly what we do and what we're going to deliver.And so you really got to create a really great personal brand around that the verbiage and the content is very important.[3:20] Well words matter when people need clarity. You know sometimes in marketing we get a little flowery and the best lesson I learned early on was I was in a meeting given presentation and,a friend said Russ Kathy embroidery get to the point.It's like OK I will here. This is what you need to do A B and C..OK. Any questions. And that and that's what marketing is about clarity.It's about purposeful information to the right people at the right time and with digital and social media.I grew up in a world where it was broadcast media.We had three TV channels. You had billboards you had radio yet print and.[4:10] That was the game. Right.[4:13] Right. I think I think it's funny you said that I think a majority of the people that I'm helping right now that's the biggest part of it.[4:19] You know for me like when I started my first business and started working there obviously there was no social media.And you know I'm 47 so I typically find that I work with people kind of over 40 get into 50s 60s and they're like You know I don't get it.So I'm just not going to do it. And I'm like well then your business is going to fail.You know we've got to figure out a way or you or you outsource you know one to the other and find the expert.I mean I wouldn't have a job if it weren't for people that they wanted to outsource.[4:52] It's one of those things and I want to give a shout out Cherie lollies here,Chitra lorry commutes in she's going to be coming up.[5:04] So lorry she's awesome.[5:06] Yeah. Chris Berryman. Good morning. Say saying good morning though.Lorry condition rarely. And also our cot. Nick Dorsey Good morning how are you my friend.[5:21] And one of the things that I want to bring to the table though and I think it's really important because I think you really hone in on this is getting people because people get the information and then they don't take any action.So how do you move them from some to something from nothing and then how do you move them and motivate them to actually participate.Because it's really you know like life video not everybody's setup or their mind sets not ready for live video because like OK what happens. You know it's like you know something could go wrong.Well yeah something could go wrong. That's the point.[6:02] Yeah yeah.[6:04] It's taking back issues anything else but how do you motivate people to do this. Because it's really important especially when you're coaching people.It's like what's the factor that we need to think about.[6:16] So it's funny you use or motivate because I don't believe you can motivate people.I think they're motivated by things and I think we spark that with you know with our ability to coach them.But what I think is that when they get really crystal clear like you know the clarity around why they're doing what they're doing we keep talking about the why that floats around you know all the platforms you know to focus on your why.And a lot of times I find that if someone wants to start a business for example and they want to get on social media you should you should be so fired up and so passionate that it shouldn't you shouldn't have to question going on talking about it.If you have a problem talking about it then I say maybe you've started a goal with a different y or competing commitment all those.And an example is just you know when I was in health and wellness I started a business way back when because I was really good at what I did right.But then what I found was I really sucked at business.I was not you know I didn't know how to run a business and that just kind of thing.So that's the beauty of having a coach or having a consultant is really not so much that I need to know everything but I can walk someone through all of those scenarios.So I always tell anybody I'm going to ask you questions that you don't know to ask yourself or maybe you're not willing to ask yourself just to make sure that you can be successful.[7:36] You know we don't know what we don't know. So I think I don't think I motivate them but I think I open their eyes up to a lot of other areas that they haven't thought about.And so I think it creates a little more certainty versus the uncertainty of you know when we go live we don't know what's going to happen.Well if you plan it out and you take action on these three steps and don't overthink it which is what a lot of people do as well.I think you can have you know you can be successful but if you don't like video then don't do video but you need to be really strong in some sort of medium if you're not going to video.[8:10] Yeah yeah. You bring up a couple of good points and I think also as it relates to motivation because.You almost have to start especially with social media.[8:24] You have to begin and start practicing to get improvement and feedback.[8:32] And with that feedback you can improve what you're producing to get the results you're looking for.And ultimately you still have to have an end goal in mind and then work backwards. OK if I have this goal at the end of the year what steps do I need to put in place and what processes do I need to go through in order to accomplish this goal.What does the success criteria and how do I define done.All of those pieces of the puzzle need to work in place just like an architect designing a building.You know it starts in the mind and you have an idea then you know you have an end goal in mind and then you have to reverse engineer all of those pieces of that puzzle in order to accomplish that goal.Social media advertising marketing all of this is no different.It's like Start with the end in mind and then move forward with it.So what are some steps that people because. Because it's on perspective.You know every coach has a you know allows you to see things that you're not looking at right.[9:35] Like you said you know you can you can you can help them along with that.[9:39] So what are some things common mistakes that a lot of people make that we may not even be aware of on a regular basis that we could actually think about.[9:50] Going forward I think a couple of things are just you know.Once again I'll just go back to talking about your Why I see people constantly pitching their service or their product.And the thing is is I think people know what you do they can read your profile. They can see your title.They can see who you work for but what they don't know is why.And at the end of the day we're all selfish and it's like what's in it for me.You know you need to let them know. Like why should they like know and trust you because you've got to get through those three things and with social media.What we have to understand is we want to think that you know that all the followers we have. See all of our stuff but they don't.And so I say stay very consistent with your message. Also because people need to see things there's different numbers out there.[10:36] Some say seven times nine times twelve times. You know before they'll take action on it 30 times like they.[10:42] Right.[10:43] And then and then that last little part that you said is you know ah I haven't what I'm trying to really coach my clients through is maybe forget the call to action because it still comes across as really sells and pitchy but creative but create a call to interact.[10:56] So these days engagement is king right. I mean we want everyone engaging and commenting well give them a reason to.[11:03] If you're pitching your product or your service they're probably not going to comment on there but if you get a conversation that's relevant to their pain point if you talk about the solution you're creating of the problem you're solving you're probably get some good conversation.[11:17] Well I'm a real advocate for actual conversations in you know building relationships because,all of my business right now all the revenue I can I could generate this month is directly connected to relationships I have,and so like on my Web site I said Why.Why download a PDA when you can talk to someone. Right.And it's really difficult because somebody I I sent a link to your book Russ to book a call and they said.[11:49] I need your help more quicker this year because you're booked out which is a catch 22 because we only have so many days in the out you know hours in the day to have a conversation.And so I need to probably rethink that and have other alternatives in addition to the conversation.And social media has the I mean linked it alone.I mean I have friends all over the world as a result of having conversations right.I mean we're having a conversation right now and we've been online having conversations for a while now and I get the sense that I I know a little bit about who Brandy is.However you know it takes it takes time and it takes effort and you know that's part of business.That's the way business works. It's like have a conversation with somebody get to where you have any suggestions or recommendations on how to get from point A to point beyond those conversations with your target market.[12:51] Yes. So I mean you know for me I know I feel like they're my you know my target market my avatar.I definitely try to get them off line and have conversations.I have a cowardly link I always suggest my clients don't grab it grab some sort of scheduling acuity whatever you're going to use.But you know get him schedule and I do a 15 minute call on a lot of people don't realize you can.You can have a good conversation in 15 minutes and decide if you want to have another conversation.But it's enough to say Hey I care enough to give you 15 minutes of my time. Do you want to give me 15 minutes of your time and let's see how we can work.I am a huge advocate as most people know of creating collaborations and creating community so also you know I think the biggest thing that's hit me in the last six months that a lot of people up to understand is we've all see this A.I.Taking over a lot of things and automation taking over a lot of things.And I think actually what our advantages and our strength is as a human is to be able to have that conversation because people crave that now because everything's so automated and you know all the A.I..But on the flipside of that what are you going to do. What if. And I always said this What if Lincoln goes bye bye.What if social media you know what if something happens I want to have all those people in my back pocket that I can pick up my phone or I can reach out and have this conversation still,in it regardless of the social platform if you have a relationship with people you can still reach out and you have conversations with them.[14:20] And I think a lot of people. And here's what I've seen in social media.You know I've trained and I've taught social media and I've you know build system for people e-mail sales funnels and all of these things in.One thing that I. I believe in back me up on this or you know counterpoint is is like this is not a magic bullet.This is just a conversation starter. Social media is just a another way to get to know people to the point where you're willing to have a conversation with.You know that's the whole point of pirate broadcasters.Interesting people doing interesting things.[15:04] And it's like OK let's just have a let's have a conversation. I get to know you a little better. Others get to know you a little better.[15:11] Everyone wins. What's the downside. Right yeah. Downside is is that you have to you have to participate.[15:20] Yeah. Yeah. I think that's the thing is you can't be scared to put yourself out there and expect your business to succeed whether it's on social media or any way. But you know you're right.And I think you know the whole thing with the followers and the likes and and a lot of people,you know I mean I'll just say this and people might get pissed at me here linked everything but I like I hate it when I see someone tag 50 million people on every single post because what I'm seeing is all they care is about is getting people to come and like and getting those algorithms upright right.Worse it maybe tag five or 10 people that you actually know that you're engaging with and having conversations with.For me I'm on Linkedin to grow my business and to support people that I feel like offer a ton of value. Right. So.All right. That's who I have my conversations with. I don't try to stretch my stretch myself thin and have a conversation with the ten thousand people that are following me.However I reach out and they want to have a true conversation not pitch me if they actually have conversation.[16:20] I'm all about it,as am I. And anyone that knows me knows that this is who I am.I mean I I. Like you meet me at an event and this is my equivalent to driving across town and then going to a networking event.I get to I get to hang out with someone you know every single day.And it's it's a commitment to me and people say well how do you do that.[16:48] It's like I'm already booked through January half through February. And I do have a lot of connections.And that's just I mean I'm an open connector and I don't know where.You know it's like a farmer plant seeds. I don't know which one's going to sprout right. I don't know where my my next conversation is going to start.However. It gets to a point of diminishing returns where you have to.You still have work that has to get completed so you can't spend all of your time on on a platform.And I'm also on Facebook. You know I stream the Facebook I'm in Facebook groups and I actually have.[17:31] Check this out. Brandy I have a group that I'm developing for all of the pirates. Pirate.Awesome. Get an invitation with that setup. Yes. Love it. So.So what about some other platforms. I mean I think every platform has a personality.Is there any anything that you'd like to talk about platform personality and is that positioning is how it goes.[18:00] Oh I mean I think I think everybody's kind of see my my recent push to tick tock.You know I you know I read a lot of say do I love it. Now I really don't. I mean I.But the thing is it's engaged it's highly engaging. Yeah.When we talk about attention spans you're only doing 15 second or 60 second little videos.And once you learn the basics of the platform what I what I've chosen to do is just pepper my my tech talk with business.So I'm showing my personality a lot of people kind of see me as the super serious like hard ass on one one.But then on the flipside on tick talk I get to have a little fun you know.So I'd like for people to be able to see that side. And then I just started kind of peppering it it's full of really young kids but I want everyone listening to hear me if they don't hear anything else.Two things one tick tock has a bill over a billion you know downloads. Yeah.And that's what the B I mean understand like over a billion.And I recently did a post just doing a shout out to 40 anybody 40 and over on tick tock I was like you know there this cute little thing you can do,that is my highest ranking post and I've had I've had I've had thirty five thousand people on tick tock over forty respond to me.[19:26] That's a pretty substantial audience.[19:28] So if you think that it's just for kids you're wrong. I mean yes there are kids on there but you know it's the same thing.There's algorithms there's hash tags that can be used to tag game in in tick tock it's amazing.[19:41] I've been more I have. I have an account. I will be I will be creating a few things over there.But the fascinating thing to me is it's it's a personality.You know when Facebook first started it was college students you know and it and people don't understand that tick tock started. It's been around a while.It started out as musically right. Which had accounts of musically and it was essentially like vine with music and it.Vine just didn't innovate like it needed to. And then tick tock,musically they combined to to develop tick talk and the reality is is that it clarifies if you have 15 seconds you have to get your message out,really quickly and that falls in line with another platform that I think is is going to be seen and I'm going to be working on is Alexis skills.You know and I think there's a huge opportunity in Alexis skills because there's only ninety thousand Alexis skill.You know people on onboard and voice is going to is going to be prevalent in the future.So if you can get your 15 second message down on tick talk and you can get on Alexis skill where everybody is saying Alexa.[21:05] Bring play Brandy Holloway's Firestarter morning and all of a sudden you're there in their ear pocket while they're getting breakfast ready for the kids.You imagine what that does to an audience and how how that builds relationship and trust.[21:25] Yeah. And and you know it's funny that you say that something that really hit me I was doing some research for a client on you know real estate,and I find that you know because realtors are super busy and they don't sum up some of them deal a lot don't understand the importance of being on and being present but,I was watching a Gary B video and he brought up you know look I'm going to go buy a house or look for a mortgage or look for a car or whatever it gets.Guess what I'm gonna do I'm gonna grab my phone and say Hey Siri Hey Bixby whatever.Find me a car find me a realtor.Here's the key though. With social media and with relationship marketing like you and I we're talking about if you already have that relationship.And you're fostering that relationship they're not going to go to their phone unless you're picking it up to call you,but if they don't know you and they don't know to contact you then they're going to go to Siri and whoever is kicking butt on social media and Google and FCO and all of that. That's who that's who is going to pop up.So I think once again I think that's a huge advantage of doing the relationship marketing of getting people to know you.Oh call Russ that he's your guy right. Because I know you.[22:36] I don't know it makes sense to me. Hey I want to talk a little bit about the people here.Brandy Holloway is in the room on the pirate broadcast today having an amazing time.Girl boss you're having coffee you know it's like he was at the beach earlier this week hanging out.Now she's in a it's going to be cold weather but our colleague Chris Berryman thank you for being here.Also Gabriel Gabriel's in the room. Vicki O'Neill good morning.Thank you so much for being here. Wendy Wendy's awesome love Wendy so Jenny Kenyatta thank you again.Hey I made it. Good morning. We said your chair Richard Gilbert.[23:27] The reality is if you have a business and you want to attract attention you know we're just not playing games on social media all the time.You know the game is business and what we want to do is.It's just like putting you know a hundred years ago you would put a full page in the back of the newspaper.You know it would go out and it was broadcast messages.It was you're convincing somebody that they needed to convert from the soap they were using to the soap that you're selling.And now it's more about if I get along with you and I like what you're doing and I like your message and I believe that you can help me.And we have a relationship and I want to change something in my business whether it be my branding my social activity my media content content creation whatever happens to be.There are people out there that you want to build a relationship with. No I can trust.And when you need their service they will be available. That's the reason you're on social media is because it's a conversation. It's not a broadcast. Right.So put that in the back of your mind and allow yourself to think that people like brandy are here to help.They're not here to just pummel you with messages and they're just not hanging out on tick talk just because they're having fun.[24:56] Well I mean this feature,LSC your idea is you look good. You know you should have fun.[25:04] You should have fun with it like you're doing me should enjoy what you do.[25:08] And you know I think that comes with time.But I mean if you're if you're working and you know you're dreading Monday or you're working for Friday then you know changed around a lot of people.And that's just you know when my hashtag on your fire. That's what I mean by. Own your fire is just like take 100 percent accountability for what's going on.And if you're if you are an entrepreneur I can make it really simple but all I ever do is answer the question why should someone work with you.[25:37] And just put that out in all forms of content. Why should they work with you.[25:41] You're creating value. You're handing their life or solving a problem creating a solution.[25:45] It's really simple.[25:46] Don't don't overthink it don't make it hard I think a lot of people including myself make it more complicated than it needs to be.Most of the time it doesn't need to become it's not complicated.It's not complicated. And I think you're spot on if you're not motivated or excited about what you're doing.You need to kind of think about why you're doing it right.No no I'm excited about. I'm excited about the higher broadcast.I'm excited about the idea that I'm helping highlight shine the light on a few other people,that I care about and I want to make sure that other people can meet them greet them you know because if I surround myself with people doing good work,that want to achieve results and want to go to a new level and have a great life where they don't have to plan a vacation because they enjoy every day,that's I mean what better results can you get from that.Absolutely. I think it's I think it's amazing. You know I work at home.You know I'm here in Arizona caring for my parents. You know it's like it's like.[26:57] And it's I love my life. You know there are things that I.I will continue to work on improving. However overall Brandi I mean.This is pretty good. This is pretty good thing. You know if you need to take some time out and go grab a cup of coffee in the kitchen it's like that.[27:16] It's like you don't need permission. Right. Yeah yeah.[27:19] I mean that's one that's fairly well. I mean you know I I I became a single Mommy really unexpectedly and had an infant and a three year old and a lot stands.That's why I really decided to go back into business I was you know like I said I was a fitness alumnus working for other people and I loved it I consider myself an entrepreneur.I was always really good at sales but I couldn't figure it out.I was like you know for me at the time to have an infant a three year old put them in before and after care go to a job not see them from his 12 hours a day by the time you leave and you get home.It just wasn't worth it and I'm like You know I've got to figure out what I'm really good at and how I can help other people and I can make money and stay home and it's it's taken me you know my daughter seven now and it's taken me a big chunk of that seven years to figure it out.But a lot of that was me getting my own way. The first five years.[28:09] Yeah. Well I think you know life is an experience.Life is an instrument. We have to practice every day you know and we actually get to practice it every day so every day is a gift. So let's let's open it with our presence.Let's make sure that we're there for people around us.And once people realize that we're available we can help them.And I you know modify a little bit about their life or coach them into the next level or help them see around the corner and some of the things they're not able to see.That's a huge gift. That's that's that's power that's very powerful. And people like yourself that are doing good work like this.I mean reach out if you're not connected to. Connect with you reach out to her killer Russ sent you an.Let's let's be business like it's it's like you know.Yeah let's let's go with purpose and let's help each other out. What would you love to tell people today.That makes a difference in their life. So they can go out make it matter today brand What fire are you going to like today before you. Before we wrap up.[29:22] You know I like to do that every day. But the funny thing is today and I'm just getting off the cloud I woke up this morning and something was kind of sitting heavy on me.I make sure that I don't really necessary call it meditation but I'd like to journal and just kind of reflect well in the morning and some things that come up over the weekend because I'm still working on my book.But I wrote that like the scar on your heart or the scar on your skin like people that have gone through some things and they're letting them hold it back.It's just like remember that you get to choose your thoughts.So whether you're getting on line as it is an entrepreneur or maybe just in life in general that you guys get to choose if you're gonna be the victim or the Victor and I say be the victor and rise and rise from the ashes.I mean that's exactly why I chose the Phoenix factor is the name of my company is you're you're going to fail you're gonna burn through things you can always rise and just choose how you're gonna go through your day.I think a lot of people go on autopilot and they let the thoughts choose them and maybe that's why you feel like you're spinning your wheels. Maybe that's why you feel like you're not getting anywhere.[30:25] So just a thought. Yeah yeah just own it work to be better rather than bitter.[30:32] Yeah. I love that. Yep. Exactly. Just really creating and that's when people hear that word mindset and mindfulness.Such a buzzword now but it's so so important.If you wake up you know the minute people are stressed or they're or they're anxious Oh God it's Monday and I have all this stuff to do because I didn't do it on this weekend.But it's like but you have to be right here right now because you can't do anything about what's coming and you thanks for can't do anything about yesterday.[30:58] Right. So well thank you so much.[31:02] All the gratitude in the world for being here. Everyone that showed up in the live stream much appreciation.I love the fact that you're here you're supportive enjoying this content hopefully and the the reality is is we have an opportunity to make connections,build relationships and actually make a difference in the world.So go out do something kind. Open a door. Make it complicate a complement.Pay attention to those people around you that you can help.Smiles or free you know kindness is cool smiles or free and you know what I mean to say you enjoy the day. Thank you.

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