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Join Russ Johns on the PirateBroadcast Thursday Thoughts

Welcome to the #piratebroadcast: 

Sharing Interesting people doing interesting things.

I love sharing what others are doing to create, add value, and help in their community. 

The approach people use and how they arrived at where they are today fascinates me. 

So… I invite them to become a PIRATE on the

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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

The internet has opened up the opportunity for anyone willing to create Words, Images, Audio, & Video.

With technology today, you can create your own broadcast. YOU ARE THE MEDIA!

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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[0:01] Shack.

[0:03] Oh my heck. Good morning. Good morning. Good day. Good afternoon. Whenever you're watching this if you're a pirate broadcast you're getting something every day Monday through Friday 7 a.m. Arizona time.

[0:18] And I just wanted to I was planning this,
Thursday thoughts just to recap some of the things that have taken place since the last week and also just kind of you know provide an opportunity to connect with somebody.

[0:37] And it says it looks like it's having a problem with.

[0:44] Linked in having a problem with my linked in on my page.



[1:14] NOT SURE.

[1:24] Let's save changes. Join Well I guess I'm just going to remove it.

[1:37] Or not. I'm just going to leave it just like that. Anyway technical problems.
One year chasing the boundaries are always going to take place and how are you today.
I'm going to go look in the feed now.

[1:54] Here's.

[1:56] This is not a complaint. I'm not complaining.

[1:59] However this is this is just a state of fact is that linked in life requires you to do all your broadcasting through a third party.

[2:09] I used stream yard. There are other platforms that work equally well.
I know Matt Crump was on here the other day and he was. He uses.

[2:19] I know I have it.

[2:21] What is the platform.

[2:29] I don't know. Now I can't see it. Well I'll think of it in a moment.

[2:35] But there's other platforms that you can use. The thing about linked in though is it doesn't return the comments into the plant. The third party platform.

[2:45] So you have to go on your phone. You have to you know get on your phone and you have to go look into Linked In.
You have to open up linked in and then you have to go to your profile and then you have to view your profile and then you have to go down to your posts see all activity posts,
and then as you go alive then you can see the comments there.
And then you have to reduce the volume so it doesn't get edgy. Good morning Vanessa. Good morning Toby.

[3:24] Angie was sick so she's feeling better. Hopefully hopefully you're not coughing today Angie.
So I appreciate you so much Vanessa. Love to connect with you Joshua.
Good morning from Texas. Hey I'm heading your way today.

[3:40] I'll be in Houston fly out. Twelve thirty. So afternoon.

[3:47] It's funny because,
Arizona doesn't have daylight savings styles so there's occasions where I could fly to Houston and it's only like a half hour difference because the time difference so I don't know what time I arrive.

[4:01] However I'll be there. Love to connect.

[4:03] DOUG THOMPSON You're in. You're in Austin. Up that way so if you're in Houston and in the area we should connect.

[4:11] We should get connect with Joshua and have a little party.

[4:17] I think that would be cool.

[4:20] You're in Philly. Vanessa's in Philly Billy it's probably cold Kanata.

[4:26] Love you. How are you doing today. I keep sending I keep wanting to send you an invitation to be on the pirate broadcasts so would you join me.

[4:36] Would you join me Canada. Would you be on the pirate Bradby.

[4:40] I know you're a pirate,
can ya as a bass player.

[4:45] We found out.

[4:46] Here's the beauty of LinkedIn is you can find out and discover these in these unique identities of people that you see online and there's actually you know people are all we're all the same people.
I mean if you talk to someone long enough you'll find a thread to connect with with anyone.
I promise you test it out. Let me know get back to me because it's really important for us to understand that we're all we're all bumping through this world together.

[5:20] You know it's spinning around the sun. It's doing its thing you know it's it's.

[5:28] Enjoy and appreciate everyone around you. They all have a gift.
Everybody has a gift. So I am excited about Vanessa's out for a walk. Holy cow.

[5:43] And here's the thing is as I could be found. I've been creating this little this little infrastructure here for pirate broadcasts because I want to highlight people doing good things.
Interesting people doing interesting things.
That's that's the theme of what the Pirate broadcast is all about.
And as a musician and after playing for years and years and years know I used to play.

[6:07] I think for seven years I know for four years I played seven days a night. Yeah that's what it was.
It's been a while. So now I'm on my first cup of coffee.

[6:20] So for four years I played seven days a night,
music and so the pirate broadcasts this is becoming part of my routine is I can get up I can highlight someone I can share some information I can,
I can provide some value and I can get involved and engaged and get moving for the day.
And it's a great way to start the day. You know I I got up I made coffee took the garbage out it was still dark it well it's it's has been raining in Arizona it has been raining in my neighborhood however,
it wasn't it was beautiful morning fresh and clean and it's just that feeling you get when it's you know it's you're just engaged in the morning,
and I'm not historically a more morning person because I played at nights so much in you know I'm a night person.
However getting up early and getting this this broadcast going is it's kind of a new adventure for me. Laurie good morning how are you doing.
Love to see you in the room. Thank you. She's a pirate.

[7:26] So I also have the pirate broadcast on Facebook so I created this and I'm going to and I'm going to cultivate this.
So if you're if you're someone or you know somebody that is on Facebook and you want to be able to connect on Facebook Facebook I think I can get comments from Facebook if anybody is on Facebook or anybody is gonna head over there,
I should be streaming over there so I'll be. I'm. This is an experiment.

[7:58] This is this is like I'm in my groove here that I get to create I get to expand I get to communicate I get to,
I get to put things out into the world that are valuable to other people and I'll give you some tips today but I just wanted to kind of give an overview.
The pirate broadcast was and I think I posted it on on my.

[8:25] Podcast The podcast is getting ready to release as well is back in the day when radio first started and television first started.
The government decided hey this needs to be regulated because it's such a powerful tool,
and because it's such a powerful tool we need to make sure that we have standards to be able to you know make sure that everybody is following the rules not banging into each other.
And then FCC came around and said OK OK. These channels are on these frequencies.
We have a AM radio we have F.M. radio we have television broadcasting.
And those were categorized under certain frequencies and able to broadcast according to certain rules and regulations on the FCC.
Same in the UK same in other countries and some areas that wanted to broadcast were yes there are some,
some pirates out there and it's called Pirate and it still exists.
It's like there are people that set up an F.M. radio station that is low power. It doesn't really.

[9:37] No go very far and it's just putting out whatever it wants to put out whoever wants to run it can operate it.
It's like a deejay you know you can put out propaganda or you could put out popular music or you could put out anything you want and it's a pirate broadcast.
And also early 60s or so people would go off shore like there is a famous one in in the U.K.
That broadcasts off a ship and this ship would broadcast I mean high power you know.
AD It would it played popular music and there is several occasions on the border.
They were called Border blasters so they would go into Mexico and they would put up a tower,
and they would amplify this tower to a hundred thousand was two hundred thousand watts whatever it happens to be. And they would broadcast this.
And so now with the Internet the same type of thing can take place only on a much more civilized level because you don't need permission you don't need it.

[10:50] You don't need a ticket from them from the FCC or any you know you do have to pay.
You do have access to channels and an different locations like Facebook and LinkedIn and in,
podcasting Apple podcasting and YouTube and things like that.
And it's just incredibly important to understand that we have an opportunity here that has never existed in the history of mankind to broadcast and produce content,
to help other people move forward in.

[11:33] You know it's it's wide open It's just like you just have to pick up the microphone pick up the phone and go out and broadcast some of your thoughts.
So it's really really important to understand that.

[11:53] If you decide to do this there's a lot of details and a lot of things that need to go into it.
And I'm happy to discuss that with you because putting all this together Once you get it all together it's amazing.
Like right now streaming right now at this moment in time I'm going to Linked In Facebook and YouTube,
and then also afterward I have my V.A. email.
She's she's going to oh she's not virtual assistant because she's my sister. Well she's actually an assistant.
And she does a lot of work. She does so much work for me. She does a lot. She helped me a lot. And,
then we take that and create a podcast out of it. And I do the transcription and then I'm I'm building a blog post on Russ Johns dot com.
So all of these things all of a sudden I have a ton of content that I can share.
Share it's five days a week so I just launched like 40 podcasts so Milton SCOTT Hello.

[13:08] What's going on. Thank you. Kenyatta pirate broadcast rocks.

[13:17] And so the people in the room the people that are coming in here and and listening to this broadcast I have an opportunity to share something valuable with you so if you want to do something like this you'll follow along.
I'll be teaching and sharing techniques to do this.
But one platform is really I have really enjoyed the simplicity of it and I've used a lot of different platforms.
And there's there's a lot of different platforms you can use but stream yard is built and based on the idea that we can keep it simple we can keep it,
basic and provide good service for everybody.
So they're their whole point is to be able to make it simple for everyone to to be a broadcaster to share their message.
The highlight their reels and get it out there.
So I just wanted to highlight the fact that there is a Facebook page just type in pirate broadcast that use the hashtag as well.

[14:27] Facebook doesn't like hashtags that much so don't be a hater.

[14:35] And I'm going to order a pirate broadcast coffee mugs do,
so. So that's one place. Now the other place that I'm going to be bringing this together is f why I got to go now.
Rodrigo Martinez Rodrigo hat's off to you.
We can actually do the prior broadcast,
where you know sometimes when you're in when you're in YouTube if you're like I am.
On the sidebar we're on the on the on wherever you happen to be you get shiny object you get squirreled so you can come here to pirate broadcast,
it's Russ John Scott f y T.O.
Slash pirate broadcast I'll put a link in the comments here and share him out in a post later today and it's really an opportunity to.

[15:45] You know go in look at listen to other episodes that you've missed or just explore some of the people that I brought on.
Interesting people doing interesting things because it's an awesome opportunity to get to know these individuals find out what their personality is find out what they're really like.
Find out what they're they're working on and connect with them.
And it's all about connections it's all about building a relationship with the people that you enjoy knowing more about.

[16:17] And it's it's you know in this day and age it's really challenging to be that.
Person that can go to every networking meeting every event and everything else. I love meeting people in person.
However you know right now in my life I'm I'm assisting Mom and Dad they're getting older. Dad has dementia.
You know it's it's one of these things and I'm helping out,
with family and you know I'm going to Houston to see my son because he's in Houston and,
you know it's it's you know we all need a little self care and we need to take a break now and then and I'll go see some clients and friends and family.
And so it's about connecting and building relationships while I'm in Houston.
I'm going to connect with other people that I know one linked in other people that I built networking events with you know probably maybe see Joshua he's going to be on the broadcasts here coming up.
I've had Doug Thompson on the broadcast. He's an awesome individual that's up in Austin.
Austin's not that far away. I could probably take off and go up there and so yeah.
Can you got a shout out to Rodrigo Martinez. I love it. Thank you so much for putting that down.
Lori says I love.

[17:38] That you can broadcast multiple locations at the same time. And that's brilliant. Thank you so much Laurie for doing that. I appreciate it.
And say it does save me a lot of time and it takes a little while to get set up.
However once you get everything set up it's like any business system you know optimize your business systems and make sure that you have everything in place make sure that you have it you have it going on you know it's everything is a process you know,
and I want to talk a little bit about this on Thursday thoughts because this is just a random show talking about some of the things that are on my mind and I want to talk to you about the opportunity,
for people to actually build business systems.
You know there's a lot of people out there that are you know coaching they're helping others and then in the community you know Kristen Sherry does the new map.
She's been doing some amazing things Shelly you know on the broadcast Shelly here,
phenomenal individual she's. She does a lot of work on LinkedIn.

[18:47] Wendy breaks don't that's she's. She's here in Arizona as well as she has.
She helps companies build systems you know. So if you're a coach and author somebody that actually is you know growing and building and expanding their team you know so critical to build these systems out and help,
you know create reduce the overall.
That's why I'm going to say it's nice to be able to reduce the overwhelm and make sure that you have an opportunity to.

[19:22] Grow in scale to the point where you can serve a few more people and provide some efficiency so these are people and Bianca.
She was amazing because she does sound wall with Tibetan,
with Tibetan bowls.

[19:44] Crystal balls and that was very cool so get it back and check it out. Rob Deptford. He's an amazing individual in Canada doing some incredible work with video.
He's helping people get on video. So if you need that little extra push to get on video you could do that. Steve Sullivan are you a map coach. He's doing some great work.
David see me go listen to David's broadcast. He's doing some amazing work over in the UK with virtual reality and augmented reality.
It's kind of an amazing opportunity to get involved and engaged in some of that activity and learn more about it.
You know if you've never heard anything about it or learned anything about it that's a great broadcast. Go back listen to some of these things.
I'm archiving this to allow people the opportunity to learn about other individuals in this LinkedIn community.

[20:44] And it's it's a simple equation.

[20:47] It's like you meet someone you have a conversation with them.
You have another conversation with them and the next thing you know you know if I visited their city I would.
I'm sure that we would get together and have coffee or a meal or something like that.

[21:04] And.

[21:08] It's very exciting opportunity in life.

[21:11] And if you're not creating content and you're not connecting with individuals.

[21:18] You you have an opportunity to do that.

[21:21] So let's do that let's connect and I want to take a moment also.

[21:30] I'm going to share that there's a lot of fires going on in Australia.
You know the West Coast has been inundated with fires and I know it's out but Australia I just I heard something on in one of the groups I mean in.

[21:47] So prayers to Australia and all the fires that are going on and people are losing their homes and everything. And it's just devastating so.

[22:02] Just know that there are people that care that's all you could say about that,
so back to the power broadcast.
So one of the things that I want to make sure.

[22:20] That you you realize is that all of this technology is moving so quickly and you know I.
There are two types of people people that love it like myself and people that hate it and I'm sure that you can identify if you choose to die identify with that. So you love it or you hate it.
The reality is is that we're using it. It will be utilized more in good design makes it simple it makes it intuitive.
It's like that like the iPhone. You know whether you like Apple or not the iPhone was innovative it was it was not the best phone in the world it's thought and it's life changing for a lot of individuals.
And that kind of technology affords us the opportunity to create and document you know the kids that are born in this era are the first kids that can,
you know have their grandkids see you know what they were doing online.
And I'm sure glad I wasn't online when I was younger,
because it would be dangerous just knowing what I know now. So I have stream yard.
Vanessa Hunter has stream yard fantastic. I love that.
We should we should talk about that sometime Vanessa.

[23:45] Make sure you connected with me and drop me a diamond and I love to have a conversation restroom yard and stream yard is on Linked In they linked in live.
They also have a stream yard community events where they do Q and A every Sunday night at 6:00 p.m.
Pacific Standard Time. So if you want to learn more about the platform it's very easy access. It has a great community around it.
And I want to talk about community because community is really what it's about.
And you know even though these platforms have billions of users or millions of users or hundreds of thousands of users,
depending on the platform there's always going to be an opportunity to get involved in a community and relate to what is going on in this community.

[24:41] Humans as a whole like to be connected.
You know I like my quiet time. I'm not going to lie. I like my quiet time I like my downtime.
And it's really important to understand that there's still I love community too.
I love being involved and engaged in a community that I can relate to and enjoy and appreciate.
So both sides of the equation are available. You know if you want to journal you are just one of us.
A quiet page you can type something out for you know document your legacy and and you know I have journals and journals and journals that I've written in over the years and,
you know I used to be right handed till I was about twenty nine and then I became a left handed person,
through circumstance and I mean you could read my writing anyway going back and trying to decipher what I was thinking at the time is probably nearly impossible.
However it's documented and in an online and digital now you can actually document different way.
So there's one last thing I want to talk about on YouTube.

[25:59] YouTube there's some rule changes here that are going on and I'm going to have to shut this down because I'm on YouTube as well however there's this thing that's going on with,
protecting children that the rules are like if you if you're if you're video is deemed to be.

[26:26] Focused on kids it is not kid friendly. You can get fined up to like forty two thousand dollars so I'm not really sure of all the details. It's called Copa.
And January 1st it comes into action.

[26:38] So video in YouTube is going to become a little more critical to understand what the rules are.
So there's a lot more information coming out about there. I just want you to be aware of it.
If you're a broadcaster you're doing live video creating content or anything like that.

[26:55] I don't know how.

[26:57] I don't know how much impact it's going to have long term.

[27:01] However I know that it will impact a lot of kid friendly video.
And one of the things that they're saying is is that if you're you know your Lego channel or your you know unboxing for kid packages things like that there's a lot of them out there and,
those revenue streams are going to be impacted because it's.
Yeah there's some advocates that are out there helping protect kids which is a good thing.

[27:35] However sometimes legislation gets in the way of logic and,
then people get fined for things they didn't really intend or do maliciously so I don't know it's all rumors and speculation at this point.
I just want you to know that if you're a content creator COPA is coming and we need to be aware of it.
And YouTube's the tip of the iceberg.

[28:05] So
so Thursday thoughts.

[28:10] That was a random random random random random rant or dialogue.

[28:18] Thank you everyone for joining MELISSA KING yada.

[28:22] Lori Angie Scott,
thank you so much for being here.

[28:30] I really appreciate you. I appreciate all of the guests Toby.
You know you are appreciated. I I find joy in doing this.

[28:42] I find gratitude in doing this. And I just applaud everyone here for,
just being here. This is this is something that I enjoy doing and I love the opportunity to connect with you guys.

[28:56] And so with that I'll let you go on about your day. Get some get some things accomplished.
Make it matter and kindness is cool smiles or free in you enjoy the day.

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