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[0:03] And we're here on the pirate broadcast and you know this episode is pretty amazing because we have someone that's brand new to life.
We've got a wrap up of the end of the year activities and we are really pushing into the next decade.
So if you're willing to join us you're willing to participate all the gratitude in the world. Thank you so much for being here.
If you're watching after the fact and you watching the replay just type in replay I'd love to know where you're from and what you're doing and just just engage with us.
I'm going to be on my phone making some comments here back and forth. We're going to call this and Tammy Tammy Collins is here.
She's rock star Linked In she's done some amazing things.
And welcome to the show. How are you today.

[0:56] I'm great. Thank you so much for having me.

[0:59] Well it's a pleasure an honor to have you. Because I know that you have really this last little bit on 2090.
You have really dug in and really focused on accomplishing a major goal. Tell us what that goal was.

[1:17] Well it's a very interesting goal really being a marketing professional.
You know it's interesting thing I spend a lot of time in social media but it's always for everyone else. Right.
And so when you come when it comes to doing stuff for myself you really are kind of tapped out and you don't want to do it anymore.

[1:36] It's like the social media is the last place I want to be for myself.

[1:40] Exactly. But unfortunately this is what everyone judges you by right.
So. So you know it's kind of like well Well oh you don't have a big following.
So how are you any good at marketing which ironically is the exact wrong things to be judging someone by right.
Because clearly if I'm doing my job I don't have time to be to make it so.
So that's kind of a funny thing. But all kidding aside I what I do I normally am only getting referrals and recommendations and I,
know a lot of it had to do with some of my own mindset issues and things of that nature where I wasn't sort of being public about what I did.
And I realized at one point I sort of had a light bulb moment where I went hey wait a second I think I am an expert at this.
And I started to make my own internal mindset shift and that's where I sort of started to say OK well let me start to put myself out there a little bit more. And.
So unlike August 5th I think that was the sort of the day I sort of said All right well well Let's go public.
Let's go. Let's do this right now.

[2:51] So I created a you know I grab my you are all which I had already had.
But I sort of made a you know a static page it's really just my picture and added some link to my calendar and I also updated my LinkedIn profile,
which I moved into more of like yes I do this.

[3:14] And here I am. And that's all fine and dandy and I thought oh I have plenty of time to work on all this stuff behind the scenes.
And that wasn't the case at all.

[3:24] I booked 58 calls in 45 days 58 calls in 45 days. Yeah.

[3:31] So the.

[3:33] So walk us through the process because a lot of people I just want to frame this correctly for the people that are watching it for the people watching Nick.
Sherri Lewis our cut Ronald Earl Wilshire.
Good morning sir Julio.
Elizabeth Ted Brenda Nick Elizabeth all these people are in here and I know several of them know you now that you've you've,
presented yourself to lifted community travel on board. Yes.
And for those that may watch this on other platforms like Facebook,
LinkedIn or YouTube or my Web site,
if you have an opportunity to check this out I think it's important that we understand and walk you through this process because Lipton is one of the most powerful platforms in the world,
to build relationships and actually look real this.
You know and I think that your story supports this.
I just want to remind people that if they put in the systems and they build a process and they do the work because there's it's still work.

[4:46] Right let's work for sure work. Yeah. Yeah. And I think that's an a really important point.
And you know even though I'm in the marketing space I'm the same as any other entrepreneur. Right.
I have the same fears I have the same doubts. I still sort of question everything even though I may know differently I'm still an everyday person with the same issues in the same mindsets.
But at the end of the day it takes work. You have two choices You either put in time or money.
There are no other choices right.
And so obviously most entrepreneurs and both people don't want to spend the money to do what you need to do. Right.
And now we need to be more authentic. So you have to show up.
You literally have to show up every day.
And what does that mean. That means you have to put in the time you have to engage.
And I'm going to repeat that. You have to engage. I'm going to repeat it one more time.

[5:40] You have to engage a.

[5:44] What. Let's break that down. What does that mean that what does it really mean.

[5:49] Yes. Really mean.

[5:50] It means that you you when you make a post you don't just make the post and disappear. Right.
You can't post something I like to talk about it like LinkedIn as a party. Right. Because would you walk into a party though.
Hi I'm I'm Tammy I'm here and then turn around and walk out the door and expect to like make all these connections. No that's not the reality of the situation right.
You would go into a party and you would introduce yourself and you would make a conscious effort to go talk to people right.
You would talk to those people. You wouldn't walk up to them and say Hi I'm selling this and then walk away from them. No you would ask them about themselves you would talk to them. You would spend all of your time getting to know them first.
Then and only then when a situation presents itself would you sort of tiptoe in with oh I do this or I do that.
And that principle the same philosophy is the same mindset that you would apply to a real life party is how you function on Linked In it's the same thing.
It's just because it's in a digital space and you're physically removed from it.
You still have the same social etiquette you still have to do the same exact things that you would do in a party.
And that's the easiest way to think about it.
You would you would go to a party you would spend a lot of time at the party you would talk to a lot of people.
You would work the room you would try to get to know as many people as you could.

[7:18] So you go to a conferences the same way roughly you know you want to make sure that you're very.

[7:28] You're very open and available to have a conversation.
You'd rather be you approachable. You want to be available to have to let people know what they can talk to you about what exactly workings that can ask you about.

[7:42] Exactly. And so that also means that you're doing little things along the way.
I like to talk about the algorithm in terms of a domino effect.
You ever see somebody sets up a domino chain and they make these beautiful patterns and you triggered a one no.
And then the rest of the dominos fall and make a pattern that goes on and on and on and on.

[8:04] Well that is can I talk about that before you talk about that.
I want to make sure that we capture what you actually accomplished in your throat. Oh yeah.
I kind of went right past I went right past that. I want to make sure.
So your profile you sell your trade you've got some good guess.

[8:24] Did I get passionate. Right. So in August 5th I decided to be much more intentional and purposeful about my engagement and what I was doing on LinkedIn.
At that time I believe I had two hundred and thirty four connections on on LinkedIn and my profile was more of an old style resumé and listed everything I had ever done.
So I changed it up a little bit and I said you know oh well let's see let's just set a crazy goal of let's see if I can get the 5000 connections before the year's over. Yeah.
And I actually accomplished it. I actually did it a few days early.
I actually surpassed the the the original goal and I have officially garnered over 5000 new connections before the end of the year.

[9:15] That's fantastic. Congratulations. Yeah.
This this planted the seed for everyone that has any doubts about what LinkedIn and the power of LinkedIn and.
If you you're here watching in your struggling with this process. This is the show this is the episode. These are the pirates that you want to pay attention to because this has been done.
It actually took place and we want to make sure that you understand that it is possible for you as well. Yeah.
And it takes work it takes work.
We're not here is telling you hey by our book to get famous. It's like.
Yeah kind of you got to be famous. We're going to teach you how to do the work.

[10:02] And I want to be really clear about some. There's a lot of people out there that tell you Oh you only need to spend 15 minutes a day you know. No no.
That's an absolute lie.
You know I mean obviously you realize that if you want to engage at all even just to read a dozen posts and respond to those takes a little more than 15 minutes.

[10:28] So let's be real about it instead of you spend 15 minutes in a single post. It's not even very long right.

[10:35] Exactly so. So let me stop kidding yourself. Let's be real about the time that you have to spend in there first. That's the first thing.
And I always talk to my clients of course I'm advising them on plans and setting up their strategic goals.
So I explained to them you know you're you're gonna want to commit three blocks in a day at least right now you can commit 3 15 or 30 minute blocks throughout the day.
That can be productive but you can't just go on for 15 minutes in the morning and then walk away and go why can't I get anybody to connect with me.

[11:10] Obviously you're not going to be able to do that. So. So I think it's smart to plan blocks of time in the day.
So I talk about it like oh I'll have my breakfast while I'm doing Lincoln in the morning and then I'll do it while I'm having lunch and then I'll check in again quickly in the evening.
And that's how I'm able to sort of stay connected and keep engaging without it taking up my entire day and then going back to the domino effect.
You started to talk about that get algorithms you know every platform.
This is another really really important point.
I think a lot of people want to do.
Do one thing and then repeat it constantly so for example of course a lot of people on Instagram Facebook LinkedIn and they're trying to use the same piece of content and sort of just repeat that post on all platforms.
That's never going to work because every audience is slightly different on each platform. They want different things.
What works on LinkedIn doesn't necessarily work on Instagram or Facebook.

[12:14] So they all have algorithms and they all have a similar sort of mindset or system about them.
And obviously each platform wants you to stay in their world you know get linked in part B.
Lincoln wants you to stay in the LinkedIn party. They don't want you leaving and going over to Facebook they don't want you leaving and going over to Instagram or whatever the case may be.
So their algorithm is based on things that are going to help you stay.
And everyone else stay at their party and it's like a domino effect.
So no one knows the actual triggers down the line but there is a whole laundry list of things that play into it.
You know of course it's the timing of the likes. The amount of likes the amount of comments the amount of engagements the speed of which they come.
The bigger picture algorithm items are the conversations that take place in the in the comments.
And that's why the engaging is so important.
So so a big tip is if you make a post and someone engages on your posts you need to be responding to that post and then in a perfect world you need to be asking that person another question to make them come back and talk again. Right.

[13:26] And I also think another big just like a conversation. Yeah. And I think another big thing is is it's not just about your first connections.
So one of the beauties of LinkedIn is that the organic reach just so large it's easy to trigger it's easy to gain exposure.
That's why it's working so well.
So when when a first connection comments on your post that means it goes out in to their their group of people their network.
So that now seconds can see your post.
So when a second person now comments on your post,
that's a big trigger for the algorithm because the algorithm is saying well not only are the people that are connected to this person interested but other people are connected that are connected or are interested as well.
And that domino effect starts to trigger.
So to put that into a different perspective when you post on LinkedIn and then you walk away and don't respond to engagements the dominos stop.
One of the chips falls out of place and the whole pattern stops.
So that's the key. Right. So the more you can make those dominoes trigger the farther you can make that pattern happen the better your results are going to be.

[14:45] And that's the funny thing because you know that goes back to your point of every platform wants you to stay on that platform as long as possible.

[14:53] So it's almost this you know it's like that phone call where you're on the call you're trying to wrap up but you can't wrap up your kid call it together.
OK one more. And then one more thing is just like one more thing.

[15:07] Well it's just amazing just to see how it goes.
And I just I just want to highlight you know Christina Damon Lizbeth Cathy Maureen Ted thank you so much for being Jim Nixon trash.
These are things that we're talking about on the pirate broadcast and bringing interesting people to talk about interesting things and what they're doing is the whole point of what we're doing here on the pirate broadcast.
Tammy is made a conscious effort in the last quarter of 2019 to actually,
prove what she's doing in her business already for her other clients and making making progress and making a stamp in her LinkedIn profile and making,
making a stand taking a stand in 2020 now. So she's at five thousand.
She went from two hundred and forty said for thirty four hours to thirty four to five thousand and three months hundred fifty days a hundred fifty days. That's what it was.
So that's it. That's it is an astounding. And that's off. APPLAUSE silent round of silent applause everyone.

[16:23] So the other thing I love about what you what you've accomplished is the fact that it sets.
It's it shows evidence of some of the things that we need to do and can't do.
And a lot of people have already said this. You know there's you know Brandon Miller and Jeff Young and John Experian and all these other people that have been telling us about this for years.
And it's like people don't believe it they said one I don't have time for that.
I don't have time for that. Well you know do you have time to make 50 cold calls today because essentially you can make more progress making connections on LinkedIn.
If you put the time in and not you stop thinking about it as something else I have to do.
And start thinking about it as a way to build relationships with people that matter to you right now.

[17:19] What else are you going to do at the end of the day. What is it that's more important than connecting with someone that could turn into a client.
So I mean I know that's a general statement but let's think pre digital. Right.
I mean how to spend your daily activities right. You go out and meet people at work or you're in a brick and mortar like he's an old school example of a customer walks into your store you're going to have a conversation with them.
Whether it takes five minutes or 20 minutes to find out are they a customer or not.
Enter the digital era and we all want that all out the window and said Oh I'm just going to let you know I don't have to do that work anymore and I'm going to magically make sales.
You still have to do that work. It never stopped. We just sort of decided that oh because it's digital we get to now leave out a step. And that's not the case.

[18:10] Well I think I think sometimes people that get into social media especially you know they kind of equate it to well you know Amazon just makes you know I just order from Amazon it shows up and I have talked to anybody,
and it doesn't always work in the opposite direction because no one you're not Amazon too you know you may not have products that automatically go out the door and just people order all the time.
So a vendor might have that but I don't know the world.
And a lot of us you know that run traditional businesses like marketing media video writing you know,
web design all of these digital platforms have a conversation included in the equation.
So I think it's just it's a different mindset. I think we need to take a different mindset and start building a community around what we do,
and then find people that need or potentially could use or refer us to people that need our services and build relationships with them. It's that simple.

[19:19] It really. But it's not easy now but it's not easy.

[19:24] We're all busy. You know we might not be online at the same time. So the beauty of social media is that you can actually leave a comment even though you may not trigger the algorithm because you're starting that conversation.
However I can come back you know like yesterday I can come back late in the afternoon or in the evening,
and make comments to people that have left comments or tag me or you know mentioned me in a post or something like that and I can come back and respond to that.
Yeah and that's the beauty of it. I think it's really it's really powerful.
So Tammy. Yeah 20 20 right around the corner like hours away.
What are you going to do what are you plans to Exceed And Excel on Linked In social platforms in 2020.
What strategy is next.

[20:13] What strategy is next. Well I have a lot of things going on in the works in the backdrop.
I have developed my own system and it is how I help my clients.
It's based on my life experiences and and you know everything that I've learned.
I've had multiple businesses I've done many different things I've worked in so many different industries.
I went back to college late in life and studied under a master digital selling ad guru and got all certificates and a stack of awards for all kinds of things and through all of that process.
Again I'm just a person I'm just an entrepreneur just like anybody else I struggled I made mistakes I didn't know what I was doing I still don't know what I'm doing for goodness sakes you know and it's taught me a lot of things and,
I put that into a system and it's currently at with the attorney getting trademarked and all that good stuff.
But but I have a six step process that I take people through and it came about because people started coming to me and saying well I heard you're really good at marketing.
Can you help me look at my stuff. Will you fix this.
And I would look at their stuff and I would sort of go Well you've got a lot bigger problems I'd like it if you want me to run ads for you I could certainly do that. But.

[21:38] I feel like I would just be taking your money because you are ready for the ads to begin with.
You know you've got this problem you need to fix that and why are you doing this. What are you even saying. Who are you even talking to.

[21:52] And so I realize that usually they're coming to me because they skip steps c d e f h j and they're trying to go right to you know ah and it's like well I'll get the cash drawer.
Yeah exactly. So I sort of started being a little.
I'm I'm a very open and honest person so. So I would just sort of say flat out like if I run this ad I'm just taking your money if that's what you would like to do.
OK. But ethically I don't really feel like I can do that. So I want me to fix it for you.
Let's go back to the beginning and go through the process and that's how it came about and I started having a lot of success with it my sort of said I think I need to be a lot more public about this.
And that's part of that whole process and how that's been coming about.

[22:40] Well it's it's funny because I had in Vicky O'Neal we've talked about this and the fact that we have I'm the same way I have my background.
It's incredibly diverse.
So you bring out that inch you know that information and that experience along with you. Yeah.
You know I've always been primarily on the operational side of business and you know I've been an entrepreneur for years going back and forth in.

[23:10] I have a tendency to see what others see what others are doing and it's like the plumber's sink always leaks you know so.
And you know yesterday we're talking about Joshua and coaching and the same thing.
It's like we all need a coach because there are times where we don't see ourselves in the in the proper perspective.
And I think that that's that's really important because even if you think you have it all together you don't have it altogether. Fix this here powerfully.

[23:42] You're the kind of knowledge in your thinking that you have everything think togetherness is not the case.
So it's always important to step outside you know take a take a new look and a fresh look and 20 20 is a great opportunity to do that,
and then look at these things and maybe get get with somebody like Tammy and you'll have her evaluate what you're doing all along the way and then pick the pick the wins that you can take a win with,
like just like you mentioned who are you selling to and why are you selling to him. What are you selling to them.
What is it that you're offering. What value are you bringing to the table.
What's the message is it clear you don't like stories and storytelling and having the journey the idea and the concept of a journey in a relationship and you know all of my clients and revenue right now are relationship based.
You know I don't spend ad money I don't I don't have.
Well I do spend that money because.

[24:43] Because I'm always testing things and I want to see what works and what doesn't.
So this whole process is something that you're doing all the time.
So now you're formatting it and you're formulating a course or a system that you can use over and over again.
And that's that's a beautiful thing. I love that the system support system.

[25:02] So yeah I am too. I'm a very strange read on my book the left and right pretty person.
I am super creative and highly intuitive. I also like the facts and the systems as well.
But I wanted to just touch on you know your being able to analyze ourselves that that's a huge issue I always refer to it as the the mechanics wife's car is never fixed right. Yeah.
Never ever fix and I always talk about this a lot with my clients and I use this sort of you know if you've invisibly envision yourself as a recipe and you're in a jar right you're inside the jar.
You don't know or can't understand or don't know what people see that label from the outside.
You have no idea and there's no way you can. And this even applies to myself.
There's no way I know how someone else perceives it.
So you have to pull in that coat you have to pull on that other person that has the ability to help you step outside and see that,
if you don't you will stay stuck inside your own jar in your recipe mixing the ingredients forever.
I mean that's what it comes down to.

[26:16] That is what it comes down to. So how soon will you have this whole process completed where you follow the world.

[26:23] I use the process now with my current clients and that's what I take them through when it's called.
It's called The Life system which is the legacy infrastructure for entrepreneurs and it's the whole concept and everything that I'm about is is building a brand honeycomb infrastructure right so that your marketing can then thrive.
That's sort of what I could do that.
That's a real nut shell of it. But if you think a honeycomb right there's all the different honey cones and if you take the center and make that yourself or your business you're you're in the jar,
each honeycomb that goes around that. All of that is connected.
One of them is branding and one of them is you know each piece you have.
And if one piece is weak the honeycomb structure isn't strong enough to survive let alone thrive.

[27:12] Well let's go back to your point of go back to your point.

[27:16] Before you start advertising spending ad dollars and you know anything like that there has to be systems in place to to support that. Right.
And you have to you have to develop over time because it takes adjustments it takes tweaks and you know there's a lot of things.
If you look at business any any company that I've ever been involved with there's there's processes you know,
these companies may be big and they may be you know huge and still they're improving their processes all the time. They're moving their systems all the time.
And just like the entrepreneur or the freelancer or the you know the solar producer we all need to do more reflection on what we're doing why we're doing it.
Who do we help. How we help where we're going.

[28:11] Absolutely. Absolutely. I do that. I actually do that weekly,
heavily monthly and even more heavily quarterly but I'm constantly analyzing I'm a highly proficient I don't like to waste time if something isn't is isn't effective or efficient.
Now it goes out quick get rid of it.
Otherwise you got in a tailspin.

[28:34] Well we don't have the same amount of time. So you know we have to optimize every time we can.
So Vikki O'Neil yeah add new ingredients if you want a new recipe.

[28:44] Nice nice.

[28:46] I love that. I love that. And I just said you know happy new year.
GERRY Happy New Year's troops. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Returning.

[28:58] Vicki also said professional experience sounds more like mine including going to back to school to get your degree. Hmm.
Fantastic. Love that. Brenda. Thanks for the shout out.
Love you Brenda. You're awesome awesome growth Tammy.
So 2020 the roadmap in 2020 what things do you see in the marketing world that a small business owner needs to pay attention to besides video.

[29:32] Yeah.

[29:34] Well the thing with video you know I agree with video.
However you know I think we might have had a fatigue point because just like anything else somebody takes a piece of advice and runs with it and doesn't know what they're doing and then then we have fatigue.
Right. So you have people you know jogging down and they're filming themselves and we're watching videos and and it's like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.
So I agree with video however I don't.
You do not need to have professionally produced but there's a there's a fine line there between you know sitting in your car and you know we have to have some common sense and.

[30:18] I think that the Internet has made us Martin stupid at the same time.
It's something else I always talk about right. Because especially for the entrepreneur because we're smart we're wicked smart people right.
We have the gumption and the power and the thing the tenacity and things that we need to do so we know like a lie can go find some information out.
Well unfortunately you're only getting a piece of the puzzle and you're missing the broad nature of something.
And so you're acting without all of the information and that's that smart stupid.
You know we're willing to just run with something even though we don't have all of the information that we need to make the right choices and that's the video is a perfect example of that.
We do video so you run out and start doing these you know bizarre videos.

[31:08] Well look a tick tock tick tock tick tick tock. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

[31:15] However I think I think it's it's I think it's important for us to frame something that is is taking place in and.
Never before in the history of mankind. Have we had the opportunity to produce content in the volumes that we're producing content right now,
and obviously in that evolution of change and adoption in creation.
Will you know we're going to make some bad mistakes and bad choices. It's like I think. Thank you so much.

[31:49] That video wasn't available when I was in my 20s at the time.

[31:57] So here's the thing though. That's the whole premise of the pirate broadcasters.
Know it doesn't take the FCC to allow us to publish or produce.
It doesn't take the producer saying OK we're going to create a show for you.
It doesn't take engineers and cameramen and all of these people and this infrastructure to build an output.
And you're right to that point. There is going to be people that are not going to make optimum video just like blog posting.
Not everyone was born to be a writer.

[32:36] Some faces were meant for radio. That's the whole point. Podcasting is there's a lot of.

[32:43] I had I heard the phrase the other day that anchor you know you can start a podcast very easily and there's like a pod slash epidemic because people start it and they launch an episode of some there's an episode out there,
and they don't even know that it's an episode.
And so to your point yes there's a lot more education and understanding that needs to take place.
And one of the things that I like to share and teach is in Intel you start putting something out there.
You don't have any feedback to get you into that cycle of improvement. Yeah.
So you need to put it out there and get a reaction and response and and evaluate what it is in order to accomplish that goal.

[33:29] Video doesn't have to be for everyone. The next be for everyone. Blogging doesn't have to be you know being online may not be for everyone.
However it is a powerful tool that we can not avoid going forward.
And you know if you the first thing you do is you know when you go online and you're thinking about doing something with someone you Google that right and you look them up and if there's no social presence or there's no show social proof.
What's the feeling you have right. It's it's less than overwhelming.
And that's why having your latest profile up there is so powerful because if you search your name and your LinkedIn profile comes out people can find you. Then it's that it's that much more.

[34:17] Well a couple couple things there. First of all yes Lincoln's really powerful.
One of the main reasons it's additionally powerful besides the obvious things is that when you when people are Googling you know linked and results come up on the search pages.
So that search engine results pages linked and stuff appears there.
So so if you have a LinkedIn page and you've been a little active if you've written an article that comes up in right in the top.
This is one of the easiest ways to gain rank on on a google page for short. That's definitely a good thing. Definitely a good thing for business owners.
But going back to the whole what you had asked what 20 20 what can small businesses entrepreneurs do to you know to plan going forward.
I want to go back to that before video before podcasts before blogs before social media before all of that stuff.
Now I am always going to be a proponent of brand because this is where ninety five percent of everyone is making all of the mistakes.
If your brand is set up properly and you are fully engaged with that all the rest of the stuff is a piece of cake and you know that people can not have success.
And I see this time and time and time again when they come to me their problems their struggles are all back end or brand there they're a complete train wreck.
And this is because they skip steps along the way.

[35:44] And most entrepreneurs you know they they think they go to fiber and hire somebody to do a logo that is not how you create your brand.
No that is the absolute worst thing you could do.

[35:56] Yeah. And I'm the first one to admit I'm off brand.
You know one of my website and it's like what does he do had no idea and there's two parts to that.

[36:10] One,
you're in your jar. I'm in my jar. You're in right. Number two. Yeah.

[36:19] Number two is that committing to two to one thing is there's always been a challenge because I love doing other things.
It's like don't put me in a corner.

[36:30] Don't like the box. Want to know what's really funny.

[36:34] This is how I discovered my superpower right.
So so part part of what I do is me sort of realizing that I've become a powerhouse.
And that came about because I realized how desperately I needed a superhero and I realized that I needed to be that superhero for other people.
And what does that mean. That means that I started multiple businesses right because I am I am like a genius when it comes to there's an idea.
And then that idea like a visible brand and then implementing that into something that has processes that can be profitable. That's my action taken.
Yeah that's my genius son.

[37:14] So as I was starting all these businesses and after I got it all done I was like ok I'm bored now so you're not the CEO that thinks about the next thing and operates in the company.
You're the one that likes to create the company and move on the part of attrition that makes it all happen right.

[37:30] But so that that's a very weird thing. I mean think about that.
I started a magazine I started brand like product lines I did all of these great things and I kept going what's wrong with me why it like that's fantastic why am I like bored with it now.
So while to really figure out what it was where,
I'm not such a creative and I couldn't figure I was so frustrated for years I couldn't figure out like this is all great why what is wrong why what's happening.
And you know doing it time and time and time again and there was suddenly this lightbulb moment.
I mean I spent years as an interior designer and I have a dozen awards doing that role.
I wasn't completely fulfilled but I had the opportunity to be given the opportunity to be a marketing director.
And when I stepped into that role and I started,
looking at that and I realized in that role that person that that company had major brand issues and that's where my system came about right.
Because all those years of me doing businesses and starting things now I'm in a situation where I'm not in the jar.

[38:43] I'm like oh and that's where it all started to click and I used the label maker.
I took a big risk. I went to a person that I said.
You hired me to do this. This is what I would do. And I completely changed the look on the face of that brand.
And they went on to open an additional company and blah blah blah and all this extra stuff.
And that's when I realized what my strengths were. And I went back to school I studied,
marketing and advertising I studied global marketing and you know I really took what I realized was my superpower and amplified it when it got digital certificates to back it up I like eight of those.
And then I did all these extra things to just sort of boost that up.

[39:26] But you said to validate you validate the fact that you can do it again.

[39:35] Yeah because I suffer from imposter syndrome just like mostly. Just like all of us.

[39:42] Right. I have such intense intense passion for education and so for me nuts that's the course you take like you need those extra things so I went and did that and,
I started implementing you know my system without even realizing it.
You know I'd have people come to me I had the opportunity to work for four rockers and do some things there and I suddenly started to realize wait a second I have a unique process here.
I mean even how I go about helping a brand uncover themselves.
The big thing that I always talk about with that is you're not saying what your brand is your brand is revealed and this is a disconnect.
So I use a lot of psychological tools and things to sort of help that brand surface and and help it have its own life which makes a company a business an entrepreneur.
So much more connected to who and what they are.
It's amazing. Every time I go through that experience it usually ends in tears.
Tears of joy but it's so powerful.
I mean I've had CEOs come to me and say that's the most amazing thing that I've ever experienced in my company,
because it does it helps culture it just it's it's just so powerful at the end and and then you suddenly realize like well no wonder I couldn't have any success.
I didn't know what I was doing.

[41:08] It's.
And it's you don't think of the brand Coca-Cola that logo has not changed ever.
And it's it's planted in our brains you know along with you know billions of dollars of advertising.
However you know and understand what that brand stands for.
Just like Red Bull you know Red Bull has a brand that has an image it has everything that goes along with it.
And I think as an entrepreneur or solar producer you know it's it goes back to you know your recipe jar analogy. It's like OK we're still we're still baking our recipe here. We're still kind of.
Formulating what the best recipe is and when we're in the mix it's it's difficult to see. So we need a label maker to help us along that process. Right.
So Tammy this has been phenomenal. And I truly appreciate and applaud you plug you for the time and effort that you put into this and thank you for joining on the first.
Your first linked in live episode care.
I am humbled by the opportunity and I and I know that we're going to become.
Much more connected in 20 20 and travel this journey together and introduce you know other people to the pirate broadcasts as well. So I anticipate that we will.
Pass cross paths as it were in 2020 many times.

[42:36] I thank you so much for having me. It was a lot of fun and I'm happy to be a pirate.
Think about pirate nicknames.

[42:45] It's a painless right and pretty easy right. Yeah yeah.
I want to you know.

[42:56] You know you watch your back and there's always. Oh I should have said I could've shed I might have said oh I would love to.
However you know there's another opportunity in the future when you come back and we check in on your progress after you get all your systems in place then we'll we'll announce your systems and we'll invite you back in.

[43:17] So stay tuned for that. All right.

[43:20] Thank you. Thank you everyone for watching. Happy New Year.

[43:24] Sit down and have a plan get gotta have a plan get dialed in and tomorrow we're going to have Steve Sullivan from you you map he's got I think he's gonna interrogate Neil so we'll see how that goes.

[43:38] Angie great.

[43:40] I love the fact that Vicki O'Neill you know there's a lot of things.

[43:44] Wendy thank you so much for being here all of the individuals that participate and contribute.
Frank thank you so much. I really all the gratitude in the world.
In 2019. This last decade has been life changing for me. And you know it's it's.
I travel a long distance and maybe that's another story for another day.
However Tammy thank you and all of the people that have joined us. Thank you so much. And as you know kindnesses school smiles are free. Thank you.
Enjoy the day. Thank you. Bye bye.

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