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[0:01] Yes and we are live on the pirate broadcast once again and you know interesting people doing interesting things. And today is no different.

[0:12] And you know if you're following the pirate broadcast in Linked In,
or you're watching it from YouTube or Facebook or Periscope wherever you have to be consuming this information I just encourage you to share this with others around you.
You know and follow us so we can actually share some information and,
spread some good cheer today because right now we have Carol campus in the room and I'm so excited and full of gratitude for you being here Carol. How are you.

[0:44] I am wonderful how are you.

[0:47] Oh like I said I'm better than average because I want to be you know I want to be above average when I get out of bed.
So yeah today's a great day you know. Fill it with gratitude you know be present because today is a gift right.
I don't like the way I look at life and I just want to extend that gratitude to everyone in the room. Anyone joining in.

[1:13] I love and appreciate the fact that you're here so we want to share some good information with you today that maybe maybe might get a shift in perspective it might bring some light in your life and you know who knows what's going to happen right,
so Carol tell me what is going on for you today.

[1:34] You just finished up a conference of you know this online virtual conference with some phenomenal people involved in so how are you feeling about that.

[1:48] You know it was pretty exciting. You know this this journey is pretty no only started at the end of 2018 so to have people approach you that you respect to be a part of their master class series was like Yeah.
We made it you know. So it just was kind of that validation. Yeah.
And plus it was just super nice people to work with.
And the other nice thing was that my business partner and also best friend of over 20 years Deb SORENSEN We had been planning to do an online course for a long time.
And this really kind of lit the fire because it's like OK now we've got to get this done.
So for a lot of reasons it was a really great thing for us.
Well in what was the most surprising part of the equation what was the most the party of.

[2:42] The most surprising part of the journey for you in this virtual masterclass. Because I know a lot of people that have done this.
I know a lot of people that have participated in it and everybody has a slightly different experience because you know a lot of times it generates a lot of traffic a lot of interest and conversation and it sometimes feels over a little bit overwhelming because,
I mean can I keep up with the comments kind of keep up with the communication.
Can I Can I add enough value to really feel like I'm contributing to the group.
And so those are some of the things that I've heard feedback from but I just home it's how you are your experience was on it.

[3:20] Yeah. And we definitely had a little trepidation. You know going into this for the first time because you know people are giving you their time time is valuable and you want to make sure you're giving that something they're giving them something that's worth their time.
So that was one thing we worked hard on it. We felt good about it.
What we didn't expect and what was kind of cool thing was hearing from people that we didn't know from all over the country.
And you know they hadn't been connections on LinkedIn or they it wasn't something where they were familiar with the divine breadcrumb podcast. So.
So getting the comments and people registering that were totally new to us. That was a really cool feeling.

[4:03] That is a really cool feeling. And the most gratifying experience is when somebody who had never met before and someone you have never been connected with,
and then all of a sudden they send you a message that hey you made a difference in my day.
You made a difference in my life and you changed my perspective on something because you know for myself this is just this is just my experience is that,
you know when we're going through this thing called life you know we get tossed these experiences that sometimes.
And occasionally they may not necessarily be what we want.

[4:49] It may be what we need and it changes art our direction and it changes our our life and it could be major impact.
And so I always look at every experience like that is like what is the lesson in this experience.
Good metric. And it's it's all a lesson it's all you know we're practicing life. This is what we do.
So that's kind of my perspective and I wanted to kind of unpack that a little bit with you because I think it's important for people to really investigate you know,
self-awareness and and find out you know don't don't get upset about things.
Don't get mad or you know you know it's just something that's taking place and notice why it's impacting you in a positive or negative way.
You know I think really that's where the magic happens in terms of who we are and what we become is if we can actually understand what what triggers we have in and why and what's the source of our triggers.
So it's a little bit about that maybe.

[5:55] Yeah. Oh I love this subject. Yeah. I love this because I think,
I'll use myself as an example as I often do whether in coaching or any other communications but for a long time I told the story from a victim's standpoint instead of kind of the hero of my journey.
You know I was married to a man who was an addict.

[6:21] And there's a lot that comes along with that. You know there's just a lot of crazy ness that I was not emotionally mentally prepared to deal with.
And so you know there was you know there were stealing there was infidelity there was abuse there were there all these things.
And at the time you know this is going back 30 something years.
To me it was this was all being done to me. And I continued that story and I stayed in that story and guess what.
My outer world reflected that.
So it wasn't until much later where I learned that some of the hardest things we go through these are clues maybe to what we're meant to do.
And there's lessons to be gleaned. And how do you glean the lesson.
So now fast forward to now in my 50s. Yes I can recognize when things don't go well what I see in quote. Well because there's a reason for it I start looking for the reason a lot faster.
You know where I go I don't say stay just kind of in the muck of what's happening. And I'm a human being. I'm not perfect. I work in progress for sure but like I said I move out of that a lot quicker.

[7:38] And the other thing I think with our stories to be really careful about how you talk about yourself.
Are you using empowering words versus disempowering words.
And again with my example it was all disempowering.
I was just giving it all away and it's so important to be aware of what you're saying what you're putting out there because words are so powerful words are incredibly powerful and your position.

[8:11] Is a reflection of your perspective right. Yeah.
It's so in to empower yourself.
You know a lot of people say well you know I don't want to be egotistical or I don't want to be however that's not the same as taking ownership and responsibility for your situation.
Exactly. No we can all we can all play the victim and that does not travel nearly as far as being responsible far for who we are and what we're doing.
So I want you know and this is the lesson I continue to practice.
I'm not I'm far from perfect. And so I just I just,
remind myself and you know you'll care and make sure that OK you know forgiveness is part of that equation and it's like OK some of the things that we the baggage that we carry on for all these years. You know it's like we had to let it go.
I live in the moment as much as possible and you know continue to remove that baggage and shame and guilt and you know everything all the labels that people have you placed on you or you be accepted.

[9:25] Right.

[9:27] Let's shift gears a little bit. I want to I want to continue this path and it's it's.
And it also I wanted to share a little bit about your journey because you said you know late 18 you got into this some of the stuff and you know you're,
you're moving forward and and linked in has probably been a big part of that I would think.
I mean you know that's where our relationship has evolved.
And so how are you utilizing linked in. Because I think a lot of people are starving for a little more.
Consideration love compassion a little kindness in the world.
You know considering all the noise that's going on outside. So walk us through how your experience has been and what you're doing to reach out to other people and how that how that's working out.

[10:20] Sure sure. So I think when I started on LinkedIn I like a lot of people years ago like over a decade ago I had opened a LinkedIn account because I was told Yep yet that's what you need to do.

[10:31] And then I never looked at it again because I had a job and to me that was only people who need to find a job.
So when I started back on LinkedIn I got I don't want to do this.
It's gonna be so boring it's so dry and very quickly I think when I got on it was when video was still fairly new so,
I'm kind of looking at people's videos and I was finding you know some like minded people and I thought this is really cool.
I didn't expect this at all so so but that said I think I started kind of creeping around in the summer of 2018.
Creeper you know I was a creeper and I was a I was afraid to post my own stuff and I knew we were going live with the divine breadcrumb on eleven 11 18.
So I thought All right I'm just going to kind of meet some people behind the scenes and and get to know people and get the lay of the land and that's very much my personality.
Like I don't know at a meeting I'm not just chatting away I kind of observe that you know.
So that was the same thing and I remember doing my first post probably a week or two before we went live and it was just a generic like me you know inspirational me.
I didn't like anyone like basically hiding hiding hiding stuff.

[11:52] So the power of hiding guys. Yeah.
But I have had some really great conversations with people on Zoom court so I knew there were some really nice people out there to connect with.
And what was nice is the people that I connected with recommended me to connect with other people. So it was kind of growing organically.
So when I first did my first real post like putting it out there about the divine breadcrumb,
you know and I tagged at this point some of the people that I knew and then I just waited and I watched and you know I was addicted to my phone all day.
And then an interesting thing happened that I did not expect.
I got really emotional upset like I felt this feels icky to me.
I am not sales I'm not like I felt like so vulnerable I had put myself out there.
This isn't me and.

[12:52] It was just something I didn't expect to happen and I remember I was actually having having a meeting with my coach that day.
And you know he he gets on our call. He's like well how are you doing today.
And I just burst out crying. I'm like This isn't me. I don't know what I'm doing this doesn't feel right and Austria syndrome. Oh Major.
And so I mean he was so good at me he's just kind of smiling while I'm talking.
He's like OK you know I'm smiling I know but you better be telling me something good.
And so he said you know I'm very much the same way like the sales in the market. That's not my thing.
It's uncomfortable. He's like but you'll be OK.
Just you know do it when you feel inspired to do it. Don't make yourself do it when it's not feeling good.
And as simple as that sounds it did help.
And with it in time that got much better.
So as I got more comfortable posting I would kind of find people that I thought would resonate with my content.
I knew some of what I was posting was a little woo woo for people and maybe not ready for LinkedIn.
So I wasn't sure how it was going to be received but the people who want to find that type of content will find you.
It doesn't happen overnight but it does happen.

[14:12] Isn't that amazing. Yeah it is. It just kind of like magnets.
You know the attraction factor. It sure is.

[14:21] Yeah so I just want to take a moment here and extend my level of gratitude for you being here if you're in the live hour court Dylan,
Jessica Julio Lori Jill Kristen,
Celeste and I mean.

[14:47] Oh man Sherry me thank you so much everyone for being here.

[14:53] I know that there's a lot of Nick Dorsey's here Vicky O'Neill.
There's a lot of people in here that are like minded individuals and.
And you said something that really I wanted to to expand on a little bit because I think it's important everybody understands is that nobody really likes to be sold to you know nobody likes to sell.
Nobody likes to be you know there are some people that are aggressive.
However one of the things that really I feel strongly about is the reason I do this is because I feel like there's a lot of people that need to hear this information.
There's a lot of people that are starving for a little bit of kindness a little bit of you know just compassion.
And I think that because I'm not selling anything here you know I'm you know I have things that I do and I have a business and I I grow my business and I just really,
I feel compassionate about the people that don't have a voice that are unwilling or unable at this point in their life to share.

[16:02] Their gifts their message and their their understanding of what they do because there's a lot of talented people out there that are not yet to the point where they want to share that information,
and rather than selling somebody or pushing it on somebody it's really about how can I share this information to provide value to other people.
And when when you're when you're sharing this information like your podcast and your content your posts if it's in if it's in,
sync with the feeling of adding value to the world I think that's a completely different.

[16:39] Emotion and feeling than what can I get out of you today.
Absolutely. I just would speak that out there and and make sure that you hear that and you know that when you add value to the world people will automatically become attracted to what you're doing.
And if you if they need your help and they need you to help them.

[17:04] They will come and find you. That's kind of it's kind of weird. I know it sounds kind of crazy but that's how it works.
And I've proven it multiple occasions.
I don't know what your experience is Carol but I just had to say that.

[17:21] Yeah. No and I agree. If you come up with it you show up with just this intention of service.
And how can I serve today. Who can I maybe.
You know sometimes my posts are more you know sometimes it's a blog post that's more humorous or you know it's it's not it doesn't have to be serious every day and it just depends what it is.
But trying to show up with that intention and not the intention of what can I get out of this.

[17:51] Really helps because I've had the same experience and I know,
Kristen Cherry just did a post the other day and you know we're talking about you know people who are you know dropping into your inbox and dropping links without so much as a hello or I've gotten,
a lot where it's you know.
Hi thanks for connecting and then the very next thing you know what are your business goals for 2020 or that type of thing and I think OK I get what you're doing and I don't.
Think it's wrong that you want to find business. However this is your first impression the same as if we were face to face in an office and if that's the first thing you're gonna say to me. Whoa.
I mean I don't even know you yet. I'm not going to share with you my goals and my hopes and my dreams.
So and I really feel like just like you said Russ this is not a scolding.
I think people just don't really realize how it comes across and they're actually shooting themselves in the foot. And.

[18:53] Where they could have had a great opportunity if they had just taken the time to cultivate better relations chatter. They've lost it.

[19:01] Yeah. And I think it really goes back to you know extend yourself in a valuable way and be appropriate.

[19:11] And like you said a lot of people may not understand it especially if you're living in scarcity and you're like desperate you know and it's like you're going to throw it out there all day long.
And what happens is all of those individuals that you've just spanned are it's a negative reaction.

[19:29] It's not a positive. Oh absolutely. And yeah we can talk about that.

[19:36] Let's let's kind of shift gears though once again to the idea of the podcast that you're doing because I want to make sure that people understand and can find you in you know I love the name.

[19:51] Tell us about name and how that came about.

[19:54] Sure. I love this story. OK. So I had been using the phrase divine breadcrumb for years and for me that just meant like you know,
what I call signs and clues from from the universe you know where.
So an example for me was I met up with a friend from high school that I hadn't seen in years and she recommended going to see this woman for a Reiki set session which is you know an energy healing and I had never done that.
So I ended up going to that I really hit it off with the woman she was teaching a class.
And I just kept following what I was calling Divine breadcrumbs and it's usually something that feels good and then leads your life on some new trajectory. So.

[20:40] For over 20 years I was in corporate most of them. I knew I didn't want to be there. It didn't feel good.
But you know I I was single mom I had my daughter.
You know it just and it never occurred to me that oh I could do something totally different like this was the the roadmap that was laid out before me.
You know you go to college you get a job and even if you hate your job well you know they collect your paycheck.
That's what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to do.
So it was probably actually at the end of 2017.
I was really starting to get antsy. My daughter was now grown and I just thought OK if there was ever a time to take a chance.
Yeah this would be it. And so you know I kind of hemmed and hawed and figure out the best time and I ended up giving an a month's notice.
You know I ended on good terms and my plan was literally I had no job to go to.
I had enough savings to have a pretty long runway and if I had I thought all right it's going gonna take me a few weeks I'll figure this out and I'll be off and running.
And that's how it happens. So I leave.

[21:54] The only world I had known in April 2018 and,
I went into kind of like a little mini depression like who am I like now that I'm not a corporate Carol with all my responsibilities and I got my two phones and my laptop.
You know the corporate orphanage here.
Yeah. So what I ended up doing after kind of spinning out for a little while is hired a coach which is one of the best things I ever did and I really looked hard to find someone who was,
kind of an online man and interested in the same things I was interested in and.

[22:30] Probably within two months of coaching with him I was starting to panic because nothing really was coming to me.
And you know when you're in fear well that shuts everything down.
So it's kind of this count counterintuitive right I'm trying to stay out of fear mode so that I can allow guidance.
And so one morning or even I'm terrified. Yes.
So one day I was exercising and I think a lot of people relate to this when you're like walking exercising in the shower.
Like just doing mindless things. That's when ideas flow to you.
And what I got as I describe it as kind of a download I don't know how to else to describe it of starting this online community showcasing.

[23:13] Amazing people all over the world doing really good things with heart and but also where they had a divine breadcrumb moment that caused this.
You know maybe they were like me it was a corporate thing something happened and then that moved you know.
And I was like whoa where the heck did THAT come from. I have no idea.
But I got really excited about and that's always my probably got very focused.
Oh yeah yeah. And and of course you know when you get that buzzy feeling it's like OK that's my sign I'm on there I'm on the right course.
So of course I went over to my best friend's house and I'm telling her all about it and she got really excited because you know we had always wanted to work on something together but our skill sets were very different. I mean aligned but different.
She's a web developer has worked for herself for over 20 years. But anyway we got excited and one of us suggested well let's do a podcast.
Well we had never. We didn't know what we were do.
We had no idea what to do with the podcast and I'm not kidding. The next day she got into her inbox an email from creative live about a three week long podcast training they were doing like divine bread.
Yeah yeah. So you know you follow the trail here.

[24:32] So that's how it started and we taught ourselves everything and we thought about you know what date made sense to go live.
I was writing blog posts on the side.
Also that kind of chronicle my journey so that that's part of it. And and then we just went from there.

[24:49] That is. That is so in tune with so many people that I've talked to.
And that's part of the equation with the pirate broadcast is is like you know I'm a corporate orphan and I've been in and out of corporate life my entire adult career,
you know and in all of these journeys these detours through my life have always returned back to the creative process.
You know helping others and and sharing value in some way.

[25:23] And I think if we can highlight other people doing the same thing and I can surround myself with you know creative interesting people then all of a sudden the attraction factor it's magnified. Right.
Absolutely. If I could if we can help each other you know it's like OK there's people around us doing these things and that attracts other people.
And you know there's upside and downside because you know like you said sometimes the imposter syndrome creeps in and you go in and what.
Why me why am I thinking about this. And you have to turn around hey why not me.
You know there's a lot of people that are able to do this thing and and have done this thing. There's a road. It's not rocket science.
It's it's a system. It's a process. It's your determination to actually go out and get this add value to the world share that value and attract people that want to be,
in alignment with what you're doing.
So I applaud you for doing that. And you know this is one of the things that I want to do you know with what I'm doing is is like.
Hey. Shine on Carol shine.

[26:33] Yeah. And what you're doing is so important and everything you were just talking about.
That's actually a lot about what our new online program Life flip is about is helping people with that road map because,
you know I mean I know you've talked to so people who are looking for a transition but they're afraid it is a scary thing.
It is a really scary thing to go into the unknown and you know there first there's that fear of,
OK I'm going to lose something I'm comfortable with if I change you know,
say it's it's leaving corporate OK I'm going to lose those co-workers that that interaction that I had every day or you know even if it's eating well I'm going to lose the chance to have those foods that I like and that's uncomfortable.

[27:20] And then and then the next thing we go through it it's just that I think it's more of an icky process that that where you go through the discomfort of being so aware of what you don't know.
You know when the quadrants with you know unconscious and conscious learning I forget which what the names of all of them are but,
it's a very uncomfortable spot to be in when you're very aware that you're don't know what you're doing yet.

[27:50] You just want to move to expertise. And and then finally I think the other fear and I know I had this too is,
what if I go through all of this and the grass isn't greener on the other side you know.
And you just happened in the past is only green where you water it.
Yeah exactly. So you have to trust in these intangible things and trust that the universe is going to come to meet you when you're pursuing something that means something to you.

[28:19] Yeah yeah. It's it's really a strange,
Chain of events essentially when you look back because you can see some of the things that were connected in the breadcrumbs that were left as a result of your experience or your inexperience right.
It's neither good nor bad and it's you know the comfort and the uncomfortable the discomfort is really part of the same piece of the puzzle.
It's really you know growth doesn't happen in the comfort zone.
So yeah yeah you're not going to be a CEO surface. Couch surfing right.

[29:03] You know the actions that you take may not necessarily be the right actions but as long as they're deliberate and you get a result and a lesson from that it will lead you to the next thing.
It will give you the breadcrumb to go to the next thing and then the next thing you know is like I I shared I think on,
Sara Elkins podcast you know I have a company called next step next and it's an agency that was developed as a result of being ejected from the corporate world into the into the corporate orphanage as I call it.
And it's like what's the next thing. What's the next step.
Well the next step. Next. You know you just keep going and you lose everything you reinvent yourself you recreate what you're doing.
You find your your path and you'll experience life.
I mean you know experience something that you haven't done before.
Go out and it doesn't have to be a big thing it doesn't have to be earth shattering news it could be small little incremental steps will get you to the next place.
And as long as you're moving forward and learning and and I really encourage everybody to be a lifelong learner because that's where the growth takes places you know information is free.
You know you learn anything you can listen to podcasts you can connect with Carol and you know.
Listen to the pirate broadcast. Just sayin.

[30:32] Yeah. Yeah. Now there's so much good information out there that is uplifting.
So instead of you know reaching for your phone and checking your inbox first thing I mean there's there's so many other things you can choose from to start your day off right.

[30:49] Oh you know and when you when you're in that mindset at least for me all I see is opportunity.
I look everywhere and I see opportunity. And it just takes a little bit of action behind the idea and to move it forward.
And I just I just love these conversations too Carol.
And so it's kind of you know it's something I love to do and meet people and share ideas and extend this to the community. So it's.

[31:22] And you're so good at I everybody feel so at home with you.

[31:28] Well that's because I'm a home.

[31:32] So what's one thing that you would love to share with the community today that you can leave with us and one of those moments that we can extend to others,
I think I think really it's all about discovering who you truly are,
why you're here where you want to go and learning how to listen to that guidance from within.
There's a gazillion experts there's coaches out the wazoo but which is all great but you also have to learn to listen to your inner knowing and we all have that.
And it really can help you navigate your life.
That's not some woo woo thing. That's something that we all have.

[32:24] That's beautiful thank you for sharing that Carol and thank you for being here all day.
I love what you're doing and I applaud you and continue to do it.
And you know so many things are in your future that you haven't seen yet.
And just keep doing it then if you need anything or want anything just holler.
People are out there waiting. And thanks for us and always kindness is cool.
Smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

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