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[0:03] And it's another pirate broadcast where we bring interesting people doing interesting things together.
And I just have all the gratitude in the world for you being here. And if you're joining on the livestream.
Thank you so much. Let us know where you're from and where you are coming from what you're doing today in the comments.
I'll try to reach into the comments and grab a few comments and share those with the with the audience.
Also I just want to let you know that Laurie is here today and she is already a pirate.
However she was an early adopter and she was kind enough to her time early on and some I wanted to bring her back in and let her,
allow her to have a conversation with us today.
And thank you so much for being here Laurie. How are you.

[0:56] Oh thank you. You make it sound like it's a hardship to come back twice.

[0:59] I'm like Yeah I know,
you're going to have fun.

[1:05] I get to talk to you.

[1:06] We have a great group. So yeah it's it's an honor so. Oh thank you. Happy to be here.

[1:14] Thank you. You know when we were last talking I was actually in Houston and I was sitting in the kitchen of my son's house.
I read in the light you were carry your in. You know I didn't have everything set up the way I anticipated.
In fact I'm headed back there on the 21st. I'll be in Texas.
So any of you whose Houston folks check in and listen in.
Let me know. Love to connect with you all I'm here in Houston and enjoy the visit one there.
So I just I just thought it was really nice of you to help me get started on the pirate broadcast and I wanted to bring you back in and allow people to understand what your gift is and some of the things you're doing in your life.
And you know the passion that you have for your for your community and we've been connected on on you know a couple of levels.
And I just wanted to to share a few things about what you're doing so give us an update on what you've been doing since the last time you're on the program.

[2:14] Well I think the greatest thing is is having greater clarity. I mean a sad.
It's easy for me to see that in others sometimes for ourselves.
It takes time to really figure out exactly what we want to do.
Who do I want to work with and how do I get there. And sometimes the path is not straight.
So you know from the get go. From my corporate experience I was doing training and sales training.
I always wanted to do corporate workshops.
But you know starting out as a coach and facilitator and doing workshops.

[2:55] For individuals is different than going into corporate settings and so I wanted to start off in and get,
some individual coaching and workshops under my belt and then really start bringing those to the corporate setting.
And that's you know I am still very excited passionate love working with my individual clients.
I have been fortunate to have some fantastic clients so I,
don't take that lightly that they place their trust in me but I think that with everybody I mean there's so many different coaches everybody has a different style from me.
I've seen really good leadership and managers and I've seen some that you know there was there is a breakdown in communication there's either insecurity often where you know there's micromanagement or there's,
people afraid to speak or just you know overall the morale is not good or just,
plain dysfunction in the teams because everybody's kind of just doing their own thing. So.

[4:06] I really feel strongly about my ability to to go on there and help these people you know and I can do this a variety of ways.
I know I'm kind of jumping around here but it could be as simple as doing a strength workshop and that's kind of like the very basic level just understanding what everybody brings to the team and what makes them unique.
And then where where maybe they're weak.
You know they're not as strong so that you're partnering people together because you know when we place someone in a position and that's not their strength whether they're just never going to do,
exceptional or and really get the job done the way that a leader might want it done.
So you want to really position those people to where they're going to thrive in strengths is such a wonderful framework.
I mean it's not just a tool because I remember something Zach Metzler said recently about you know we could just go buy a ten dollar hammer.

[5:13] I was like I've caught myself saying this.

[5:17] So you know I'm like OK I've got to come up with another word but it's. So maybe that's coming.

[5:22] But it's it just really is such a vehicle a great vehicle if you will.
Yeah. Hugh to facilitate better understanding better. You know like tolerating.

[5:36] Everyone's uniqueness because sometimes someone might do something that might annoy yes,
but then we realize like OK they're they're always asking questions because that's how they gather information and they really want to seek to understand where someone else is just like whatever.
And they just want to start working and we've got you know the people that have more than relating themes and they really want to know bond and connect and it really to me is just fascinating.
I mean I'm just like self professed geek because I don't want to bore everyone because I like how we get at Lori we get it. OK.

[6:16] I mean you know it's really fascinating to me because,
you know the the dynamics in any organization you know whether corporation or nonprofit or a you know any kind of a group that's loosely,
you know collected together for a cause is really it's really interesting when people understand what their strengths are and where they're,
you know the differences are.
And I think it's really important for especially in corporate environments where it's so competitive and everybody's you know interested in being heard. Yeah.
Yeah. And I think a lot of people misunderstand other people's communication as something other than what it is and it's just like you said seeking to understand.
And so having a coach or having a mentor or having someone outside the environment.

[7:18] And actually see and explain and have them seek to understand rather than to respond you know it's like a very important part of the process.
And I just and I know there's a lot of coaches out there and I know everyone's different.
And I believe that everyone needs a coach because there's not necessarily you know are our inside our head is not necessarily the place where we get ourselves.

[7:46] We gotta get out of our heads. I mean I'm doing it my whole life.

[7:49] So it's you know it's been a long time coming but you know you work through things and,
I haven't I have coaches you know it's we all need and rather you have a formal coach and you haven't read it or if you have a mentor you gotta have that person that really can.
Encourage you but also speak frankly and say well you know this this dialogue you're telling yourself that these you know these actions the things that you're doing down doing and say,
you know a work environment is actually shutting down and prohibiting communication.

[8:27] Instead like when you said that I was like oh man where you read my mind because because something else that I.
Yeah. Now we're like this right.

[8:39] Trying to think of a working on a new workshop.
That kind of ties in because I also realize you know people don't know what they don't know. Right. So do you map.
I think that's kind of like the ultimate if you really want to seek to understand and know because then you're not just,
positioning to someone's strengths but you're also looking at what motivates them the motivating skills and task because if there's a disconnect there then you know,
there needs to be a conversation and hopefully they can find another place within the organization.
Often the employee might say hey I kind of knew this but now I know why.
And then the the values and the personality because that gives no one it's a personal development tool or team building you can use in a variety of ways.
That is the employees to keep. So that's theirs. And that's the networking.

[9:38] It also allows just you know a lot of people may not be familiar with the process.
However it does allow the individual to understand some of the things it's like.
Oh that's probably why I do A B and C.
Yeah. Because it's it's right below the surface. I mean you know some of the things you just really don't have the language to articulate it. At least that's it.

[10:04] You know like when I went through it I was like Oh OK.

[10:07] And then you're like duh you know if I would have known this fact then and when I you know even on performance reviews I mean you don't have to be a job seeker you don't have to switch careers you can even use this,
with you know relationships if you were outside of work too.
But it can help you get promotions and really speak to you know hey why I'm the person for the role.

[10:34] I just think that it's it's a great great vehicle to accomplish so much.

[10:40] And of course Kristen's coming out. Kristen Cherry coming out with her new book in advance.

[10:46] Carl hold on. I got to get in front of the camera. That would help our team.
No way. Laurie wow okay world one day right. Right yeah. So that early ties.

[10:58] And to some of the workshops too because managers you know they nobody really wants to be a bad communicator nobody really wants to have a bad team. I think you're bleep.
Everybody has the opportunity to improve.
Everybody has an inherent need to be heard.
Everybody has a desire to be good in some way.
And so I think it's I think it's really important for us to really think about that in and you know do what we can to improve ourselves.

[11:39] I mean a lifelong learner. Exactly. Information is around and available.
So Gabriel I want to give a shout out to a couple of people in the room joining us.
JEFF YANG Thanks for joining. It's awesome. Good morning.

[11:53] Gabriel. Sherry Lawley Lindy Charlotte out for being here again.

[12:04] Lewis thank you so much Vicki O'Neil.

[12:07] I'm sure that I'm missing a few people Rex powers.

[12:10] I haven't heard from you for a while. Great.

[12:14] And also one of the questions Richard Pickett.

[12:17] Thank you for being here. I returned and Kenyatta's here we sacred meat right.
Angie thank you so much for being here.

[12:28] Trish So Gabriel asks a question and I think it's a good question.
How did you know that you wanted to be a coach because you came from a corporate background and I want to I want to,
I want to put this together because a lot of people are on on a journey and we get to this point like I was talking to Carol yesterday you know she she was in the corporate world you know and she just didn't feel like it was,
the right thing to do and you know at some point getting either.

[12:59] I became part of the corporate orphanage you know because they changed directions of the company.

[13:06] And or they sold the company. You know it's like whatever circumstance.
And so talk about your journey and inspire people to understand that there's some of the things that are choices in our environment that are made.
It's a choice that we make.
And my best advice would be to find a mentor.
Find a coach find somebody that can help you because there's confidence issues when you're injected.
There's no misunderstanding about what your true power and your strengths are.
There are some things that your imposter syndrome may be a part of it.
You know that we have a label on all of us and you all we all carry that.
And so sometimes it's the other person another outside person that sees the bright and the light in us that we can't see ourselves.
So how about your journey a little bit so we can inspire a few people here to maybe.

[14:07] I know I was in pharmaceutical sales healthcare sales for gosh almost 20 years and then I worked medical manufacturer before that drug pusher.

[14:17] I was a drug pusher but I helped many people.

[14:21] So yes that's a whole nother debate. We're not going to go there.

[14:24] It's OK but I really did.
I mean that when you talk about your journey you know like people say oh it's really important to me.

[14:34] For the patients for me it really was because that's like my number two value and my number one is love connection to others.

[14:41] But number two is making a difference. And so it really mattered to me like some people are like Yeah it's all about the patient and you know ultimately but they're like Yeah come on you bring me my bonus check it out which is nice.

[14:56] Not going to lie but it's not.

[14:59] I really felt that I was able to partner and be an advocate I enjoyed the the teaching process and helping others.

[15:10] And then I had opportunities again throughout my career and with several different organizations after I was downsized from the one,
they allowed me to do training and I was you know new hire mentors and then I was kind of like the unofficial go to and I've always been one of those I don't know if it's just because I,
speak up what I shouldn't not know but I gave him my last manager she's like so tell me what's going on because I know everyone talks to you.

[15:40] And I said Yeah because I'm usually the one that might need to like you know filter but I don't always.
And and but I've.

[15:50] But I have learned to filter trust me in younger emotional intelligence to where I am now.
Way different. So yes you can improve. You can you can control or regulate.
I heard this word I was listening just back as this morning.
It's like regulating and that's one of the most important things that any person can do and especially an entrepreneur because another thing that I discovered from the first company to this the second company because.

[16:20] I had worked for one company 16 years so I thought I was going to retire from there right now. But it wasn't great.
Towards the end and there was some things going on. That's a whole nother conversation.
And part of that ties into my desire to go in and help you know corporate teams and how they communicate.
But towards the end it was not great and it wasn't great really for anybody.
I mean we all kind of just went our separate ways for a while and fortunately like when I'm depressed I disconnect.
And that's like the worst thing you can do. But you know like I just went into a funk.

[16:58] But then once I got you know kind of bounced back from that and started working with other companies I worked some contract positions and I discovered that I am an onboarding fee norm and that I could get up to speed quickly cause I didn't know.
That's because I'm a learner and that I you know I have a ranger and so that I really can take all those things.
And when I finally you know like committed to working with a coach this last I got downsized or you know laid off in January 2000 a team.
So it's been two years now and,
started working with Kristen Sheri because I didn't interview well you know I didn't really know how to make myself stand out even though I had this great track record.

[17:51] I'm not saying that to brag but I had all this great experience I had especially sales I had you know I checked all the boxes for the jobs I was applying for but so did a lot of other people.

[18:03] And so we worked in interviewing and and did that.
But then you know at first when we our very first conversation I remember saying you know I really want to do training.
That's what I really enjoy doing.
And she's like great you know we'll you know do this I'm bubble blah.
And then I chickened out and I emailed her back and I said you know what.
I think I really want a girl Lori. I did.

[18:30] I went small I've been small for like two years I've been small in my life really I'm like five one and a half I've two on all legal documents.

[18:38] You know it's I really I did I panicked. I was like I can't do this you know.
And I think Kristen was you know very encouraging just like OK there you see.
We'll do this. So you know I kind of you know I've interviewed had some opportunities and then.
It just finally I was like. Do you think I'd be able to be a coach. You know like I I just kind of.

[19:06] Because I didn't really ever see myself working one on one.

[19:08] I always thought of like in more of a team environment because that's what I've done. You know sales training and working with teams.

[19:16] And she's like yeah yeah you know cause and she starts rattling off like Kristin can do it like no one else right.

[19:23] And I was like Sure. She is a pirate. And she had a pirate joke.
I was like googling and I was like oh you know what.
I am not going to try to top that and go there right.
We'll just let it sting and she is the ultimate pirate Joe pirate broadcasts.
Tell her so. Yeah yeah yeah I got a first certification actually.
And if I factor model personality assessment that summer and then I just sat on it because I didn't feel I was ready.

[19:56] I like you know and that was part of my my responsibility strength and I I hate to keep going back to strengths but I mean it was,
you know I really think it's important it's important to talk about it because,
one of the reasons that I wanted to bring this on because so many people are in this you know I read an article the other day that retirement is,
kind of a phased out thing.
You know the idea that you love the idea that we're going to work for 30 years for an organization and you know evolve to a retirement so-called retirement phase of our life is is kind of a lose.
You know it's kind of a lost opportunity in a lot of respects because you know we're living longer.
People are retiring later and there's a lot of factors that go into it. However.
You know like I myself you know I work twenty five years I've invested twenty five years in corporations that no longer exist yet.

[20:59] I more we're talking it us. Yes.

[21:02] Yes. Evaporate. It is the same as it used to be.
And so one of the things one of the key benefits of finding your strength and understanding who you are and how you fit is really key to benefiting those around you and understanding okay What,
opportunities can I bring to the table that will generate something,
or not only the people I serve and bring value to the world but those ills that can support my family as well because both sides are in.
All sides are important. And Gabriel was asking in the comments is you know how do you feel.
And this may be an unfair question but there's a lot of coaches that you know there's a lot of coaches out there right now.

[21:50] Yeah.

[21:50] Yeah I mean that and I think we see him because we're connected in a coaching environment in Lincoln.
So we noticed a lot more and some of these sometimes coaches are there you know because they have a skill they have something they have that they've learned and they could share it and that's valuable to me.
And there's a lot of people like you said for the pharmaceutical sales people it's just there for the money.
And I think the ones that are more successful they can develop their success are the ones that are really serving the community rather than what's in it for me.
And I don't have any thoughts about that because I think it's important for us to understand that you know when you are looking for a coach when you're searching for assistance or a new perspective you really have to understand,
a little bit about what it is you're searching for.

[22:45] What's the gap that you imagine in your head because the gap that you think that you have may not be the actual gap that you have now.
And you know I talked about depression and it's like yesterday it was really just like I was really in a funk yesterday.
Everything's going well. You know it's like everything Mom and Dad are good you know.
I got plenty to do keep me out of trouble keep me out of the bars you know keep me off the street.
Yeah. I am truly blessed. And you know sometimes there's just days where you're just thinking and I don't know you know I can't put a finger on it.
However you know so I talked to a dear friend and it's you know it's it gives you a different perspective.
So and you're 14 people.
What is what is it that you. What's the process that you go through in in getting them from us from stuck to unstuck. I mean it's.

[23:45] I'm sure. Yeah. Yeah.

[23:48] And you know I have different vehicles as I said or you know they can deliver that transformation and goal that they're they're looking for and seeking but it is going to look slightly different for each person.
And so in the consultation I've always very clear about what I can deliver.
So that you know they they understand. OK.
This is the here's the processes here's the things in the framework that we can use or that I feel would be the best for you to hit your goal and get you where you want to be.

[24:23] How does that sound to you. It's it's also just taking their history sometimes.
I mean I had a consultation last week and you know she's moving to another state.

[24:39] She's you know kind of looking for you know her next and you know our kids are grown all this stuff.

[24:46] And she she stopped herself she apologized from telling me about she goes Oh you don't need to know all that. I'm like actually I do.
Because they said I want to understand.

[24:57] I mean yes there's there's sometimes when people share too much and you don't need to know it it's one thing from having a good relationship with their employees or clients whatever the case might be.

[25:07] But then then there's other times like yeah that's really not something you should share with a client.

[25:13] You really want to understand. I don't know.
It's not really their baggage but in some extent you know like if they've been through a divorce if they've had a downsizing if they've had some sort of trauma,
then I need to know what I'm working with because then I know those beliefs and what they're carrying with them.

[25:35] And a lot of that I know because I've been there and I still go there sometimes.

[25:39] I mean it I really feel like hearing them two years later and it's finally connecting you know just all the pieces come together I mean it really.
It clicks mid last year and then something happened and then I was just kind of like you know it was a pirate broadcast.

[25:58] Now it's before the pirate broadcasts actually that brought me back right.
So I mean it restored my hope in Europe via a pirate. Now I'm a pirate now.

[26:10] I can't I can't be in a family with a some of the tragedy in our life erodes our confidence greatly.
And so the baggage everything we carry on our back you know from childhood from you know hurt feelings missed opportunities you know all of those things contribute to who we become,
a good coach can actually you know pick those apart and rewrite the story that we're telling ourself because it's not necessarily who we are today.
It's an experience we had years ago you know. Yeah.
So let's write a new page in that for the future for tomorrow. And I think it's important first to understand how that fits.

[26:58] Yeah. You can't you can't go back. I mean it's like OK you know should it what.

[27:04] We all have those moments. I mean some more than others but it's it's where you are right now and where do you want to go.

[27:13] And I think and again I'm speaking from my own personal experience which you know people might get tired of me but,
just start because that's where I really I failed and because I was so held back that it had to be just right.

[27:32] It had to be just so. So now it's like my mantra is everything is imperfect action is better than no action or some people say progress.

[27:42] You know what's in progress all the rest is better than perfection. Yeah yeah. So I mean say a similar thing and.

[27:50] It's just just start right. I mean and I think that's the thing about working with a coach is you don't always have to know what that looks like.

[28:03] You don't have to know the how. You just have to be open to it and not everybody is and that's a really big factor.
So we can guide you but if you're not going to implement it if you're not going to do the work I mean sure I can do a lot more if people want to pay me.
No one no one probably is gonna want to pay me that amount of money to do everything but somebody might not. So call me.
It's you know what.

[28:31] But here's here's the bottom line though I want to wrap this up.
Yeah. Or because I think it's really important that everybody understand that you have a gift.
You have a message you bring value to the world and somebody cares about that.
And they they need your assistance and not everybody is a coach however everybody can help others around them.
You know a little bit of a long where it's so be becoming aware of our surroundings our strengths and just having a higher awareness of of what's taking place. I think it's important for us to understand.
So Gloria this has been an amazing tremendous opportunity to share with a lot of people. Nick Dorsey's in the room trash Vicky all of the people that joined us today.
There's there's so many people that need assistance that they're resistant to it and that's probably another episode we'll talk about resistance and you know reading about that too.

[29:40] I'm going to I'm always like reading and researching.

[29:44] It's out there. So.
I have to ask this question before we wrap up.

[29:51] If you want to if you wanted to leave one thing with the world today what would it be,
I heard something this week it was I think a Zeta yard would and I looked it up,
had post a comment on Lyla Smith's post and we were talking about like hey you're ready your you know just times get let's get started and she posted a quote from Marston,
Kip I want to make sure I'm like looking at my notes make sure I get it right and I think this this is just so impactful it's like you don't have to feel valuable to be valuable to start,
and I even noticed that yesterday kind of rang true,
and this parent group and somebody was like hey you know my kids are starting over I'm thinking about doing something but I think I'm too old and I'm like wow girl you're not doing well you know I mean it and it just started this whole string and people started chiming in and,
you know again it goes back to the stories we tell ourselves we are we would never have that well at least I would hope,
we're not generally going to have that type of conversation and say those things that we say to ourselves so were we truly are own worst enemy.

[31:04] But I I love that I thought it was so impactful so like when you just talk about whether it's a coach or anything you're doing today tomorrow,
going forward you can be valuable to someone else even if you don't see it.

[31:22] Absolutely. Absolutely. Well thank you so much Laurie for being here.
I love the opportunity to have a conversation with you and it's always encouraging and enlightening so you know what.

[31:34] You know the rules you can use cool smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

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