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[0:00] But when you see the live light.
Come on. You know you're on. Your line now. We're on.
And I want to. I just want to thank you so much. I have all the gratitude in the world for you being here and anyone that joins the show should know Randall and Calvin because they're two amazing individuals that are doing good things in the world.
And I just wanted to highlight these individuals because well Calvin's awesome.
And Randall Randall. Well Randall is always doing some good good work out there and he's also helping us identify what we what we can enjoy in our food selection too.
So Randall Calvin Good morning how are you.
Morning. Good morning. How you doing. Right good.

[0:48] Hopefully you're going to tell us some stories Calvin and keep us entertained today.
So it's like you executive producer for Bobby the bear and you've been doing some good things so.
So how are you today to agree to.

[1:04] Disagree. So tell me Calvin we talked about your favorite food and made off with talking about favorite food.
I met with that favorite food is what kind of food is it. Alabama was awesome. Alabama sausage.

[1:20] So tell me what's unique about Alabama sausage while sausage is it comes back to earth and close on a package of our and sausage in it.
Well the thing he likes is he likes to and connect and it's from Alabama and I think it has a lot to do with the hat that he has on right now because he's got like in Alabama.
So the tide is Roll Tide Is it right.
Yeah. So they're going to it right here. Doing great. Yeah yeah.

[1:56] So he's made a recovery. He's been recovering from his loss over the weekend but he's he's planning on making a comeback here in the playoffs right out here.
He plans on winning the rest of his games and then he's gonna be back and he thinks that he's going to beat LSU but I don't know about that.

[2:12] Oh cool I bought you a back story.
Well I go to University Hospital in New Orleans.

[2:22] CROWE Yeah he goes into a way what he talks about a lot of times is all the doctors that he has to go see you know with the with his cerebral palsy and his website.
It's all good. SHOUTING The cameras are looking OK.

[2:39] Right. So so so Randall you you've been in and out of the food industry.
So that's how Calvin knows about Alabama sausage right. Oh yeah definitely.
So that's some of the things that you've been doing over the years of your experiences is helping people identify what kind of food they need to select or what kind of food their,
location could be enhanced by and kind of walk us through that process.

[3:10] OK well basically I I started to work in the grocery stores.
Forty three years ago just a few days ago 43 years Oh I tell people once you get into the food business you end up stand in the food biz.
Yeah yeah yeah. So.
So I ended up I ended up doing the retail part of it and then later I ended up doing the brokerage part of it.
You worked with territories I used to cover one day see in yeah back in the days and Winn-Dixie and swag and all those different chains I used to cover southern Louisiana and southern Mississippi.

[3:46] Yeah. Because I'm a coward.

[3:49] Are those days you go in 40 states and one one more.
Well that's a little later. But anyway since I spent so much time in southern Louisiana and southern Mississippi we definitely know how people eat.
And one thing about this cold weather this is gumbo whether I am.
Gullible whether gumbo whether it is a big cold front comes in and people are looking for okra.

[4:14] I make a gumbo and they're looking for shrimp sausage right now and I see water as a warning to you and to viewers like you are in image Shelley yesterday.

[4:26] Yeah the Jelly we're shelling into the other day. Kristen Kristen was yesterday.

[4:33] Wow. So he's been keeping up on you.
He's been watching and watching the director in Tennessee Kelvin. So you've been on I've watched several shows that you've been on.
You guys have been cranking them out so you're unlinked and you have a link to the live show.
You have a lot of lot of great work. I love your interaction.
Calvin's so happy cause cause because we've been fighting about LSU Alabama season here. COLBY right.

[5:00] Right right right. So so.

[5:02] So last night he was he almost didn't go to sleep last night because he was so excited about coming and coming in on the broadcast. Right.

[5:11] Well I went to sleep really good. He slept in a separate really good.
OK. So anyway after I covered southern Louisiana and southern Mississippi I worked with frozen food skillet meal manufacturer and I covered all the country.
Anyway the thing with Calvin is that when I travel a lot of times I brought Calvin and Calvin ended up in the hotel.
Right. And he stayed with his mom and I thought I'd do the food show or do the call or whatever the deal is.
So today later and later on down the road what ended up happening is in 2014 and 2015 Calvin got very sick and I couldn't travel anymore.

[5:49] And then in 20. So,
so right around that time 2014 2015 I started writing about American companies American food companies and I thought I said since I have you know back in that day I probably had two or three thousand connections on LinkedIn and there were very few connections.
So what I thought I would do is use the connections and talk about,
you know small manufacturers big manufacturers and talk about all the different things from all the different states of all the places I've been and what happened with what happened later.
Is that my my. My dad got sick. He at all times and I was taking care of Calvin and my dad and I said What am I to do now.
So at that point I decided hey you know what I'm gonna do. I'm going to put Calvin into the business instead of going to the food show and leaving them in the hotel. I'm going to go to a food show and he's going to he's going to go to a food shop. Yeah.
We started doing it on Linked In when leaked in everyone leaked it and video started in August.
That's healthy. You're famous Calvin.
You know if people know you know yeah could blow into a window food shows on stage.

[7:03] The thing is you go to a food show and they know what you did on Friday and what he if he had tacos or not or whatever so that the thing is they know all about him.
Now tell us about it talks about you show ROSS JONES Every time we were on LinkedIn.
We didn't we twenty one. We did like twenty one yesterday.
And at any time during his show you never know when he was coming out. He would start talking about your show.

[7:28] I love that. CALVIN Thank you so much.
Your heart is very very he's a very very good promoter of the power of broadcast because because I see this in your past broadcasts before you're on your on your Facebook yeah. Oh see.

[7:46] Guess what Calvin you're not. You're not just on LinkedIn when we do the LinkedIn lives we're on and we're just on LinkedIn.
But now you're on another year in other places today because he looked like because he multi stream so this means you've been doing this.
If it's doing well I got into advertising in nineteen eighty five. So I've been in and out of advertising the technology and broadcast. Yeah.
I wanted to do I wanted a technology convention or new or he was there they had International Food Technologies convention in New Orleans.
It's a very very big show.
And he got to go and. And what he always talks about is he got to eat some bad news with raisins in it. That's what he talks about all the time.

[8:29] Oh that's really tasty. All I want is candy immersion.
I went to this candy convention we were run by a New Yorker.
That's a New Yorker. He got interviewed by The New Yorker.
There's a company called ABC or am and they have 90 food shows all around the world.
And they were doing they were doing a candy convention in New Orleans so they could guess what they did. They invited Colbert into the show.

[9:02] Oh that fantastic relevant. You're a celebrity.
Yeah. So Calvin and a guy named Joseph are now C or two which happens to be a Mets fan right.
Yeah. Mets fans went away here in college both white chocolate. So they spent the day.
Eating chocolate and that at the convention write down a worrying rumor.

[9:27] So that's what he does. So when he was at the candidate when he was at the convention we we were in.

[9:33] We were doing some good eating at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans that's where they had the show.
We were in some group. Yeah. That's what he's talking about some grouper from the Gulf of Mexico.

[9:43] Well then that was really really good. Right. Right. So then we left.
We left to the convention and we went to Mecca. They ended up meeting.

[9:52] You know Joe ended up interviewing Calvin about the candy and Calvin had to make the decision which Candy he liked best.
So which one was it Calvin. Which. Which was what was that chocolate chocolate.
It was the toffee company that made five different toffees. It was called Dave's Sweet Tooth And that's our coffee. We took the coffee toffee.
So he kills two birds with one stone. He has the coffee and tea. What a great carbonated toffee.

[10:25] And you like that Calvert. Sure. Sure. Yeah.
Any Candy that comes.

[10:33] Yeah. So what they did was we put all we played with him and Joe went around picking up samples.
They put it in his backpack and then the backpack went down like that Fred Flintstone car with the.
We went he went backwards right down where all the candy and.

[10:49] Yeah. I you like the candy that comes in a package or not.

[10:54] Yeah just about just about everything that comes along.
So what I do is I'm just going to show you some of the things that that he recently got here. This is our Zen suite.
This is like one of these sweeteners that are low and low calorie here and are very good for you.

[11:15] And then he ended up going to the Louisiana Restaurant show and he got some coffee. Let's see. Oh yeah. Parish coffee Irish coffee you know how no Louisiana has parishes instead of.
Yeah. Count seven counties.
He got some bum barbecue sauce Nathan bacon ladies.
And that's all that's out in the Northeast and I looked at the great.

[11:50] You're fired. He was go very back picky bottom barbecue sauce has hit bottom.
That's on Pennsylvania on your shoulder one more. This is our little Diablo salsa and that's out of Michigan.

[12:05] So he's he's just been getting all these different samples from all these companies. Heavy Hitter of let's see.

[12:13] Let me give you one guess. If you're a pop roses,
pop furthers right crosses trees burn right across the street from the casino.

[12:25] Well the deal with the pop brothers about brothers is like a,
like a popsicle manufacturer and they make good ingredients and Colin and I were driving down the road one day and we get a call from the pop brothers and they wanted to know if they could be in the Bobby the Bear movie.

[12:42] That's why you got to be kidding. So anyway they they put up some money for Calvin to be in the movie. So my dad is back.
So. So we did that. We did a deal with that. We raised a little money for a loan from a few different manufacturers just to have the fun of you know being in a movie and it didn't really cost much.
You know it was just kind of like for the fun of it.
So we ended up having a lot of fun. It's just a lot of fun.

[13:09] He ended up getting five different food manufacturers and you know that helped out Bobby the bear put his movie together.
Well and the other thing is is that you got to be.

[13:19] A producer Calvin. Yeah. Yes.

[13:23] So and I don't have to tell you how many times I heard the story we go in and we spend every Saturday at Sam's Club and we go eat in the cafe.

[13:33] And you don't know how many autographs he had to sign because he had told a story about his will be in this movie.
Yeah I had to go into details about telling him all the details about how the movie goes and then and then they wanted an autograph for him.
So I just went on and on and on you know. Yeah. So he's having fun.
He's having fun with it being famous is fun at times. Calvin you look famous yourself.
Yeah. He's famous. He's gonna be in the same movie this year he'll be walking in.
So when you're walking into Sam's Club you people asking you for autographs. That's jacket taking photos with him and everything.

[14:12] Because when I walked into Sam's to ask me every 30 minutes whereas autographs and they asked him when's your movie coming out.
So from what I understand Roger said that movie is still being put together.
Yeah. It's in production right now. So production go on and he's going to he's going to do a couple more movies.
So I'm looking forward to seeing what happens on the next one too.
So we'll see. He's doing number two and number three. Yeah. It's kind of.

[14:42] So that's basically what we're doing and we're just.

[14:45] The deal with Lincoln live coming out just makes it,
makes it pretty good because you know when you wake up when you make a video and it's only 45 seconds or 30 seconds you it's kind of hard to get him and give him a chance to start talking with Lincoln live and gives him a chance to express himself.

[15:02] Right. I was n 25 years you know. Right.
Yeah. So. So the deal is when I traveled around the country it was all about comparing the way of life and the way of eating in the south versus the rest of the country.
And as you know it's a whole new ball game like where you're at.
It's. It's all about Chili's and.
Mexican food. I I went ahead and posted some maps that Google the Google News lab put together.

[15:36] It shows all the counties around the countries that are heavy into whatever restaurant that they're talking about.
So when they did in Mexican restaurants it was very very heavy in the southwest.
We had seafood. It was extremely heavy. Of course in New Orleans New Orleans is like the US seafood capital right.
Right. And then Pizza I didn't know this for pizza. So all the pizzas are being eaten eaten in the Midwest.

[16:02] Right out in the Chicago area. Detroit too big.
When you get to Chicago it's big on their Chicago pie style pies right.

[16:11] So when you put the maps together it's very it's very very interesting to see who's who's eat whatever you know.
Did you guys share John's last night.
Calvin watched Sherry Jones last night.
I didn't see Cher. Jones last night. No. Well she's probably watching this right now.

[16:31] She. She's going to watch too. She's easier to watch the replay later because she said she was going to be traveling.

[16:36] I say oh the goal was to show to Maureen.
Oh yeah that's right. She probably highlights the people we've got. Angie we got she last.
We've got sherry in the room. We got Jessica.
Quite a few people to watch it right now. So it's it's amazing to see so we've got 90 people.
Check it out. Calvin. So you've got to be on your best behavior now.
Yeah. And then there's the thing about him is that he's always on at the same time.
So you know if they want to catch him. He's one of the first.
He's one of the first guys a player puts out a Lincoln line you know that I'm connected to.
Yeah. You're here first. Unless you live in Australia or someone or England England maybe it's England right.

[17:23] Hard to say. Well the whole point I had for this broadcast the pirate broadcasts was.
You know everybody has a little bit. Everybody has a gift to bring to the world everybody has a little bit of unique personality just like Calvin.
And having the opportunity to highlight what you're doing and all the good work that you're doing. Calvin I just wanted to I want to share you with the world. So we're here today and we can we can have your red red tide hat on.
And make sure that everybody knows you like Alabama.

[17:56] They'll turn it's way Lina's way. I'll get a job.
Yes go because we your team right.
I was Ivan Watson nine years nine years.
The dream that he followed LSU and tells Nick Saban went to Alabama and that's when he started watching him.
So he's had nine real good years. Nine or 10 real big years.
He won a bunch of championships right now.
So what are you going to do today. Kelvin what. What kind of food do you think he's going to explore today.

[18:28] Joy or. Oh we've got Ana let me. We got one in yesterday.
I got to show you this one. Hold on. Hold on.
I'll you a date. Oh yeah. Go with Alvin. Yeah. Because what.
What did I say we are all whole bunch of package is.
ALL One two packages if you say.

[18:48] So people just send you packages of food to review. Yeah.
So. So when you go through an item and do you bring those on and you talk about him and yeah you should probably talk about them.
So my dad my dad's a writer.
Like this was the last one we got yesterday. Some screamin and onions.
Let's see screamin onions screamin onions from New York.
There's a New Yorker with me. So there are some these are some cherry peppers now are these are these are these manufacturers Randall that are just.

[19:27] Producing it or they have produced it there. You have a relationship with them so you what they want.
They want your opinion on it or how does that work.
So basically and basically it's all coming from mouth. It's like the manufacturers see us on Linked In and then they may find you know they may follow us.
They may come in and then as soon as you know as soon as somebody comments on something you always check to see who they are.
Yeah. And usually you find out hey that's you know that's screamin on your man screaming. Onion manufacturer Yeah.
Well that's how that started. And then.

[20:05] Once we had some engagement gone I went ahead and did a post to a disagreement onions again and it did well and then I did I shared the shared the feedback with her.
And then next thing you know he says hey I want to send some screaming onions to you. And that's what he did. So that's kind of how it starts. So that's so a lot of the guys I deal with. They're there they're just kind of getting started you know started you know right.
And in my case what I'm trying to do is if if you're just starting and you're in 30 stores I'm trying to find.
You know I'm trying to help out there for them to find another man. You mean another chain store of another 30 or 40 stores. Right.
Production out of you your cost of goods goes down. And that's how you grow. Yeah.
So I'm just trying to help anybody whether they're you know even if it's a Fortune 500 company that comes out with a new item that's pretty fantastic.
I'll talk about that. So there's no bomb.

[21:04] I just saw. Talk about their company and ask questions later.
So Khalid you have you have to test these these foods so you can actually have a have some feedback from the manufacturer. Right.

[21:16] Or if one does one thing about carbon once he try something he talks about it all the time. Yeah. Yeah.
Fantastic. That's great doesn't forget about this stuff and he tries right.
Then. So do you like pasta and sauce there.
Yeah. Since you like sausage. That's that's always good.
I like sausage and I saw my pasta too so. Oh yeah. Yeah.
Good. What do you eat. What do you see in Arizona.
Well we have we have a lot of different kinds of food. I had Vietnamese food the other day.
I really liked pho. Have you tried pho before. No. OK. It's it's like a soup.
It has it has meat and noodles in it with broth.
It's pretty tasty. It's pretty tasty.
I like a good steak now and then.

[22:08] Yeah that's it. That's in Philly. All in all we saw two states together chili cheese steaks I love Philly cheese.
What about the Euros. Do you like the Euros or the hated bread and the meat in it. Yeah.

[22:23] One thing I know he just likes. He just likes everything him.
There's he's always happy with whatever he ends up he ends up where.
Yeah. Doesn't people is doing all that sends us stuff.

[22:35] And let me tell you. And you try out try. Your penis.
That's fantastic. Fantastic. So. So are you got any shows coming up that you're gonna be going to Calvin.

[22:48] Yeah. We get shows coming up and shows there.
I see there's one show that's the last show of the year is basically a private label show.
And it's always in Chicago. And I've been to that show quite a few times but I'm not going this year in basically that's where you know that's where all the manufacturers that want to do product under the grocery store labels,
or other labels.
And the thing is it's like every food item that you can imagine is at that particular show.
Yeah but know one thing the one thing I was gonna say is way to put it be in like 10 degrees in Chicago it's good that the show is not today.
It's going to be in.
Because I know every year I went to Chicago I was always afraid of it being eight degrees with 450 mile an hour winds.
Oh you can get cold. That's all I got to say. The winter is really cold.
We were we were Sam's day we put the radio on too long and we tied up.

[23:48] Yeah we went.
We went to Sam's Club Club this weekend and we were listening listening to the Alabama LSU game on the radio.
And we just have to listen to it too long because by the time we left the store six hours later.

[24:04] Our battery was dead,
and the cool thing about it was Calvin had a conversation with a couple in the store.

[24:13] You know earlier in the day he came out at the same time. They heard that we were stranded in the cold weather right down here. And before we had a chance to call the tow driver they'd come give us a job.
They showed up and jumped us off and we got it. We got going. Oh man you mean we just listened to it just just too long. Because as soon as we hooked it up it started right away.

[24:38] Oh fantastic fantastic. It's never fun to be stranded is it. No way.

[24:43] So we have to be careful all along we listen to LSU and Alabama games and not in the car.
All right come here.

[24:51] We've done that twice where we've listened to the radio just a little too long. Yeah.
Because all people will. A lot of people here in his honor.
Ray you too home. And I bet your shows like oh play every day on radio. All right.

[25:09] Well it's on LinkedIn and YouTube and Facebook and you do basically what.
Wednesday Thursday Friday or is it all five days.
I do Monday through Friday every month every Friday.
So I stay pretty busy. So how often are you guys doing your show Calvin.

[25:27] We're doing like salary till we do it at any time. Right. To. Yeah.
So we did 21 shows in and already probably 21 shows in.

[25:41] Let's see what it is October or November. Yeah. I.

[25:47] Twenty one store twenty one and thirty five days. Yes or like three out of five days.
We're doing a shop three three out of five days.
So you were working the tough schedule right.

[25:58] You know one day and so one thing good about food is that there is something always happening always so and so we just have an unlimited amount of things to talk about it.
So we go to Sam's every week and,
so that you know what Sam's is that you know.
Since we go on a weekly basis we. Every item that changes comes in.
We know right away and we share it with the rest of the country.
Hey you got a new smoke source instead here.
And by the way they had a new smoked sausage stand here at the Sam's Club just a few weeks ago.
And it's a brand you know that brands Zachariah.
He was that Marines on duty so that that should work right.

[26:42] That would be wonderful. You know the thing that I found there that my parents really loved was they had a hobby to pineapple salsa.
Well OK I got to find out again because it's seasonal and it's a small manufacturer I found it in Costco and I found it in Sam's Club on a couple of occasions.
But you know it's the funny thing is food is these manufacturers are all around us and we never even know it comes in time.
There's just so many so many wonderful food manufacturers around us and I just really appreciate it when you tell him talking about these foods.
At first it makes me hungry then it makes me want to go out and discover new food and you know because you get the groove you know some people that aren't aware of all the food around us you eat the same thing you you get kind of,
stable in what you're you're buying groceries for you go to the same place in the aisles and you know probably in the grocery industry you you're used to changing the aisles around and you know positioning and product placement and all those things that you've gone through.
And I'm sure you can help a lot of people out. RANDALL So.

[27:52] Yeah.

[27:53] I love the linked in life. I love the fact that you're doing the show and I love the fact that I could jump on and listen to Calvin and you have a conversation about good food,
and interesting things and also a few games here and there.
Right Kelvin a few games we talked about. Yeah. The other thing that I that I touch on is since I'm connected to so many people that actually have a link in life show hip hop.
Unfortunately in the food and beverage category here there is not much. You are not the most active in.
You're familiar with the social selling index. Yeah.
Yeah. See you like the guys in the food and beverage industry when we have a 19.

[28:36] Yeah and recruiters have the highest average dairy up it and 30. So.
So what I'm trying to do is take all the content creators from many other industries and then share it with the food industry.
You know because you can learn things from other industries and I've been in long I've been linked in long enough that I'm in the I'm now in the top 1 percent.
So yeah.

[29:01] So you keep it keeps me out of trouble so it does sometimes.

[29:07] And I I tell you why you always tell my daughter.
I know so many people around the country that if I ever break down somewhere and I need some help just get a link and read.

[29:19] Hey you know I'm going to Houston here in the end of the month and I've already connected with a few people there.
So I got clients over there and I thought well I should probably go over there and teach all linked in class or you know connect with the people that do a little meetup.
Go on go on.

[29:35] I noticed I don't know if you know Zach's striven.
He did. He has excrement. Yeah. Yeah they do factory shows a lot.

[29:44] Yeah he did 30 days of traveling around the country and he said and he was meeting up with people and you just never know how many people you're going to be able to meet up in every city that you go to and that's what he did. And you move in and you're out in the woods.

[29:58] Yeah you here. Zach said he's movin Arizona. Right come right.
Yeah. Yeah. Well I I've met Jack before he was at Arlington local here.
So we've connected before in the past so. Yeah.
So that's why the Smith and Q and and a lot of different people. So.

[30:17] Wow. Yeah.

[30:19] Well yeah but you notice that everybody's in you know different now everybody's in a different industry and they are there. The industry had to read it.
Teaching linked in there either teaching Linked In Ah there is a whole bunch of different industry ever again. A lot.
Of people will tell you you go on ceiling him but you don't see lines in most of the times.
You don't see the comments coming and.
Yeah. So he always remembers about the comments. I can't wait till Joe LinkedIn comments come in together with the YouTube and the Facebook comment.
Yeah. Yeah. So I like to call him.

[31:02] And it's hard because when you're doing the show you know when you're you're trying to put you're trying to put in you know talk in the conversation and talking on the show and then replying to the comments it's sometimes hard to pay attention isn't it Calvin.

[31:17] It's hard to pay attention but the cool thing is that when you have the two incomes conversation gone where you can actually say something that minute in marker number 13 and then you get the answer to it and not minute number 14 that's pretty cool.

[31:33] A lot of people say Oh yeah. I was like Oh yeah.
Evil always says that. That's where they like. Right.
So I was like I'd like to scream and onions I can I can I can say something like.
There we go. When are you coming out with item number four and five.

[31:52] And if he's watching he you come back and say hey we're coming out with a new item in 20 20 or two items or whatever. So you have that back and forth.
That's pretty cool because you get it from the owner or there are the V.P. of sales or something.

[32:08] But you watch Adventure year about Thanksgiving coming up do we. Oh yeah. Thanksgiving coming up.
Are you hammer turkey. I'm an attorney.
I'm a ham. Oh it's art. I love the spiral sliced ham.

[32:26] That's what I like to eat. Well it sounds like you need both at the table.

[32:32] Yeah. Then it didn't last year we had a Popeye's change in Turkey.
Oh we had a. Yeah I opened up a Popeye's there by.
So I didn't live.
Oh okay. They're going to have turkey this year again.

[32:50] Oh yeah. Oh always will always have a turkey. One day I won't tell you Calvin had this great idea when they had the Popeye's chicken sandwich thrown.

[33:01] He had no idea. Let's go get one. So I took a chance and I went to go get some chicken sandwiches and they had.
They had you ham and star and we got the I'm scared of what the LinkedIn you know what my LinkedIn guys because of all the craziness that was happening on YouTube and Facebook and all the other deals.
Remember we're in the food business. We're not just talking about we're actually in it you know.
So that was you know that one that worked out really really well because people people got a chance to say hey that's what they look like. That's what they have on them.

[33:34] And you got him. So you actually describe what they were.

[33:40] By the way they're really good. I'm just so just so.
But the thing is if you if you really you know if you lived your life in Louisiana you know there's Popeyes everywhere and all of that chicken.
You know we love that chicken from Popeyes or a new Popeye's here in Arizona. Right.
Oh yeah. McKinney right. Right around this right around the corner here not too far away.
So I didn't think I'm going to have to go check it out and give you feedback. All right.
Oh you gonna eat a chicken sandwich right here. So you've got to decide whether you want a regular or spicy.

[34:14] I like the spicy you say. There you go. We've got the spicy. It the Cajun chicken.

[34:20] Yeah I'll eat it. So what's the real thing. Well you know it's always in the kitchen.

[34:25] Yeah. That's where they call it the Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen. Yeah.
Know it's based out of Atlanta. But we still feel we still feel it's ours. You know.
No words to Louisiana right God that is so on top that.

[34:39] Yeah I just couldn't get over the craziness of bonds to me if you were so excited about it. We just know that is good.
We just have to think about it. You just know it's good right.

[34:49] Yeah. And I wouldn't mind having a chicken sandwich for lunch.

[34:53] Sounds pretty good. Sounds easy to get through. It's nice there.
Oh man it's wonderful here. You're so to.
What what's your temperature there. Kelvin Ward 3 All right freezing. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. This is a buzzing drop in the 40s 30s account.
Yes. Better get your jacket out huh.

[35:20] I think I said what 70 percent of the country is in freezing contemporary I think 70 percent of the country's you know freezing or below.
I think that's what it is. That's a lot.

[35:30] Yeah especially this early in the winter.

[35:32] Yeah it's an early and so we in fact we didn't even get a freeze last year.
So we're like six and six or seven hundred like six hundred fifteen days without having to freeze and hopefully it'll be fewer mosquitoes next summer.
Yeah. In a hurricane Sandy way and I would be nice to me it would be nice.
I mean we like mosquitoes. We need to break from the hurricanes.
So yeah at least a 10 year break. I'd take a 10 year break.

[36:00] Let's take a 10 year break. OK. Well Calvert it's been a pleasure.
So much for being here. I really appreciate everybody that joined in the feed.
Jessica Sherry all of the folks that are in in the in the show joining in on the livestream linked in here and Randall.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to come on board and have Calvin join us today. It's been a pleasure Calvin.
Love to see you on the shows and love when you broadcast to talk about good food and I don't even I don't even mind if you get to talk about Roll Tide either so yeah it's fun to have fun right. Yeah.

[36:44] So football and food definitely go together.

[36:47] Yep. Tailgating and tailgating parties. Yeah.
Oh yeah. Baseball and hot dogs right. You gotta. Yeah. There you go.
So we're going to wrap it up today.

[37:01] I just want to thank everyone for the opportunity to be here and highlight Randall and Calvin on the pirate broadcast and know that we'll be back again tomorrow and Monday through Friday at 7 a.m.
Arizona time because Arizona time doesn't have daylight savings time. Calvin I don't know. You should do that.
They don't. He's already spent some time in Pacific Standard Time and sometimes I'm in Mountain Standard Time.

[37:28] Every Iraqi down Iraqi territory he's on Denver time.
Denver turned down.
I mean Denver time now so but Phoenix doesn't have daylight savings time so I just stay the same time year round.

[37:43] Don't have worry about the clock change and he doesn't have to change his clock.
But we do. We change our heart rate and your clock over the weekend. Yeah.

[37:52] This was the first time in I think 30 years that I changed the clock in my car before it was time.

[38:00] I like waiting until the day changes again. You know. Yeah I'm up on things.

[38:05] Fantastic fantastic. Well thank you so much.

[38:09] As you know kindness is cool smiles are free and you enjoy the day they gathered to enjoy the day.

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