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[0:02] And.

[0:02] We're live on a pirate broadcast that we have a special guest Chaz on.

[0:10] And we want to talk about what the Pirate broadcast is all about is it about interesting people doing interesting things.

[0:17] And Charles is no different because he brings to the table you know a little bit A B and B sales and marketing strategy and a little bit of technique.
And we were just talking before the show about how if you can't do something you just have to figure out another way to get it done right. Yes yes sorry.
So welcome to the show and happy Friday.

[0:38] How are you doing. You this Bob. Let's get that. You got a slap five bit of business. OK. Yeah.

[0:47] Yeah. Awesome to be here. Ross I really appreciate you haven't seen the show and I'm a little envious because I don't have linked in life yet.
I've applied for it and so I've applied.
Just keep it excited. You know you talk about,
problems obstacles and if the problem is what we focus on you'll always be a failure.
It becomes enormous. Yeah. We focus on the solution. The problem becomes small and we're able to look at the solution and there's many opportunities.
May I tell you a quick story.

[1:25] Tell me quick story. OK. So I'm going to check you.

[1:29] I'm going to check in on the guests here and see what's going on and say hi to a few people while you're telling this. OK.

[1:36] Well I got a lot I.

[1:40] My dog is afraid of thunder and so she has to go outside to use that to go to the bathroom before we go to.
She goes to sleep and when it's done or she doesn't and she likes going around that hide behind the grill on the decks and I can't see her and then walk back in a couple of minutes later. Well I want to make sure she goes out.
And so I it was raining storming and so I went out the deck does open the sliding glass door and then shut up behind me and it raining pretty hard.

[2:13] I was in my briefs when you're in trouble with chest you're out of the country you're out of the country.

[2:20] And so.
I the door slid and there's a thing that automatically locks into place.

[2:30] And I was like Oh yeah I'm in my braves It's two thirty in the morning and I'm like What am I going to do now.

[2:40] It's easy for me to freak out because that's how I normally have done most of my life but I've learned a lot over the last several years.
OK just calm down. Let's look for things. All the doors are locked. I don't want to go to the neighbors right now.
That wouldn't be a pretty sight. So I started thinking about OK let's look at the door. It was open about this much little crack.
I said I had my barbecue grill scraper there.
And so I just thought you know what. Let we just Jimmy. And within five minutes I was in the house.
If I would have gotten freaked out about this thing it would have been enormous and I probably would have broken a window. I was not going to go to my neighbors right.
What a story of me in the rain and my braves is how life is because we have problems and when we focus on the problem it just becomes so big like that huge elephant and we can't even think about a solution.
When we take our eyes off the problem and look for potential solutions then we ask ourselves questions like OK how can I get out of this.
Is there anything around me any resources I can use to help me out of this. When you start asking yourself the question is Is it a freaking out. What does this always happen to me you know.
Then we could look for ways to solve the problem.

[3:59] That's a brilliant story in the way I always look at it very similar.

[4:03] Is it's a challenge and an opportunity. Yeah.
And if you focus because like you said if you focus on problems you focus on your problems and all the problems you have more problems or you're just going to show up. That's that's my philosophy.
And if you look at a few challenges and say OK how can I work through this challenge.
It's almost gamification in your your own life. It's it's the idea that how am I going to get around this obstacle how am I going to.
How am I going to approach this with a thought process that like you said not going to freak out.

[4:36] Now I got to go to the neighbors I'm just going to figure this out. So you did.

[4:40] So hats off to you. Silent applause on the on the pirate broadcast today.

[4:45] So are.

[4:51] We ready.

[4:52] We're having fun and I just want to give a shout out to some of the people that are in the room right now. Marine.
Jennifer she last RAPED HER NECK JUST Laurie commutes in Hey. Love.

[5:06] Love you guys. And I just appreciate the fact that you're here. Angie says she likes your sign dream.

[5:12] I can't read all of the writing but way for a smile. And it has a lot to do with what we're doing you know.

[5:20] I'm a kindness fan I'm a fan of kindness and kindness is cool smiles for free.
And it's just part of that equation that allows you the opportunity to feel a little calmer in the day.
And so you know you're in an area where it's can't be stressful like sales and marketing can be a little bit challenging at times and some obstacles.
So how how do you approach that philosophy and how do you add it to your business. Chaz in how.
How can you share a couple of tips that can allow us to think differently on a Friday sharp sales and marketing.

[5:58] Well this talk about the Wal-Mart greeter lady OK. And this will solve all your problems.

[6:05] So I walk into Wal-Mart one day and I'm going somewhere with this. So stay with me.
I go to Wal-Mart one day and I'm feeling and I just feel like really I don't know crap. That was right a massive headache.
I walk in and a Wal-Mart greeter lady there she's by about 75 years old.

[6:22] She's got a hunched over kind of looking depressed.
And so I stopped thinking about myself and I started thinking about her and I have this thing.

[6:34] If something in my mind tells me something like for her it's like I need to go walk up and slap her.

[6:40] Give her a high five. I have to all through. So I'm like I'm thinking about this.
Give her high fives. I walk up to her around like high five.

[6:50] And she was goes from like looking like this to.

[6:54] This is just down depressed to exuberance and she leaps up.
Well about 8 inch vertical leap leaps up slaps me 5 made my day made her day.
And every time I go back there now one day I went back to her.
She was kind of hunched over talking to another employee and she saw me.

[7:14] She had my days about the change though within this story. It's about serving other people.
Yeah well I saw a post from Gary's,
B vendor chuck the other day and he said something about sales isn't scary.

[7:35] Selling T-shirts are selling something you're not. I can't remember the exact quote.

[7:40] Selling something you're not passionate about is that you don't really need to develop that a little bit more because if people here listening to this and Russ if we close our eyes and we think about,
a picture what a salesperson looks like in our mind it's usually not a very pretty sight.

[7:59] Right. So what I what I do for myself and my clients it's not a fluff thing it's a real thing because it's those tiny little things that make a big difference is looked to serve.

[8:12] Yeah not to sell.

[8:13] And when you look to serve then it comes natural changes everything because what you're doing is you're adding value to the equation. Yes.
And it's the value that is outside the product.
It's not the it's not the product it's not the thing is that the widget that you're selling it's the value you're bringing to the table because selling something that someone doesn't need in attempting to change their mind about something.
I mean the consumers nowadays with social media and the fact that they could check in Facebook and ask people about the products and services or they can do they can do their research all day long before they even have a conversation with you.
So you have to you know it's like the early days of Apple when they created this Apple store and they created this environment of possibility.
Right. Good about the products. If you walk into an Apple store there's no products on the shelf there's there's a few examples on the tables you can play with and you can interact with.

[9:16] And then there's people to help you the genius bar you know is they're set up to help you create solutions.
So you're not buying products you're buying the opportunity to solve problems in your life. Right.
Exactly embrace. So. So what I hear you saying is is approach the sales process with the value proposition first and then if the if the customer or the client or the contact,
needs your products and services then it's it then it's a no.

[9:46] Then the answer is always yes. If all of the questions could be answered yes.

[9:50] Right. OK so you have you have marketing and you have sales.
You're not the CEO in this Wal-Mart greeter lady. I mean she definitely had a need.
She was down and so that was obvious to identify. The great thing about marketing and with LinkedIn and what we do is weaving sales and marketing together one process working can grow only,
when you have a marketing process in place and you truly are looking to serve it's going to identify the problem in practically speaking on LinkedIn.
If I connect with someone the first message I'll send to someone will be something along the lines of great to have you as a connection let me know if you have any content you'd like me to share with my followers without strings. Right.
People have their walls sky high. They don't want to be sold. They've been spammed and they don't want that.
And so our job is to lower their walls by serving them offering them something without strings so you can have an open discussion,
when you have an open discussion then you can discover what their problems are when you understand what their problems are.
Then you can serve them and just so everybody knows it's listening to this service.
Does it mean that you're just some whim that says well you know I know,
I need your service and if I don't get the service you know it's probably my business could end in a couple of months but I need to think about it.

[11:19] You know that's the time when serving them you have to call them out of their crap because there's a time where they're in fear and a lot of people just repeat that thing over and over and over and over again.
It's not you they haven't been thinking about it because of your conversation they've been thinking about for a long time.
So if you truly can solve that problem help them identify Hey why do you need.
What do you need to continue thinking about it. You've been thinking about it for for a year your business is going down down down down.
Let's get to work as long as you're committed to fixing a problem and committed the process. I'm 100 percent confident I can I can help you.
So yeah I mean let's do this. Yeah well sometimes serving needs to call them out so that you can help them.
So serving isn't just like a lady giving giving giving in order to give somebody something they have to be able to receive it.

[12:15] Yeah well,
it's it's one of those equations where a lot of people misunderstand what delivering value means.
And I think you're I think you're talking about the same thing I think about all the time is is if someone needs water.
Know they need a water container and they need some water right. It's like a glass of water.
You don't bring them you don't bring them broccoli to the table and say I think you need some broccoli too.
No it's it's that you have to serve up what people need.
And I think more now than any other time in history we have an opportunity actually to have the conversation about OK. What are you looking for.
You know I may not be able to serve you. I may not be able to offer assistance to you.
However one of my connections may be able to offer assistance and I think that's a value that we're going to see more of as it's like I don't have to sell my stuff today.
I just have to build a relationship so somebody that I don't have a connection with understands that I'm creating value regardless of the outcome.
Yes. When you attach yourself to the outcome and you refuse to understand the client and the context needs that's when the equation goes south.
And then you have a problem not an opportunity.

[13:38] You know that's a great point rested I guess within the past year.
I have changed my monthly goals from going to the financial monthly amount.
Everybody is doing this and all my mentors are separate doing that to going to I'm going to serve a certain amount of clients.
My goal is to serve a certain amount of clients at the highest level in that little,
change in how I think and I visualize has really changed not only for me but for my clients how we talk to people because it's not about making the sale and they're a step in the process. So I can make some money.
It's more about serving them and providing value as you mentioned.
Can I say something because you made a really good point about collaborating on LinkedIn and networking. Yeah.

[14:30] I've had I've been on LinkedIn for over 10000 hours.
I've had over 17 hundred conversations from people I've connected with on LinkedIn average conversation phone conversation. OK. All right.
So averaging 40 minutes and something really cool happened in the process.
And anyone out there listening to this one of the things I want to encourage you with is massive action when you take massive action and you want to circle back and talk about failures.
Russ we could talk about that because that's a very important step.
I have some of those. Yes right those.
We'll talk about that. Please remind me you're taking massive action.
You're going to learn through those failures as long as you ask yourself the right questions and you own it. OK.

[15:23] With those conversations five things can happen. I realized here five is some it could be a mentor to me.
I had someone I connected with and she said Chaz I think you're missing a revenue stream in your business. Her name's Cindy.
Her I implemented an idea that adds about 5 K in additional revenue on my business every month because I had a conversation and because you were willing to be open to an idea in a conversation.
Yes. And when you go to serve and go with the idea to listen and not just listen but listen to understand.
It's amazing what opens up.

[16:02] What was my Billups relationships Chaz. Yeah that's the whole point of social media is just a tool just like a phone.
Just like a pen. Just like a postcard.
It's a tool and the real value and the real benefit of what we're doing here is to operate with the value proposition and connectivity and I just want to give a shout out to Roger Vicki.

[16:26] Celeste some other people joining in,
and boom.

[16:33] I love this conversation Chaz and I just want to.
I don't wanna interrupt but I I want to make the point to make sure that we understand that the relationships in the best because almost all my clients are relationship based connections.
So right there's huge value there. So anyway.

[16:52] Yeah. Right. It's relationships in general are linked in and,
I used to sell compete sell compete sell compete,
and it's just because I how I was was raised with a bunch of different things and there are some insecurities from my from my childhood until I just had a transformation a paradigm shift where now I serve and collaborate,
with people where I used to normally look at oh man they got this many views on their post and I have that's how I used to thing.
I don't I don't. Still sometimes I have a competitive thing inside him is that OK. That's good.
I mean it may or may happen but now I'm looking to serve and have those conversations that we talked about to understand.
So someone can be a mentor to us. We could be.
When I have a conversation with someone I'm linked and it goes to a phone conversation.
I could be a mentor. They could be a mentor to me. If they have a problem or me they could become my client.
Yeah or we could network or we could collaborate.

[17:53] So I think around those five five areas and when you go into a conversation like that it's not awkward.

[18:04] Yeah well you're right. A graduate Rogers says of the comments if you if you go to the relationship first you'll always win.

[18:11] Yes. Can I give a little strategy a little tidbit of information for people that are getting on the first phone call with.
That's the whole point of the coke to everybody.
This my clients love this.
I love this when you have a first call with someone and you have an idea.
They may be a potential client but you don't know how to Segway and you don't want to get into regurgitating a bunch of information that's going to make them sick because that's what every other salesperson does.

[18:41] When you go and obviously do your research on them. OK you can go.
You find videos and you can learn about their personality how they speak and now we'll give you an idea and they kind of understand and visualize the conversation with them.
Do your research and when you go into the conversation like let's say I was talking with you Russ on the phone I would call. I said hi Russ.
Form and energy. Is this still a good time to talk. You say yes. And then I would I would say you know before we get started I was looking at your business I see you just started out a couple months ago.
I'm curious what was the idea and how did that come formulate and become a business.
I hear a lot of cool stories. I'd like to hear yours.
It just let them talk. People love to talk about themselves and then it will go two to five minutes like ground work. There are some exceptions. And then afterward as it is it kind of you know what they wind down.
Ask him this question What would you like to accomplish in our brief conversation today. I know we only have 20 minutes and I want to be respectful of our time.

[19:48] You ask that question. It's it's it's their four components their agenda your agenda your agenda is going to mimic their agenda.
You get an agreement for the duration of time and then you end with a clear next step time date.
Who's doing what when and you have it in each other's calendar. Never ever ever end a conversation without a clear next step. Your next step is.
Call me Monday or I'll follow up in a week or two. That's not clear next step. Then you're gonna get into the chase mode and you don't want to do that.
So when you ask them yes usually it's a little bit of a pattern interrupt because I'm used to it.
What do you mean. What I want to accomplish. Well you reached out to me and they'll usually say something along the lines of.
Well I wonder more I want to know about more about your company how you can help me.
And then you can talk about outcomes not go into all the feature and benefits.
My purpose on the intro call is to set up what I call a breakthrough strategy session which is basically a discovery session to get clarity.

[20:49] Yeah but when you go and stand at a deeper level what they are challenged with. Right.

[20:55] Right. But does that make sense. Is just asking them what would they like to accomplish. Or is it only makes sense to talk about today.
And then it takes out or they'll tell you if they have a problem.
I mean the marketing process our marketing process sets them up. So it's a start.
So it's a decision maker in a target market.
They have a problem. They told you about that you can sell it.

[21:19] So it is so simple. It's a slight twist on just asking them good questions can make difference between most definitely having a relationship,
developing that relationship and continuing there because realistically,
with any product or service you know it's just like,
if you if they need your service and they they like working with you they know like and trust you.
You know kind of the same old adages like if they don't need it now they might need it later and a lot of people fall off because they don't they don't follow up they you know they talk.
Once they have one phone call and never never come back to it.
And I think that's another part of the equation is getting them to release some of the wall that they have in front of you know if the call initially by asking good questions right.

[22:18] Most definitely.

[22:19] And then go and deciding OK what's the next step so what's a question that you ask for the next step before you get off the call.

[22:28] So what I do. And so. And let me define it. Their next step because this is very important.
Yeah you do. If you get this clear next step I mean it's going to alleviate having to chase.
By the way all the time that you follow up and follow up you diminish yourself in the eyes of your potential client the more you follow up and chase them. OK. Yeah. No.
What I do is I talk about outcomes.

[22:57] Because I'll say things along the lines that they asked me how I can help.
I'll tell them you know we have sales we have marketing.
We have a short medium and long range strategy on LinkedIn around the five pillars one.
And I said what I find works best is the schedule a breakthrough strategy session so I can get absolute clarity on your business where you are right now where you're looking to go.
The obstacles that are preventing you from getting there.
And if I can help I'll lay out a customized process. And so let me know if you like the schedule that if you don't know this I always give them an out if you're in there is there psychology behind this. But I just want to be real.
Yeah. A lot of salespeople will just force it.

[23:40] So what I find you have to do is we need to schedule this meeting and so let's go ahead. What works better for you two or three and next week Monday mornings or afternoons.

[23:48] Right. So I just ask Would you be interested in scheduling that and say in most cases it's yes and then to set up the meeting I say I'm in to,
follow up with a podcast that I was involved with which is the five pillars that's going to help give you clarity on who I am how I help businesses have fun with them.
You might watch out and think you know what. I don't even like this chance guy.

[24:14] But it's like it hasn't happened yet but it can get outside. Does it work. What,
does that underwear data. I'm talking to that guy. Guy's weird.

[24:25] So that's how I Segway it. And then here's the clear next step. I simply said so what.
Before we get off the phone I let him know it takes an hour.
OK. That's an agreement for the duration of the meeting.
And then I say what. And so I already have a time in my calendar.
And if you guys have a link to it like Kalinda I use schedule once or whatever.
The guy should have that data are unavailable much easier. Yeah.
And then we scheduled a meeting. I follow up with the podcast and they fill out a brief form.
This is very important. They don't think that you have to do all the work if they don't have skin in the game during the entire process.
Then they're not going to be fully engaged. They have to be engaged.
So I have them fill out a brief form and I let them know that will help guide and direct our conversation.

[25:19] With the pirate broadcasts. You know you had to fill out some information. That's exactly right. OK.
You got to show up here. You've got to you've got to participate. This is actually a conversation.
And I think a lot of people. And what that does to Chaz is and I just want to bring this point home is is is.
You can bring enough value to the first conversation that you're not going to have to chase them you know attract and engage as much better than chase and convince. Right. Yep.
As my good friend Mr. Archer would say I can like that.
Yeah. So. So it's really a process of OK.
And it goes back to relationship.
You know it's like build a bridge build a bridge here you know like Jeffrey Gettleman East always say is like OK people like to buy. They don't like to be sold.
Right. That's exactly right. Because you open up the opportunity to have this conversation and effort offer some more value.
So that's that's the planning stage that they're going to get on after the first call.
So you send them some you sent you send them a form or some information they need to fill out in order to qualify for this.
So you're adding almost a little bit of VIP red red rope effect to that.

[26:36] So you know they're not doing it they're. They don't get in the club right.
Well and you said no like and trust and everyone knows that the key component to they have to add to know like and trust is no like trust and see you as an authority when and that's what the great thing about LinkedIn.
And you mentioned earlier about following up and when you have content going out consistently.
And I have people consistently they said you know what. This isn't the right time. And I'm like OK.
And I drill down on that to find out why so I can get clarity because I think it's important not only for me but for them.
Then when you have content going out they see that and then circle back so linked in and of itself is an amazing platform you connect with people.
And maybe this is the timing's right. They continue to see your content and then they circle back. Yeah it's very powerful.

[27:34] I. I totally agree with you. And one of the challenges I have is just,
and you're you know you're in this full time and you've done ten thousand hours so in your ten thousand plus hours of length and activity.
What are some real world take home tips that people can use to say stay organized on their contacts following up and making sure that those connections stay intact.
Good. I know that's one challenge that I've heard repeatedly across the community is like how do you maintain all these connections and know who to go to and you know there's,
comments and things that I don't know you see them in my feed.
I I have to guess that you don't see them in your feet.
And I have a few strategies and I want to I want to I want to have your your thoughts comments.

[28:28] So this is typically and this is just first of all I have your profile set up OK.
And I do had the replay of my podcast on my page if someone wants to see that. OK.
It's. It's gives you practical ideas that you can apply to your to your business in your in your life.
So profiles set up correctly because people go to your profile if within three seconds they don't get what you're doing then they'll move on they may never come back.
No value proposition under your name like mine is eliminate sales and marketing challenges for small B2B businesses every thousand foot level but they see small B2B businesses. That's who I work with.
So they can say oh they sell qualifier immediately.
Yes a dragger in or out of the club in and speak in outcomes and how you do make it conversational on your profile when you connect with people obviously in your target market.
You could do that with Sales Navigator or you could do it not quite as well without Sales Navigator.
Make sure you connect with them. And when you connect with them.
Remember. Wait let me ask a question. How many people out there have lied to a salesperson a whole lot of you that have your hands down are lying right now. OK.
So understand this people have their walls up and so it's our job to lower their walls so you get the first objective which is to have them engage with you.

[29:52] When they engage with you even if it seems slightly off that's OK.
There's way to work around that but you connect give them something.
So I have what I call my appreciation message.

[30:04] You know Russ I really appreciate connecting with you on link and let me know if there's any way I can help you.
Here's an idea if you have some content you'd like me to share with my followers I'd be happy to do that.
Or if you like you could have be part of our invitation only Lincoln Group.
So I just offer them that without strings and then I circle back using about seven days later and I'll ask them an open ended question.
I'll create a survey and I know there's a certain percentage of those wherever target market decision maker see as an authority told us about a problem they have that we can solve.
And then I'll circle back and tell us about a problem and then what I do is I use video to schedule meetings and based video is a great product.
It has a call to action goes right to your calendar. So you talked about managing I use HubSpot and I'm not going to get into the intricacies of that ram. That's another conversation right.
But it's taking them through the conversation of lowering their walls offering them something and that works in the law of reciprocity.
So when you add and it has to be about you as a connection connection to connection when you connect with someone.
Don't forget about the business.

[31:23] As Russ said think about the relationship you have with that relationship.
Offer to do something without strings and that does not include having a free business discovery assessment that not we're talking about.

[31:36] So such as Celeste asked one more time. What video do you use for your video response.

[31:44] Davis V A T A S.

[31:48] Yeah yeah. Video.

[31:50] And show us. Just for your information I've posted this several times but I use the same thing.
Same type of solution is a dub dub video.

[32:01] So does that does it. Does that show when people watch the video how long they watch the video and if powerful. I don't want to.
What I intimating I do a recap of the meeting like after the break your strategy session. If they don't sign up then and there.
Yep and if they watch 100 percent of it I know that.
And if they don't watch it or watch a little bit I it takes a lot of that unknown out of the process it helps you qualify where their level of interest is exactly where it's a Friday.

[32:35] I know you have lot to do today. As in I had my coffee yet and I know and I know that there's a lot of things that a lot of people we could talk about connections correspondence via social media.
Phenomenal Jennifer thank you so much for being here. Yes. Matthew thank you so much for being here.
Vicki I mean Roger Wakefield thank you so much for being here.
All of these things Marine.
It's just a lot of great information and comments here I love love to have you go in on the comments rock jazz and respond to some of these quite well.
And then also I just want to thank everybody all the gratitude in the world for you being here.
The whole point of the pirate broadcast is that we can bring interesting people in doing interesting things share their gifts,
and the opportunity to learn a little bit more about what's going on in our world around us and why we would want to connect with other people,
pick up some knowledge nuggets of knowledge and and learn something on a Friday.
Ed Chaz it's been phenomenal. Thank you so much for being here.
So leadership would be one thing if you had to if you had to teach the world one thing what would it be today.

[33:50] If I to teach the world one thing it would just be.
You know due to others as you would have due to you think that before before you react.
Think about that and when you think about that you'll end up responding and when you respond everything will change.
I've been in the reaction place in a time in my life and I learned through a lot of difficulties and so when you go.
We talked about being caring being calming just you know respond to someone trying to understand them have empathy.
That that changes the whole not just business wise just in personal life as well.

[34:28] It's like let him in traffic look you know there's no front of the line open a door turn a car.
You know it's simple things that you can do to enhance somebody else's life and they may not even know it then.
However it's better if you do it well better.

[34:46] It helps us sleep at night. All those little things like Can we cut someone off in traffic or speed up.
Yeah that's us. That's a symptom of something deeper that we're having turmoil turmoil with in our.

[35:00] Yeah. So thank you so much Chaz I really appreciate you and the gifts that you bring to the table. Yeah.
Thank you. Happy Friday everyone. Have a wonderful weekend. And I look forward to the next opportunity to to have this conversation on Monday.
So as you know kindness is cool.
Smiles are free go around you know enjoy the day.
Thank you Ross Baker Chaz. All right.

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